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Head of the department:
Tulyaganov Murot Muslimovich
Candidate of technical sciences, associated professor  
Phone: +998 97 7030580

history of the department:

In 2019 the department of «Electrical mechanics and electrical technologies» (the former department «Electric drive and automation of plants») celebrated its 86 years anniversary. In this period the department has graduated several thousands of electromechanical engineer experts of various branches of national economy for the RUz, CIS countries, etc. Nowadays graduates of department successfully work and make their powerful contribution on manufacture of high-quality production for development of various branches of economy and the republic industry, working on such a large enterprises as «Uzbekenergo» Join-Stock company, Open Company “Uzmetkombinat”, Open Company «Navoi mountain-metallurgical combine», Open Company «Almalyk mountain-metallurgical combine» and hundreds of other enterprises. Outstanding experts, heads of the enterprises and scientists are among them.

Respected teachers which worked at the department for many years as professors T.P.Gubenko, M.Z.Khamudkhanov, V.L.Ankhimyuk, H.G. Karimov, N.H. Bozorov, А.А.Khashimov, associated professors R.L. Krayevskaya, O.P. Ilyin, Y.N. Bedrin, K.B. Sokolovskiy, V.P. Shevyakov, T.D. Artikov, A.E. Serov, A.A. Imas, Kh.S. Minikeyev, S.S. Saidahmedov, A.T. Imomnazarov, M.M. Tulyaganov, A.U. Mirisayev, M.M. Khamudhanov, N.S. Savriddinov, Sh.B. Umarov, senior teachers N.O. Odilov, Z.N. Shermukhamedova, engineer-technician A.A. Smotrov have made their great contribution to the development of the department, the organisation and modernisation of educational process, strengthening of research base of department and preparation of qualified personnel as well as teachers M. M Mirsaidov, M. M. Mirhaydarov, А.О. Pulatov, V.V.Tsypkina, Kupriyanova A.S., D.A.Ishanova, I.A.Abdullabekov, H.T. Kamilov, D.N. Isamuhamedov, R.K. Dusmatov and assistants V.O. Horoshev,  etc.The EEE department has begun its activity for the first time in 1933 at Energy Faculty of the Central Asian Polytechnical Institute and titled as «Electric drive, automation of general industrial plants and technological complexes»In 1978 the department name has been renamed in «the Electric drive and automation of general plants (ED and AGP)», and in 2005 on its the «Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics and electrical technologies» department which is one of leading TSTU departments for today was organised.A teaching and professional training for bachelor direction «Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics and electrical technologies» and on a magistracy speciality «Electrotechnical complexes and systems» is carried out in it.Highly skilled teaching staff of the department consists of 2 persons, 2 professors, doctors of technical sciences, 3 candidates of sciences, the senior lecturer, 9 senior teachers, 8 assistants and 3 leading experts of the Scientific and technical centre of the Uzbekenergo and the industrial enterprises are among them.Students’ internships is spent on leading industrial enterprises and companies of the Republic of Uzbekistan as «Uzbekenergo», «NGMK», «Andijankabel», «AGMK», «Rotor», «Uzmetkombinat», etc.A lot of time is given to preparation of the talented students which are assigned by the leading scientists of the department and the scientific organisations.The department is provided by modern training-methodical materials and manuals as well as conformable laboratory base. New pedagogical technologies are used in educational process.Themes of academic year projects and diploma works of students directly correspond with problems of the industrial enterprises and the academic institutes.The department supports business relations with universities of Europe – the Berlin technical university (Germany), the Athenian technical institute of education (Greece), the Russian Federation, Ukraine, etc.The department renders the feasible support in preparation of qualified personnel, and also scientific and training-methodical works to departments of regional HEIs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Under the guidance of prof. A.A. Kashimov leading professors and teachers of the department have actively participated in working out and application in practice of curricula, curriculums of special disciplines of the bachelor direction «Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics  and electrical technologies» and magistracy specialities «Electric drive and automation of industrial plants», «Electrotechnical systems and complexes», «Energy saving (by branches)» and other energy specialities of higher education system of the Republic according to the law «about higher education» and the National programme of professional training of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Teaching is conducted in the Uzbek and the Russian languages.


