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Head of the Department :
Makhkamova Mamlakat Abdiqodirovna
Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor
Phone number: +998 90 9517209


History of the Department:

History of the Department of “Corporate  Governance ”

In 1968 on September the departments of “Economics of car industry and its settlement”, “Economics of law and and its settlement”, “Economics of law and and its settlement”, “Economics of power engineering and its settlement” were created on the database of the department of “Economics of Industry” in Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.The department of “Economics of car industry and its settlement” were ruled by served person in Science of Uzbekistan and Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor A.G.Spax. During past years Doctor of Science in Economics , Professor D.R.Said-Jalolov, Doctor of Science in Economics M.A. Makhkamova  worked as head of department. Department prepared engineers and economists under specialty of “Economics and Management of car industry” during its operation. Since 2001 there has been Bachelor’s Degree holders under specialty of 5340100-“Economics”. While, since 2002 there has been Master’s holders under specialties of “Innovation Management”. Founder of “Economics and organization of Mining Industry” is served person in Science of Uzbekistan, Professor L.G.Gertman. In 1971-1985 Docent N.X.Sagatov  and in 1986-1990 docent Abdukakhorov was was head of the faculty. From 1990 until May 2008 Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor S.R. Alimkhodjaev was manager to the faculty. Until 2001 department prepared engineers and economists in the sphere of “Mining industry, geology-researching and oil industry”. Department of “Management” was created according to the decision of Academic Board under Tashkent Technologic Institute in 1991 was given name as “Management of industry and marketing” and its first head of department was Professor F.A.Oknazarov. In 1994-1995 Professor M.F.Ochilov and in 1995-1996 Professor R.Dusimov, in 1996-2000 Professor A.M.Kodirov , in 2001-2010 Professor M.L.Tursunkhodjaev , in 2010-2012 docent F.A.Mirboboev, in 2012-2016 Professor A.U.Baukhanov were heads to the department. Since 2001 the department is preparing Bachelor’s on the sphere of “Management”. In 2004-2005  Master’s Faculty on “Economics” was opened. In 2005 The department of “Economics” was opened on the basis of the faculties like, “Econommics of car industry and management”, Economics of engineering and Management”, “Mining and economics of the industry of geology and researching” and Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor S.R.Alimkhodjaev was head to it. In 2008-2012 docent A.K.Iskhakov was head to this department.  In September 2006 according to new organizational structure Faculty of “Economics” was created by uniting  the faculties as “Management”, “Economical Theory”, “Economics and Marketing” in Tashkent State Technology Institute. In August 2017 two new faculties as “Economics of Industry” and “Corporate Management” were created in “Economics” department. Nowadays the faculty of “Corporate Management” is controlled by Professor M.A.Makhkamova.


Professor-teachers – 19,   Head of departments – 1

Total number of students:

Nowadays in the faculty of “Corporate  Governance ” 92 students are studying on day shift and 10 of them are studying on part-time basis.

Bachelor’s direction:

  • 5231900- Corporate Governance

Professors of department:

  1. Maxkamova Mamlakat Abduqodirovna  Doctor of economic sciences, professor
  2.  Iskhakov Abdulakhat Qayumovich Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  3. Khusainov Ravshan Raximovich Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  4. Yakubova Dildar Mukhamedjanovna Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  5.  Ibragimova Saodat Abdumo‘minovna Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  6.  Xashimova Salima Nigmatullaevna Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  7. Kilicheva Farida Beshimovna  Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  8. Allaeva Gulchexra Jalgasovna  Doctor of philosophic sciences (PhD), docent
  9. Gaibnazarova Zumrat Talatovna  Condidate of economic sciences, docent
  10. Akhmedov Otabek Begijanovich  Senior teacher of the department
  11. Tursunova Nigora Khusnidinovna  Senior teacher of the department
  12. Ziyaeva Dilorom Cayfutdinovna  Senior teacher of the department
  13. Shagaipova Gulchexra Zinatullaevna  Senior teacher of the department
  14.  Urmanova Dilbarxan Teshabaevna  Senior teacher of the department
  15. Saotov Fozil  Yuldoshevich  Senior teacher of the department
  16. Samanov Abdurashid Andamovich  Senior teacher of the department
  17. Mirkhamidova Dilorom Nigmatillaevna   Senior teacher of the department
  18. Atakhanova Shaxnozakhon Saypullaevna  Senior teacher of the department
  19. Mirsaidova Shakhnoza Areslanbekovna  Assistant of the department
  20. Pirmukhamedova Naima Bakhadirovna  Head of the department cabinet

