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The manager by pulpit:
Toirov Olimjon Zuvurovich
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
The telephone: +998 71 246-53-26
A cellular telephone: +998 93 591-16-11

Reception days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday – 1400-1600



History of pulpit:

The Pulpit “Electric machines” is created in 1933 After division of the pulpit “General electrical engineering” Sredneaziatskogo industrial institute by initiator создаия pulpits and her(its) first leader was a professor Grushkin G.F. The First teachers of the pulpit: assistant professors Oranskiy I.N. and Evtuhov K.I.At different periods by pulpit “Electric machines” managed: professor Grushkin G.F. (1933-1942), professor Piotrovskiy L.M. (1942-1944), assistant professor Merkin G.B.(1944-1945г.), assistant professor Karcev P.K. (1945-1946), professor Faster I.M.(1946-1950), assistant professor Ostapchuk B.V. (1950-1967), professor Ahmatov M.G. (1967-1979), assistant professor Asimov H.M. (1980-1983, 1985-and 1991г.), assistant professor Odilov (1983-1985, 1991-1993,1999-2000), professor Market N.H. (1993-1999), assistant professor Pirmatov N.B (2001-2005 gg.), professor Hashimov A.A. (2005-2010 gg.), assistant professor Mirisaev A.U. (2011- 2012 gg.), assistant professor Ahmedov O.SH. (2012), professor Pirmatov N.B.(2013-2018gg), since 2013 manages the Toshev SH.E.

At present a main pulpit is in republic pulpit.At present on pulpit leading scientist and specialists to Academies of the sciences RUZ and production organization combine professorial- teaching activity.

In their composition:

  1. Halikov A.A. – .- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, managing pulpit “Radio communication of” institute engineer rail-freight traffic.
  2. Abdurahmanov U. – .- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the pulpit “Physics” Tashkentskogo National university.
  3. Ishnazarov O.- Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of the Scientific and Technical Center, Uzbekenergo JSC.

The International relationship of the pulpit:

  • The Moscow Energy institute;
  • The University Hanover, Germany;
  • The Berlin technical university;
  • Tashkentskiy institute engineer rail-freight traffic;
  • Tashkentskiy university information technology;
  • Tashkentskiy institute ирригации and land reclamations;
  • Ferganskiy pollytechnic institute;
  • Karshinskiy engineering – an economic institute;
  • Navoiyskiy mountain institute;
  • Andizhanskiy machine-building institute;
  • Dzhizakskiy pollytechnic institute;
  • Nukusskiy state university;
  • Buharskiy engineering institute.
    There are communications (connection) and contracts with the industrial enterprises, network of institutes of an Academy of sciences, academic Liceums and colleges.

Direction of the bachelors by pulpit:
5310700 – “Electrical engineering, Elektromehanika and electro technology (in electro-machine building)

Specalinosti magistracies by pulpit:
5А310701 – Elektromehanika (on branch);
5А310702-Elektroizolyacionnaya and cable technology;
5А310403-Pilotazhno-navigational complexes and technical usage of the aircraft systems.

Structure the members by pulpit:

  1. Toshev Sherzod Ergashevich;
  2. Pirmatov Nurali Berdiyorovich, doctor of the technical sciences, professor;
  3. Alimxodjayev Kаmoliddin Tillaxodjayevich, doctor of the technical sciences, professor;
  4. Mustafakulova Gulzoda Narkabilovna, candidate of the technical sciences, assistant professor;
  5. Kuranbayev Karimbay Raimzhonovich, senior teacher;
  6. Isamatova Dzhamilya Nigmatullaevna, senior teacher;
  7. Raksitullaeva Dilfuza Ismailovna, senior teacher;
  8. Giyasov Sanzhar Mirxamitovich, assistent;
  9. Yakubova Dilfuza Kuanishovna, assistent;
  10. Tuychibayev Akiljan Abdullaevich, assistent;
  11. Egamov Akmal Mamarasulovich, assistent;
  12. Taniyev Mirzoxid Xurramovich, assistent;
  13. Duvlanov Dzhalaliddin Nigmatulla ugli, assistent;
  14. Zubaydullayev Murat Botirovich, assistent;
  15. Ivanova Faith Pavlovna, assistent;
  16. Isakov Farhad, assistent;
  17. Urokov Sardor Erkin ugli , assistent.
  18.  Shernazarov Safar Erkin ugli , assistent.

Scientific jobs of pulpit:

Research work are On pulpit on subject:

The Study steady-state and dynamic state of working electric machines of alternating current. The Scientific leader, d.t.n., prof. Pirmatov N.B.)
The General feature of the research functioning(working) the pulpit:

  • The Analysis steady-state and dynamic state of working electric machines of alternating current. The Responsible performer: d.t.n., prof. Pirmatov N.B. The Performers: k.t.n., doc. Mustafakulova G.N., D.N., асс.Tuchibaev A.A., асс.Tannic M.H., асс. Duvlanov D.N., асс. Egamov A.M., асс.YUsupov R.A., асс.Giyasov S.M., асс. Isakov F.
  • The Analysis to vibrations of the anisochronous machines. Otvet. performer: d.t.n. prof. Alimhodzhaev K.T. The Performers: Raksitullaeva D.I., асс.YAkubova D.K., асс. Zubaydullaev M.B.