Total: 444

Bachelor students:422

Students of magistracy: 22

Bachelor degree direction:

  • 5310700 «Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics  and electrical technologies (by branches)»

Magistracy speciality:

  • 5А310704 «Electrotechnical complexes and systems» (industry)
  • 5А310202 «Energy Saving» (industry)

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. A.A.Khashimov professors, doctors of technical science
  2. X.B. Sapayev professors, doctors of technical science
  3. M. M. Hamudhanov candidates of sciences, senior lecturers
  4. M.M. Tulyaganov candidates of sciences, senior lecturers
  5. S.S. Xaliqov candidates of sciences,
  6. Sh.B.Umarov candidates of sciences, senior lecturers
  7. V.V.Tsypkina senior teachers:
  8. A.S.Kuprijanova senior teachers:
  9. I.A. Abdullabekov senior teachers:
  10. D.A. Ishanova senior teachers:
  11. M.M. Mirxaydarov senior teachers:
  12. M.M. Mirsaidov senior teachers:
  13. D.N. Isamukhammedov senior teachers:
  14. R.K. Dusmatov senior teachers:
  15. Sh. Atadjiyev assistants
  16. F.A. Akbarov assistants
  17. U. Boqijonov assistants
  18. M.M. Umarov assistants
  19.  N.U. Ishankhadjayeva assistants
  20. D.D. Rakhmatov assistants
  21. O. Turabekov assistants
  22. H.A. Muminov assistants

And 3 leading experts of Scientific and technical centre of the Uzbekenergo and industrial enterprises.

  1. A.A. Shavazov

Scientific-research works:

Scientific pedagogical personnel on a speciality «Electrotechnical systems and complexes» is prepared in the department

Scientists of the department (prof. A.A.Khashimov, senior lecturers M. M. Hamudhanov, M. M. Tulyaganov, the senior teachers I.A. Abdullabekov, V.V Tsypkina. etc.) conduct their research work on definition of problems of automation of the electric drive, electric machines, electrical insulation and cable engineering, directed on the decision of energy and recourses saving problems, reliability and durability of an electric equipment.Research works results, spent under a management of prof. A.A. Khashimov, are applied in industrial enterprises as «Uzmetkombinat», «AGMK», «NGMK», Tashkent regional pump stations managing office, «Andijankabel», etc. and have shown the economic efficiency in practice.

The patents received by the department staff:

  • Patent № РУз 4609. The asynchronous electric drive; A.A.KKhashimov, A.T.Imamnazarov, S.M. Sabirov
  • The patent of the Russian Federation, № 2069032. The asynchronous electric drive with extremal control.; A.A.Khashimov, A.T.Imamnazarov
  • Patent № РУз I AP 20120321. The electric drive with frequency control; A.A.Khashimov, A.T.Imamnazarov
  • The patent № I AP 2001100427. Management of the induction furnace,  A.A.Khashimov., A.O.Pulatov

Members of department «Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics and electrical technologies»  (prof. A.A.Khashimov, senior teachers V. V. Tsypkina, A.S.Kupriyanova) have presented energy saving technologies developed by them at the exhibition of innovative technologies spent in the EXPO centre of Tashkent from April 24th till April 26th, 2014

Training-methodical works:

Teaching staff of the department prepared and regularly update and improve the training-methodical materials (abstracts of lectures and methodical manuals for carrying out of practical and laboratory lessons and course works) for all subjects, conforming to the provided curricula of bachelor directions and magistracy specialities.Besides that professor-teachers of the department have published 13 books for professional-educational colleges of the Republic


