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Head of Department:
Raхimova Latofat Sobirjonovna
Telephone: +998973448502
Reception days: Daily from 14:00 to 17:00

History of the department
Created in 1991 on the initiative of the Honored Inventor of the Republic of Uzbekistan by the leading scientist, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Safaev Obid Safaevich at the faculty of “Oil and Gas” of TashPI. Obid Safayev prepared more than 40 candidates of science and 3 doctors of science.
In 1995 – 96 years. The department was headed by Associate Professor Turabdzhanov Sadriddin Mahamatdinovich, in 1996-2001. The department was headed by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mirkamilov Tulkun Miromovich. Scientific researches of this scientist were aimed at developing environmentally friendly technologies, as well as obtaining new types of plastic materials based on local raw materials, processing waste of the cotton-cleaning industry and creating new types of catalysts.
Since 1991, professorial teaching staff of the department “Environmental Protection”, along with the training of qualified specialists, have introduced classes in the subject of ecology in all faculties of the Tashkent Pediatric Department.
In 2001 – 2011 The department was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Musaev Maruf Nabievich. In 2006, the department was named “Environmental Protection”. During these years, the European Union “Tempus” agreements and the FP-6 INCO NISTMIST international agreement were introduced at the department, during which electronic textbooks were created.
In 2012 – 2016 the department was headed by Safaev Ubaidulla Obidzhanovich.
In 2016, the department was called “Ecology and Industrial Safety.”
In 2017, the department “Ecology and Environmental Protection” was created at the faculty of “Engineering Technologies”. The department is headed by doctor of technical sciences, associate professor Rakhimova Latofat Sobirzhanovna. At the moment, the department of “Ecology and Environmental Protection” prepares environmental specialists for the specialty 5630100, for the bachelor's degree in industry, for the specialty 5A 630101 for environmental protection, for industrial enterprises of masters. The professors of the department are: Turabdzhanov S.M., Aliev B.A., associate professors – Rakhimova L.S., Safayev U.A., Ibragimov N.I., Aripova M.M., Mukhamedzhanov M., Turgunov. A.A., Ayubova I.Kh., Karabaeva Z.T., senior teachers – Ziyaeva M.A., Isanova R.R., Rasulova P.Kh., Rakhmatullaeva N.T., assistants Shokhakimov A.A., Rakhmatillaev F.N., Rakhmatov U.N., Mukhtorova N. B and technical employees of the department Aripov A.A.
Professorial teaching staff in the field of 5630100 specialists environmentalists in industrybachelors, specialty 5A 630101 environmental protection, for industrial enterprises masters developed State educational standards, qualification requirements, subjects of the program.
Today, there are branches of the department at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry Uz.AN, in the research institute “Ecology and environmental protection.” In these branches, with the use of modern laboratory instruments, some laboratory work is being conducted on spec. subjects, as well as gifted students and young scientists carry out their research work.
The department has a memorandum of cooperation with some foreign educational institutions, including the Alba Lulia University in Romania, as well as the University in North Dakota, USA. In order to improve the quality of education, seminars are held with the participation of foreign scientists.
The faculty of the department actively participates in international seminars organized by the deputies of the environmental movement by the Legislative Chamber of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Scientific – research work carried out at the department:

  • Production of gaseous, liquid and coal briquettes on the basis of secondary industry agricultural and household waste.
  • Development of technologies for producing composite coke with improved environmental performance properties.
  • Development of production technologies based on natural and secondary high-molecular compounds by treatment with oxidizing conversion low molecular weight hydrocarbons
  • Development of an effective technology to protect oil and gas wells from water based on local raw materials.
  • Study of the processes of formation, properties and applications of natural and synthetic interpolymer complexes.
  • Creation of new polycondensation polymers for wastewater treatment.
  • Development of measures to eliminate negatively influencing factors on labor protection.
  • Development of a selective extraction method for the determination of gold in the organic phase based on basic dyes. At the department, cultural and educational work is carried out at the highest level, in order to make good use of free time for students organize trips to historical sites, libraries and national parks.

