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Head of Department:
Bakhtiyar Hodzhiakbarovich Yunusov
Candidate of Technical Sciences
phone :+998 90 975-32-48
Days and hours of admission
Monday 900-1400
Wednesday 900-1400
Friday 900-1400

History of the department:

The department “Theoretical Foundations of Thermal Engineering” began its work at the technical faculty of the Turkistan State University and in 1920 was created by Professor Ugarov AV and was renamed “Heat Engineering”. During the creation, restoration and development of the department, its first leaders, Professor Ugarov A.V., Grushkin M.F., Ivanov A.I., Pribbe A.Ya., Kargapolov N. and others contributed to his services. Among the first graduates of engineers of heat engineering are Zubov PF, Lukyanov N.N., Titov A.V., Ivanov D.V. other.    In the 40s, the department was headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences Kichigin MAFrom 1944 to 1962, Associate Professor Zubov P.F. was the head of the department. During this period, the department is working on the preparation of teachers from among the graduates of the Faculty of Energy.              In 1962-1989 – Professor Gurovich B.M. was the head of the department. During this period new curricula were created. In those years, the department became one of the leading departments of heat engineering in the country. The following specialists worked directly in the department who attained a high scientific degree: Professor Gurovich V.M., Ph.D., associate professors Kolomeytsev NS, Mezhersky SM, Taktaeva LN, Polishchuk G.Sh., Zyuzin R.A. other.    In 1989-1992, Associate Professor Taktaeva L.N. and in 1992-93 associate professor Mezhersky S.M. headed the department. During this period, new two-step education (bachelor and master) and new curricula were introduced, and new model programs for all specialties were compiled. The preparation of educational literature in the state language has begun.Since 2001, the head of the department was academician R. Zakhidov.The department “Power Engineering” was founded in 2005 by order of the rector of Tashkent State Technical University.Currently, the department has 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 6 senior teachers, 6 assistants and 1 engineer of the first category, 2 heads of laboratories, 1 technician, 1 educational master, 1 laboratory assistant.Relationship with the department.Currently, the department has a mutually beneficial partnership with leading universities in Europe and the CIS, including the Berlin Technical University, the Athens Institute of Technology, Technical University Padova, the National Technical University of Ukraine, St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (TU) and higher education institutions Republic of Uzbekistan.

Bachelor’s Degree:

  • 5310100 – Energy (by industry)

Training is carried out by state grants and on a contractual and paid basis. Areas of professional activity of the graduate: Bachelors and Masters, graduated from the department “Thermal Engineering”, can work on production, management and research work in thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, heat and mass exchange facilities, boilers, heating systems, thermal power plants and control systems. Types of professional activity: – production technology;

Master’s specialties:

  • 5A310105 – “Industrial Heat and Power Engineering”

The composition of the department:

1. Yunusov Bakhtiyar Hodzhiakbarovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences;2. Mukhiddinov Dzhaloliddin Nasyrovich – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences;3. Yusupaliev Risbek Mamedovich – Professor, Candidate of Chemical Sciences;4. Boboxodjaеv Raximdjan Pachеxanovich – Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences;5. Hashimova Maya Akhrarovna – associate professor, candidate of chemical sciences;6. Alimov Hasan Aripovich – Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences;7. Kalibek Saribayevich Shamsiev – Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences;8. Tashbayev Nazim Tilaevich – Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences;9. Muhiddinova Yayra Dzhaloliddinovna – associate professor, candidate of technical sciences;10. Sotnikova Irina Vladimirovna – senior teacher;11. Azimova Munira Muminovna – senior teacher;12. Asretdinova Muhabbat Anvarovna – Senior Lecturer;13. Kurbanova Nargiza Makhkamovna – senior teacher;14. Eshkuvvatov Lutfulla Muradullaevich – senior teacher;15. Shamsieva Nilufar Kalibekovna – Senior Lecturer;16. Musashaykhova Nozima Adilzhanovna – Senior Lecturer;17. Normuminov Jahongir Abdusamievich – assistant;18. Yunusov Nilufar Abdusomi kizi – assistant;19. Sulaimanova Zarina Muhiddinovna Sulaymanova – assistant;20. Hurramov Bobir Sobir ugli – assistant; Currently, along with professors, teachers who constantly work at the department, a number of scientists and specialists of industrial enterprises and scientific institutions are engaged in the field of faculty part-time work. These include the following:

  1. Ismatkhodjaеv Sagdulla Kudratovich – Professor, Physics of Heat;
  2. Agzamov Shavkat Kazimovich – Professor;
  3. Matjanov Erkinboy Kazakbaеvich – Professor;
  4. Toxtaxunov Kaso`m Abdukadirovich – Senior Lecturer, Engineer for Thermal Power Engineering;
  5. Mirzaev Dzhonrid Abdulakhatovich – senior teacher, engineer of industrial heat and power engineering;
  6. Raxmonov Nizomiddin Murtazaеvich – (Phd);
  7. Kuchinov Khusniddin Abdusattarovich – (Phd);
  8. Sanaеv Shaxzod Sobirovich – (Phd);
  9. Xidirova Gulnora Abduganiеvna – Lobarant.
    Research work:

