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Managing chair:
Gayibov Tulkin Shernazarovich
the professor, Dr.Sci.Tech
Phone: +99890 186-16-11
Acceptance day:
Monday – 1400-1600
tuesday – 1400-1600
wednesday – 1400-1600
friday – 1400-1600



Chair history:

The chair «Power plants, networks and systems» is organised in 2006 on the basis of two leading and basic chairs TashCTU “Power plants” and «Electric systems and networks». Senior lecturer T.Sh.Gayibov manages chair. Chair “Power plant” has started to function to the organization. The Central Asian polytechnical institute 1929.The organizer and the first managing chair till 1938 was the prof. Grushkin G. F who simultaneously was the large expert in the field of practical power.Since 1938-1965 the chair was headed by such known scientists and experts of power as dots. Stallions of M. I, dots. Christmas Century I, prof. Shedrin N.N.Since 1965 managers of chair were доц. Oranskich I.N. (1965-1970 yy), dots. Aronov M. L (1970-1980 yy), prof. Nasirov T.N. (1980-1996 yy), dots. Sitdikov R. A (1996-2002 yy,), dots. Siddikov I.H. (2002-2005 yy)The chair «Electric systems and networks» was allocated from chair “Power plant” and has been organized in 1934. The first chair A.V.Sorokin was managing. It also was the first dean of Power faculty. The next years chair headed the prof. B.Udovichenko, prof. G.E.Pospelov and with 1969 for 1994 – academician H.F.Fazilov. Academician H.F.Fazilov continued the scientific activity till March, 8th, 2003 as the professor-adviser of chair. In 1994 – 2001 the chair was headed by senior lecturer U.B.Sharipov, and in 2001-2007 – senior lecturer T.Sh.Gayibov.Among pupils of this chair such scientists as academician H.F.Fazilov, professor G.E.Pospelov, I.A.Fedorova, is a lot of doctors and Cand.Tech.Sci, and also it is a lot of leading experts ­working on the advanced enterprises. In due time the activity on chair there began such scientists, as the academician of AN РU T.H.Nasirov, professor K.R.Allaev, professor L.M.Keselman, professor Ivashev ­ who have brought the big contribution to a science and manufacture.

Bachelor degree direction:

  • 5310200 – Electric power industry (manufacture, transfer and distribution energy)

Magistracy speciality:

  • 5A310203 – Power plants
  • 5A310204 – Electropower networks and systems

The chair Faculty:

  1. Gayibov Tulkin Shernazarovich – Managing chair., professor, a Dr.Sci.Tech.
  2. Allaev Kahramon Rahimovich – professor, a Dr.Sci.Tech.
  3. Radionova Olga Vintsentovna –  senior lecturer, Cand.Tech.Sci.
  4. Soliev Odil Ganievich – senior lecturer, Cand.Tech.Sci.
  5. Tolipova Surayo Bohodirovna – senior teacher
  6. Shamsutdinov Husnitdin Fazlitdinovich – senior teacher
  7. Pulatov Behzod Mannonovich – senior teacher
  8. Normurodov Bahrom Ravshanovich – assistant
  9. Latipov Sherhon Shuhratovich – assistant
  10. Nurmatov Obid Yoqubboyevich – assistent;
  11. Mo’sinova Gulasal Foziljon qizi –  assistent;
  12. Mirzabekov Sherzod Mo’ytanbayevich – assistent;
  13. Salixova Dilafruz Xamidulla qizi – assistent;
  14. Turabekova Dinara Ergali qizi – assistent;
  15. Aliqulov Rustam Norqobil o’g’li – assistent;

Besides now on chair as part-time workers leading scientists and experts of the enterprises and associations, and also institutes at Academy of Sciences RU work. Into their number enter:

  • Nasirov Timur Hayrullaevich – the professor, the director “Energoсentr”
  • Sharipov Utkir Boltaevich – k.t.s., the leading expert of “Energotarmoqloyiha”
  • Shamsiev Hamidulla Amanovich – k.t.s., chief KDS “Energy”
  • Hamidov Shuhrat Vohidovich – k.t.s., the chief of department KDS “Energy”
  • Mirzaev Abdurashid Tohtasinovich – k.t.s., the deputy chief of “Uzbekenergo” НDS
  •  Hudayarov Muzaffar Burhanovich –k.t.s., the senior research assistant of institute “Power and automatics”.

Research work:

On chair research works on global subjects «Optimum conditions of electropower networks and systems and calculations of transients, research and working out of methods of modern automatic control» are conducted.

It includes following directions:

  •  Increase energo – efficiency by manufacture, transfer and electric power distribution;
  •  Working out of effective algorithms of calculations of optimisation of electric systems and networks on modern methods;
  • Carrying out of calculations of distributive electric networks at the incomplete information of a condition on electric power losses;
  • Increase of reliability of electropower systems;
  • Research of operating conditions of an overstrain of electric systems;
  • Check izoliotsion durabilities of high-voltage insulators.

Research works are spent under the direction of leading teachers, the senior scientific employees-researchers and the presented students are involved in their performance the majority of teachers.

Now on chair, the research works financed on account of the State budget are performed on following themes:

  • F-2-33 – Revealing of laws of mechanisms of power efficiency and mathematical modelling of modes of pump stations. The head – prof. Allaev K.R.
  • А-3-96 – «Optimum control of loading of electroconsumers of a power supply system of Republic Uzbekistan». The head – prof. Gayibov T.Sh.
  • А-3-24 – Working out of ways and devices of protection against hydraulic blow of the basic power equipment and pipelines pump stations. The head – d.s.t. Allaev K.R.