The department held several events based on the implementation of the order of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. SK-376-11 dated March 29, 2013 on the activities for 2012 of the State Committee for Nature Protection of Uzbekistan on the provision of related ministries with the State Committee for Nature Protection of Uzbekistan activities of state committees and institutions “Sustainable Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of education for 2015 – 2017”
Professor of the Hamburg Harbor University of Technology K.Kuchta and X. Shamburg, head of the Geoecology sector I.Mamatrakhimov were invited to the scientific seminar “Modern methods of waste disposal and the technology of their recycling” held on November 29-30, 2016. Teachers and students of the department actively participated in this seminar.
Beginning in 2006 at the department operates a circle of “Young Environmentalist”
Every year on June 5, the department celebrates World Ecology Day, with the participation of teachers and students.


5630100-Ecology and environmental protection
5A630101-Environmental Protection


5630100-Ecology and environmental protection
5A630101-Environmental Protection

Professorial teaching staff of the department

  • Aliyev Bokhodir Abduganievich – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences
  • Ibragimov Nasrilla Ismoilovich – Associate Professor, Ph.D.
  • Mukhamedzhanov Marajan – Associate Professor, Candidate of Chemical Sciences
  • Giyasov Anvar Sharipovich– Associate Professor, Candidate of Chemical Sciences
  • Safaev Ubaidulla Abidzhanovich– associate professor, Ph.D.
  • Aripova Mukarram Mazhidovna – Associate Professor, Ph.D.
  • Turgunov Abdulkhoshim Akhmadalievich – Associate Professor, Ph.D.
  • Zumrat Karabaeva Toirovna – acting associate
  • Ayubova Indira Khamidullaevna – acting associate
  • Rasulova Pokiza Khalilovna – acting associate
  • Ziyaeva Mavluda Abdullaevna – Senior Lecturer
  • Isanova Rakhima Rakhimdzhanovna – senior teacher
  • Rakhmatullaeva Nargiza Tulkunovna – Senior Lecturer
  • Rakhmatullaev Fayzulla Nigmatullaevich – Assistant
  • Rakhmatov Ulugbek Nusratullaevich – Assistant
  • Shokhakimova Aziza Alimdzhanovna – Assistant
  • Mukhtorova Nigora Bakhromovna – Assistant
  • Kayumova Dilbar Alisherovna – Assistant

Scientific and methodical work at the department

  • Guidelines for laboratory work on the subject: “General chemical technology” Toshkent 2014
  • Guidelines for the implementation of laboratory work on the subject “General chemical technology”, Tapshkent 2015
  • Guidelines for the implementation of master's theses and its design. Toshkent 2017
  • Guidelines for the implementation of laboratory and practical classes on the subject of ecology. Toshkent 2017.
  • Methodical instructions for conducting practical work on environmental chemistry. Toshkent 2017


  • Safaev M., Mukhamedzhanov M., “Obtaining a compound of coke and gasoline with improved environmental and operational characteristics”, Tashkent 2015., Tashkent State Technical University.
  • Nurmanov S.E., Eshmukhamedov M.A., Giyasov A.Sh., Kadirova Sh.A., “Selective extraction-photometric determination of thallium, bismuth and gold by heterocyclic compounds”, Tashkent 2018., National University of Uzbekistan.
  • Safaev U.A. Mechanisms of formation and properties of functionally active polymers: Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2014


  • Ibragimova, N.I., Musaev, M.N., Abidov, B.A., Mukhamedgaliev, B.A., “Loyikhalash Assassination of Ecological Expertise”, “Uzbekistan, Fiscal, Milliy Zhamiyati Nashriyot., Tashkent, 2009.
  • Ayubova I.Kh., Musaev M.N., Zhamgaryan I.A., “Atroph – muҳit sifat analiza va monitoring”, Cho`lpon Nomidagi Nashiryot – Matbaa ijhodi uyi., Tashkent 2011.
  • Musaev MN, “Sanoat chindindarini tosalash tekhnasi asoslari”, Uzbekistan, fileshflari milli zhamiyati nashrieti., Tashkent 2011.
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  • Aripova M.M., Umumiy Kimeyevy technology., “Fan va technology nashrieti”, Toshkent 2018.
  • Karabaev Z.T. “Toxicology” Textbook, 2019

Laboratory of the Department

The department conducts laboratory work in the following subjects:

  • Ecology
  • General chemical technology
  • Basics of industrial waste treatment technology
  • The main technological processes and devices
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry


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