Until now, under the guidance of Professor Mukhiddinov D.N., Associate Professor Babahodzhaev R.P. and other leading scientists defended one doctoral and more than 15 PhD theses. He defended his doctoral thesis at the department Babahodzhaev R.P., the following researchers of the department work on doctoral theses, such as Isahodzhaev Kh.S., Tokhtokhunov K.A., Rakhmanov N.M., Sadiyev A.A., Kuchinov Kh.A. , Usmanov N.O., Normuminov Dzh.A. other. More than 2,000 engineers, bachelors and masters in the “Power Engineering” branch were trained.Until today, the department staff has published numerous textbooks, manuals, scientific and methodological recommendations for scientific and methodical work in the specialty. For example, professor of the department RM Yusupaliev. published 1 textbook, 2 textbooks for bachelors and masters, 3 textbooks for students of professional colleges and lyceums. Associate Professor Yunusov B.Kh. wrote 3 textbooks, associate professor Alimov Kh.A. 2 textbooks, as well as under the authorship of other teachers have published many textbooks on the subject of “Thermal Engineering”.

Professors Mukhiddinov D.N., Yusupaliev R.M., also associate professors Yunusov B.Kh., Babahodjaev R.P. and other teachers have published many articles in foreign journals on research and innovation and received patents for research work

The results of research and innovation ideas, “Improving energy efficiency, ensuring the long-term operation of energy facilities, improving water purification processes, increasing fuel economy,” innovations invented in the field of environmental protection at thermal power plants identified by talented employees, such as D. Mukhiddinov ., Yusupaliev RM, Yunusov B.Kh., Toktohunov K.A. and N.M. Rakhmanov, who are currently working in our department, are being introduced at the Novo-Angren TPP, Syrdarya TPP, Tashkent TPP and other production facilities, and achieve positive results.At the same time, the department actively participates in several economic activities financed from the state budget. The department carries out practical and laboratory work at the branch of the department (Tashkent TPP) and in a model boiler house (Sports Palace of the Tashkent State Technical University). The department was executed in 2012 – 1, in 2013 – 4 economic agreements and in 2012 1 international grant work. Currently, there are 2 grants for practical projects and 3 business contractsThe department has more than 10 gifted students working on selected research topics and published scientific papers and abstracts at various conferences. This year, 6 students participate in practical projects and business contracts held at the department. Department staff take part in 13 national and 17 international conferences. Professors and teachers of the department cooperate with the following industrial enterprises: State Joint-Stock Company Uzbekenergo, IE LLC SharqJahonTehno, BSF Teploenergetika, UE Uenergosozlash, JSC Uzmetkombinat, Tashkent TPP. Cooperation agreements were signed with the above-mentioned industrial enterprises.

Educational and methodical work:

The faculty of the department cooperate with the following foreign countries and conduct scientific and methodological activities with them. Moscow Power Engineering Institute; St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University; OJSC “KAZNII Energy” (Almaty); Technical University Hamburg-Harburg Germany; University of Stuttgart Germany; Berlin Technical University; Polytechnic Institute of Belgium-Mons; Dortmund Technical University of Germany; Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan;In 2011-2014, the faculty of the department “Thermal Engineering” became the owners of the Volkswagenstiftung Foundation grant for the implementation of the international scientific project “Optimization of low-efficiency thermal power plants using solar thermal systems for an ecological thermal power station”, which was conducted jointly with the Giessen University of Applied Sciences of Germany and the Dresden Technical by the university. This project continued from April 2012 to March 2014. Project Manager Candidate of Technical Sciences Matzhanov E.K. As part of this project, in May 2012, EBSILON Professional software was purchased for 5,600 euros and is currently being used in the scientific work of the department. Currently, the Uzbek-Japanese Youth Innovation Center opens at the Tashkent State Technical University and the teaching staff of the department actively participates in the organizational work: Professor Mukhiddinov D.N., Associate Professor Babahodjaev R.P., Senior Lecturer N. Rakhmanov. , assistant Abidova Sh.K., assistant Sadiyev A.A. With the active participation of professors and teachers of the department in the period from 1991 to 2015 more than 5 international and republican scientific and technical conferences were prepared and held. Over the past 3 years, professors and teachers of the department have published more than 100 articles. Including, 90 local articles and more than 25 articles were published abroad. In recent years, professors and teachers of the department have received 5 patents. In the competition of the new intellect – 2014 patent IAP 04906 (authors are professor Mukhiddinov D.N. and professor Klichev S.) took the 2nd place in the nomination “The Best Invention”. Gifted students of the department Nigmatov Mirzaferuz won the Beruni State Scholarship, Muminova Kamola Mirgiyazovna became a scholar of the Fund of the Forum and the Mehr Nuri Foundation and Sulaimanov Shamsiddinhoja won the State Scholarships of Beruni and President. On July 9-19, 2012, more than 15 gifted students of the department visited German higher education institutions and took part in their professional internship and exchanged views. From among the gifted students, Nasriddinov Sirozhdin, a student of group 48-12, having created the telephone facility “Dual Mobile Communication”, became the owner of a scientific invention and currently runs the society “Young Inventors” at the university.

The department has the necessary facilities, special laboratory equipment for performing laboratory classes, special equipment for conducting research studies in special disciplines. With the help of these equipments, students and scientists have the opportunity to strengthen their theoretical knowledge, conduct laboratory and research work.

Laboratory rooms at the department:


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