The Research works spent on chair are directed on the decision of significant and important problems in manufacture. Results of research works are given to the suitable enterprises and are used in scientific practice. On the basis of scientifically-technological problems themes final theses and magestr’s dissertations have been fixed.

Results of research work performed on chair are printed in Republican and International editions, reports at seminars are read.For the last years members of chair had been received patents and copyright certificates for mentioned below works.

  • Gayibov T.SH. Program «Opt_Lin».of optimum distribution of loading of power supply systems between thermal power stations part-nonlinear approximation of nonlinear dependences.//the State patent department RU. № DGU 201101167. 7/26/2011
  • Nasirov T.H., Gayibov T.Sh., Samadjanov E.A. Program «Opt_U» for optimization of modes of electric networks on pressure of knots.//the State patent department RU. № DGU 201101179. 7/29/2011
  • Patent RU. № 04475. The current converter in pressure. Avtor: Amirov S.F., Azimov R.K, Siddikov I.H., Khakimov M.H., Hushbokov X., Nazarov F.D., Rustamov D// The official information. . – 2012. №2.
  • № IAP 2010 0168 18.06.2012у. The current converter in pressure Authors: Azimov R К, Siddikov I.H., Khakimov M.X., Muhammadaliev S.M., Nazarov F.D., Xonnazarov I.M., Mamatkulov A.Н.
  • Gayibov T.S., Reymov K.M. Program «Opt_K» for optimization of modes of electric networks on factors of transformation of transformers. 28.10.2014г. Registration number № DGU 2013 0098.
  • Gayibov T.S., Reymov K.M. Program «TESGES» for an optimum covering of schedules of loadings of a power supply system thermal and hydraulic electric stations.10.02.2015y. The state patent department RUz. №DGU2015 03033
  • Allaev K.R., Mahmudov T.F. The Program on application of technology of an investment of systems for research of small fluctuations of adjustable electric system. 08.05.2015y. Reg.nomer № DGU 20150136.

At chair there are doctoral studies on a speciality «Power plants (an electric part), networks and systems and management of them».

Uchebno-methodical works:

On chair prepare bachelors on a speciality “Electric power industry” and masters on specialities “Power plants” and «Electro-power systems and complexes». Every year the chair lets out 70-80 bachelors in a direction 5310200 “Electric power industry” and students ending magistracy 20-25.For students of directions of a bachelor degree and magistracy in all subjects read on chair, from teachers of chair, abstracts of lectures and methodical materials for laboratory, practical and term papers are prepared.The special attention to chair is given preparation by teachers of chairs methodical grants and complexes.Last years from teachers of chair variety of monographies and manuals, the cores from them is published:

  • The monography «Modes of electric systems with asynchronous turbogenerators», Allaev K. R, publishing house « Fan va tehnologiya », 2005,
  • The manual «Electric networks and systems» (In the Uzbek language) T.Sh.Gayibov, publishing house. ТSTU, 2006y.
  • «Transients in pump stations» Allaev K.R., Sitdikov R. A, V.A.Tashkent’s Crests, « Fan va tehnologiya », 2012y.
  • «Electromagnetic converters of a current in pressure with flat windings». Siddiqov I.H.. Tashkent, TashCTU, 2012y.
  • «Transitive electromechanical processes in electric systems» (In the Uzbek and Russian languages) K. R.Allaev.
  • «The decision of problems of electric power industry numerical methods on the COMPUTER» (In the Uzbek language) T.Sh.Gayibov, E.Kayumov.
  • Allaev K.R., Sitdikov R. A, V.A. Perehodnye protsess’s Crests in pump stations. , « Fan va tehnologiya », 2012.
  • Siddikov I.H. Electromagnetic reformer a current in pressure with flat measuring windings. TashSTU, 106., 2012.
  • Аllayev Q.R., Siddiqov I.H., Hakimov M.H., Ibragimov R.I., Siddiqov O.I., Shamsutdinov H.F. Stansiya va podstansiyalarning elektr qismi. Tаshkent, ToshDTU, 2013y.
  • Allaev K.R., Crests of Century А, Sytdykov R. A, Titov ZH.O.elektro and hydromechanical processes of hydropower installations. / under the editorship of prof. M.M.Muhammadieva. «Fan va tehnologiya», 2013, 210s.

Methodical instructions for laboratory, practical and term papers on many disciplines read on chair are besides updated:

  • Hudoyarov MB., Mahmudov T.F. «Algorithmization and programming of numerical methods for the decision of problems of power» the Uchebno-methodical grant., 2013y.
  • Gayibov T.S. «Designing КМЧЛ» the Uchebno-methodical grant for masters. TаshSTU, 2014
  • 3. Gayibov T.S., Shamsutdinov H.F., Pulatov in B. M. the Uchebno-methodical grant for performance course рпботв on discipline «Electric networks and systems» TashSTU, 2014

Laboratory auditory:

Аud-102:Practical and laboratory auditory for subject the high-voltage

Aud-103:Unique in the CIS, the electrodynamic model of electric system containing modelling synchronous and asynchronous generators;

Aud-215: «Mathematical problems of energetics» and «Transmission and distribution of electrical».

Аud-231:«transient processes».


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