Cooperation of scientific works, research and development works which are progressing in department:

In 2018 senior teacher of department Allaeva G. J. under the guidance of professor Maxkamova defensed the thesis on “industrial economics” speciality, on theme “Development prospects of innovation activity in fuel-energetical companies of Republic of Uzbekistan”.

Under the guidance of professor Alixodjaev S. R., independent investigator of department Muratova SH. defenced the thesis on “industrial economics” speciality on the subject of “Development of economical ecologic on complex of fuel-energetics conditions of modernization of economy”.

On specialization of “Industrial economics” – department 08.00.03. – 5 doctoral candidates and 7 independent investigators with their scientific investigators preparing dissertation works for defense.

The chair carries out joint work on training of bachelors and masters of foreign countries and higher educational institutions of foreign countries, improvement of professional skills of professors and cooperation researches in other spheres as;

  • The Tashkent State Technical University and the Russian Federation have signed a cooperation agreement with the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov on “The Academic Mobile Program”, which was included in the freary (G. J. Allaev) as a preliminary doctoral dissertation.
  • Docent of department Gaibnazarova Z. T., Kilicheva F. B. has been trained at the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov in the Russian Federation and is sent to the Moscow State University in the association of grant scholarships in foreign countries announced by the fund “ El-yurt Umid” for the senior teacher Urmanov D. T.
  • Docent Gaibnazarova Z. T., senior teacher Samanov A. A. published two scientific articles in the magazine of “Science and practices” in the Russian economics institute.
  • Docent  Gaibnazarova Z. T.  published one scientific articles in the magazine of “Social Labor Studies” in the Russian economics institute.
  • Senior teacher Ziyaeva D. S. published one scientific article in the “Scopus” network (http:’//
  • In 2019 year of 23 January was seminar of “Corporate Governance: theory and modern practice”.

On basis of Republic’s seminar was published collection of articles. On Republican seminar took part representatives of Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, International Kazakhstan – Turkey University named after X. A. Yasavi, South Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov and more than 30 higher education establishments, manufacturing companies, specialists and professors of the bank financial system. Professors and students of their scientific leadership made presentations about their scientific exploration.

Scientific-methodical work in the department:

5231900 – Educational-methodical complexes on the subjects of corporate governance were studied.

5231900 – Corporate Governance in education the department is professor-teachers Kilicheva F. B., Urmanova D. T. “Financial and credit”  educational-methodical orientation Yakubova D. A., Raxmatova M. G. “Statistics”  educational-methodical orientation, Allaeva G. J. “Management”  educational-methodical orientation as well as course work complete and qualification practices organize execute in methodical creating spells. Department by professor-teachers lessons learning aids speech textbooks from experimental and practical exercises, manuals for calculating graphical work resources course project and qualifications for graduation current control, intermediate control and the questionnaires and test repots were prepared and published introduction of new information and pedagogical technologies is being used in the process. The idea of approach is to introduce modern pedagogical factors in the cluster by the faculty educators in the learning process.

Further improvement of the material-technical base of the department is one of the most important tasks of scientific researches in practical training sessions and lectures published in the republican scientific journals.

During the last years, professors and lecturers of the department published several monographs and methodical works for practical and experimental studies and more than 50 scientific articles e-version of tutorials included in the site. In accordance with the requirements of the state educational standards, the curriculum and the working curricula have been variants for the test control.


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Texts of lectures:

There are electronic and paper versions of the texts of lectures prepared for all courses of special subjects. Electronic versions are included in the portal Ziyonet


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