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Head of Department:
Candidate of Technical Sciences
Phone: +998 71 2465326 

History of department:

Teaching the subject “Theoretical Foundations of Thermal Engineering” was first read at the Turkestan Technical State University, and in 1920 by Professor A.V. Ugarov opened a department called “Heat Engineering”.A great contribution to the development and development of the department in its feet was carried by professors such as A.V. Ugarov, M.F. Grushkin, A.I. Ivanov, A.Ya. Pribbe, N. Kargapolov and others. During those periods the department was headed by MA Kichigan, Assoc. PF Zubov, prof. B.M. Gurovich, Assoc. L.N. Taktaeva, Assoc. MS Mezheritsky. In September 1, 2001, the department was restored again under the name “Theoretical Foundations of Thermal Engineering” and the department was headed by Academician R.A. Zakhidov. In 2008 she became a member of the “Power Engineering”.On August 28, 2018, the department separated from the department “Thermal Engineering” and called itself the department “Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering”. The head of the department was appointed Ph.D. Assoc. H.S. Isahodjaev. January 3, 2019 by order of the Rector, the department “Management and control of systems in power engineering” joined the department of “Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering”.To date, the department has 18 full-time teachers: 1 academician, 3 professors, 5 associate professors, 7 senior lecturers and 5 assistants.

Educational directions of the department:

Bachelor degree:

  • 5310100 – «Power Energy (Energy Saving in Heat and Power Engineering)»,
  • 5312100 – «Energy audit and energy control of industrial enterprises» .

Master’s degree:

  • 5A310202 Energy Saving (In Heat and Power Engineering),
  • 5A312101 – «Energy audit and energy control of industrial enterprises»
  • 5A310105 –thermal engineeringика

Structure the members by pulpit:

  1. Kh.S.Isakhodjaev Head of Department
  2. R.А.Sitdikov Professor
  3. M.A.Koroli Professor
  4. А.Sh.Shaislamov Docent
  5. А.A.Badalov  Docent
  6. R.R.Komilov Docent
  7. A.Bakhodirov Docent
  8. M.M.Alimova Senior Lecturer
  9. Sh.S.Mavjudova Senior Lecturer
  10. F.Sh.Umarjonova Senior Lecturer
  11. L.О.Alimova Senior Lecturer
  12. F.Kh.Mukhtarov Senior Lecturer
  13. А.О.Akhrorkhojaev Senior Lecturer
  14. A.M.Akhmedov Assistant
  15. S.R.Akhmatova  Assistant
  16. F.А.Khoshimova Assistant
  17. Yu.U.Abdullabekov Assistant
  18. Z.Z.Khamidullaev Assistant

Part-time teachers:

  1. R.А.Zakhidov Academician
  2. R.R.Avezov Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
  3. А.I.Anarbaev Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent
  4. О.N.Usmonov Senior Lecturer

Textbooks and tutorials:

  • Zakhidov, R.A., Avezov, RR, Alimova, M.M., “Theoretical basics of Thermal Engineering” Textbook. 2006., 200 pages.
  • R.A.Zoҳidov, M.M.Alimova, Sh.S.Mavzhudova, “Thermal Engineering”, textbooks., 2010, 200 pages.
  • M.A. Koroli, M.M.Alimova., “Thermal Engineering” textbook, Study Guide-Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2015, 56
  •  M.M.Alimova, L.O.Alimova, F.Sh.Umardzhanova, S.R. Akhmatova, part 2 of the subject “Thermodynamics” – “Heat Transfer”, Study Guide.

Methodical manuals:

  • M.M.Alimova, F.Sh.Umarzhonova, S.R. Akhmatova. Collection of problems on “Technical thermodynamics and heat transfer”, Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2013 yil, 121 p.
  • М.А. Koroli, М.М.Alimova., Methodological aids for coursework for students in direction 5310100-power engineering “Thermal Engineering” – Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2015, 52 pages.
  • MA Koroli, F.Sh.Umarzhonova., Lecture notes on the subject “Thermodynamic cycle in the power plant”, – Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2015, 68 p.
  • Koroli MA, Umardzhanova F.Sh., N. Usmonov., Methodological guide for practical training on the determination of heat transfer coefficient – Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2015, 108 pages.
  • M.A. Koroli, M.M.Alimova., Educational indications for performing independent work on the subject “Thermal Engineering” for bachelors in the field of Energy 5310100 – Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2016, 32 p.
  • Koroly MA, Umardzhanova F.Sh., Alimova L.O., Akhmatova S.R., a collection of laboratory works on the subject “Thermodynamics” –Tashkent, Tashkent State Technical University, 2017.- 76 p.
  • M.M.Alimova., S.R. Akhmatova “Installations of Thermal power engineering” A manual for independent work.
  •  M.M.Alimova., K.Murtazaev, S.R. Akhmatova “Thermal Engineering” lecture book 2019, January.

Information about the educational and laboratory base:

Faculty of Power Engineering Department of Thermodynamics and Thermal Engineering

Laboratory room-103

Laboratory room-112

Laboratory room-113



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