There is facilities contractual work On pulpit:

H/SH-12/16 “Uzbek language, electrical equipment, launch and management of devices, and repair and production of alternative energy sources and academic literature”. Leader: prof. Alimhodzhaev K.T.The Pulpit is connected with leading energy and industrial enterprise on scientific and scholastic work. Including: “Energonaladka”, “Gosenergonadzor”, “Tashkentskaya ES”, New-Angrenskiy TES, enterprise “Uzbeknefitegaz”, Navoiinskiy and Almalykskoy GMK, Bekabadskiy metallurgical plant, “Sredazenergosetiproekt”, JC “Uzbekkabel”, “Tashelektroschiti”, Central MES, institute “Energy and automations of” Academy of the sciences of the republic Uzbekistan and others.

Working activity of professor -teaching structure of pulpit “Electric machines”

  • The Job titles of the pulpit are approved with distribution 17-person of them 2-doctor of the technical sciences, 1-candidate of the technical sciences, 3-senior teachers, 11-assistent. Except this are attracted leading specialists, having degree of the candidate and doctor of the sciences.
  • On the grounds of confirmed plan is conducted opening of the occupation, which result are discussed on meeting of the pulpit;
  • Checking for attendance and progress student is discussed on meeting and meeting of the pulpit.
  • The Subjects магистерских thesis and выпусных квалификационных work are realized on research direction of the pulpit and посвещены questions of supply industrial enterprise and city;
  •  As chairmans GAK for undertaking the total qualification are attracted chiefs division enterprise JC “Uzbekenergo” and leading scientist research institute.

The manual:

Scholastic allowances are published In pulpit:

  •  M.G. Ahmatov, D.S. Salimov, N.B. Pirmatov. “To change the current characteristics of the machines. Detailed analysis “(section 1. To change the current generators. Section 2. To change the current engines, G., 1995);
  •  N.H.Bazarov, N.B.Pirmatov. ” Synchronous machines” (1995);
  •   G. Odilov, N.B.Pirmatov. ” Energy and an explanation of their terms” (1998);
  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.Pirmatov. “Elektr mashinalari” (2005);
  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.Pirmatov. “Mutaxassislikka kirish” (2005);
  •  N.B.Pirmatov. “Transformatorlarni ishlab chiqarish texnologiyasi” (2006);
  •  N.B.Pirmatov, N.A. Adilov “Aviatsiya elektr mashinalari” (2006);
  •  N.B.Pirmatov. “Transformatorlarni ta’mirlash” (2007);
  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.Pirmatov. ” Transformer and autotransformer” (2009);
  •  N.B.Pirmatov. “Elektr mashinalari va ularni ishlab chiqarish texnologiyasi” (2010);
  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.Pirmatov. “Elektr mashinalari” (2011);
  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.Pirmatov, G.N.Mustafakulova. “Didactic material for practical occupation on course “Analytical Electromechanics” (2013);
  •  N.B.Pirmatov, G.N.Mustafakulova, G.M.Mahmadiev. ” Asynchronous motor-designing them” (2013);
  •  U.T.Berdiev, N.B.Pirmatov. ” Electromechanics” (2014);
  •  N.B.Pirmatov, O.E.Zaynieva. ” Electromechanics Basics” (2015.).

Spiritually education job of pulpit “Electric machines”

  • Spiritual – educational and воспитательные of job of faculty праводятся by the curators of group also are carried out on curator employment (occupations).
  • According to the plan the rules of behaviour and discipline of the students in employment (occupations) are discussed.
  •  In hostels for the students all conditions for residing and study are created: a sports hall, library, educational hall, компютерый a hall, medical aid and others.

The monographies:

On pulpits are prepared and published following monographs:

  •  Ahmatov M.G., Pirmatov N.B. “Abnormal state of working synchronous machines двухосного excitement”, monograph, Tashkent, 2003;
  •  Pirmatov N.B., Salimov D.S. “Eksperementalinye ways of the determination parameter synchronous machines”, monograph, Tashkent, 2013.

The textbooks:

Textbooks is published On pulpits:

  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.Pirmatov. “Mutaxassislikka kirish” (2005);
  •  D.S.Salimov, N.B.P. “Elektr mashinalari” (2011);
  •  U.T.Berdiev, N.B.Pirmatov. “Elektromexanika” (2014.).

Laboratory base of pulpit “Electric machines”

On faculty is present 4 educational and 1 research laboratory.

The address of pulpit:Of Tashkent, Almazor area, University street, house – 2.



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