  • M. Hamudhanov; Research and calculation methods of energy and –resource saving operating modes of water elevating pump stations; 2013;
  • A.A.Khashimov, A.T.Imamnazarov, A.A.Pulatov, Thermal modes of induction crucible furnaces. Tashkent: Fan va texnologiyalar, 2013.
  • A.A.Khashimov, K.G.Abidov.; Energy effetive ways of self-start pump stations’ electric drive; 2012.
  • Khashimov A.A., N.M.Aripov –Adjustable asynchronous electric drive. Tashkent: TSTU, 2000.
  • A.A. Khashimov Electromechanical and thermal processes of frequency controlled asynchronous electric drive. Tashkent: the Fan, 1997.
  • A.A. Khashimov Special operating modes of frequency-regulated asynchronous electric drives. Moscow: Энергоатомиздат, 1994;
  • A.A.Khashimov, A.D. Petrushin «Optimum operating modes of frequency-regulated asynchronous electric drives in different thermal processes», Tashkent: the Fan, 1990;
  • A.A. Khashimov «Operating modes of frequency-regulated asynchronous electric drives», Tashkent: the Fan, 1987;
  • A..A.Khashimov «Thermal processes of asynchronous machines in systems of the adjustable electric drive», Tashkent: ТашПИ, 1986.


  • A.T.Imomnazarov «Elements of electromechanical systems», Tashkent, «Таълим», 2009;
  • A.T.Imomnazarov «Electric equipment of the industrial enterprises», Tashkent, «SHARQ» NMAK, 2005;
  • A..A.Khashimov, A.T.Imomnazarov «Elements of electromechanical devices and complexes», Tashkent, the Center «ЎАЖБНТ», 2004;
  • A..A.Khashimov, A.T.Imomnazarov «Energy saving in electromechanical systems», Tashkent, the Center «ЎАЖБНТ» 2004.

Methodical manuals:

  • SH.B. Umarov, M.M. Xamudxanov Sanoat qurilmalarini avtomatlashtirish uchun energiya samarali texnik vositalari” fanidan laboratoriya ishlari bajarish uchun uslubiy ko’rsatmalar” Tashkent, 2019.
  • M.M.Tulyaganov  «Computer and digital technologies», Tashkent, TSTU, 2013;
  • T.D.Artikov, A.U.Mirisaev, B.M. Mamadzhanov «Electromechanical systems and complexes control», Tashkent, TSTU, 2013;
  • A.T.Imomnazarov «Introduction to a speciality», the Manual for a bachelor degree direction «the Electrical engineer, electromecanics and electrotechnologies» Tashkent., «Таълим», 2009;
  • A.T.Imamnazarov, «Service and repair of electric installations of the industrial enterprises», Tashkent, «Turon iqboli», 2006.
  • A.T.Imamnazarov, «Electric installations in the industrial enterprises and apartment houses», Toshkent: Ilm ziyosi, 2006.
  • T.D.Артиков «Electromechanical systems of plants» Tashkent, «Нурон Иқбол», 2005
  • А.А. Khashimov, A.T.Imomnazarov, «Electric drive bases». Tashkent: TSTU, 2004,
  • T.D.Артиков, A.A.Khashimov, N.A.Adylov, M. M. Tuljaganov «Methodical manual to course  «Electric drive theory », Tashkent: TSTU, 1991;
  • A.A.Khashimov, N.A.Adylov, I.U.Zairov «Robotics – a new scientific and technical direction», Tashkent: TSTU, 1990;
  • A.T.Imamnazarov, «Electrical plants of the oil and gas industry», Tashkent, «Cho`lpon», 2007.
  • A.A. Khashimov, A.U. Mirsaidov, «Electrical installations of plants», 2007

Abstracts of lectures

There are electronic and paper versions of abstracts of lectures for all disciplines of curricula of «EEE» directions and specialities the provided on the department

Material base

There are 6 educational and 2 scientific-research laboratories. equipped according to curricula on the department

Educational and scientific laboratories of the department are supplied by modern electric equipments, installations and devices, including laboratories organised within the frameworks of European Community TACIS-TEMPUS and TEMPUS programmes

The address, contacts: Address: 100095, Tashkent, University str., 2;


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