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Manager of chair
Abidov Kudrat Gayratovich
Cand.Tech.Sci., the associate proffessor
Phone: +998 98 311-20-91
E-mail address:

Chair history:

The chair « Electrical engineering »  created in 2016 – 2017 educational year on the basis of chairs « Electrical Engineering and Professional Education (Energy Engineering)». 


The chair  of «Theoretical bases electrical engineer»  based in 1934 and one of the oldest chairs of  TSTU. The organizer of chair – the honoured worker of a science of Uzbekistan, a member the correspondent of Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan, Dr.Sci.Tech., professor G.R.Rakhimov (1905 – 1972). He managed till 1972..R.Rakhimov’s death over chair supervised: prof. Z.I.Ismailov (1972 – 1994), the senior lecturer Z.G.Nazirova (1994 – 1998 y), prof. J.R.Rashidov (1998 – 2007 y), and since 2007 chair manages Abidov K.G.In 1962 under the guidance of known scientists G.R.Rakhimov, U.A.Arifova, S.V.Starodubtsev, M.Z.Hamudhanova, V.K.Kabulova on the basis of chair has been organised the engineering-physical faculty. In 1962 the chair «Industrial electronics», in 1968 «The information-measuring technics», in 1986 «The radio engineering and radio systems» have separated from chair «Theoretical bases electrical engineers».On chair P.F.Hasanov, A.S.Karimov, Z.I.Ismailov, T.M.Kadyrov, J.R.Rashidov, M.Ibodullaev has defended doctoral thesis, and more than 40 employees Ph.D. theses.Chair «Theoretical bases electrical engineers» is the organizer of the International Interuniversity conference on the theory and methods of calculation of nonlinear electric chains spent in 1960, 1963, 1967, 1971, 1975, 1982, 1995 in Tashkent. These conferences promoted development of a science and technics in Republic Uzbekistan.        Teachers of chair conduct lessons with students of faculties of Electronics and automatics, Electric power industry, mountain-geological in subjects «Theoretical bases electrical engineers», «Electrical and electronics», «Electrical engineering, electronics and electric drive» and «Electrodynamics and distribution of radio-waves».


The Chair of “Electrical Engineering and Professional Education (Energy Engineering)” was founded on the base of joining two chairs “Theoretical and general electrical engineering” and “Engineering pedagogies at energy engineering branches ” in 2005. The chair trains bachelors at major 5111000 Professional education (Power Engineering).Educational processes, pedagogical technologies of teaching at professional colleges and academic lyceums, power engineering objects of different branches of economy, power stations and sub-stations, power engineering systems, systems of electric supply, power plants and equipment of industrial and other enterprises, systems and devices of automatic operation and relay protection of the objects are the main subjects of professional activity of a bachelor.

The bachelor is trained for further education at the magistrates on major 5520200- Power Engineering (in branches). The duration of study at the magistrates is 2 years.

  • 5A520202-Exploitation of electric powers and equipment;
  • 5A520204- Electric systems and complexes:
  • 5A520205 – Electric supply (in branches)
  • 5A520203- Power stations.

The scientific potential of the chair makes up 50%. The middle age of the chair is 47. 143 students got education in 2015-2016 academic years.10 teachers of the professorial and teaching staff and 4 non- staff teachers take teaching activity in 2015-2016 academic years.52 graduates obtained certificates of bachelor degree. According to the contracts the graduates were allocated to the professional colleges and State Joint Stock Enterprise “Uzbekenergo”.

The international relations:

  • Moscow state university (Russia);
  •  CSRTI(Russia);
  • Moscow institute of a steel and alloys (Russia);
  • St.-Petersburg polytechnical institute (Russia);
  • STI “Radio engineering and electronics” (Russia);
  • Munster university (Germany);
  • Helsinki university (Finland);
  • Gwandju institute science and technology (GIST, South Korea).

The chair has close connections and contracts with the industrial enterprises, institutes Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan, the academic lyceums and colleges.


Currently, the department trained 47 student

The general quantity of students

In 2016 – 2017 educational year on TSTU for 500 students are conducted lessons in a subject «Theoretical bases electrical engineers», «Electrical and electronics», «Electrical engineering, electronics and electric drive» and «Electrodynamics and distribution of radio-waves».

Direction of bachelor:

-5111000-Professional education (Power Engineering)

Direction of magistracy:-

Direction of the chair of education of bachelor:

-5111000-Professional education (Power Engineering)

Specialties of a magistracy of chair: –

Faculty of the chair:

  1. Abidov Q. G‘.the candidate of technical sciences, head of department;
  2. Ibodullaev M. I. the doctor of technical.sciences, the professor;
  3. Abdullaev B. A.the candidate of  technical sciences, the professor;
  4. Begmatov Sh. E. the candidate of technical sciences, the senior lecturer;
  5. Burxonxo‘jaev A. M. the candidate of technical sciences, the senior lecturer;
  6. Qodirova D. R. the candidate of  technical sciences, the senior lecturer;
  7. Nimatov S.J. the cand. of physical and mathematical sciences, the senior lecturer;
  8. Xolbutaeva X. E.        the senior teacher;
  9. Idrisxodjaeva M.U.   the senior teacher;
  10. Raxmatullaev A. I. the senior teacher;
  11. Xalmonov D. X.    the senior teacher;
  12. Nurmatov B. A.     assistent
  13. Toirova N. J.  assistent
  14. Maxmadiyev G. M. assistent
  15.  Arabov D.H. assistant
  16. Xamudxanova N. B.      assistent
  17. Dustmuxamedova S. A. assistent

Scientific works carried out at the chair:

Educational and methodical work is held in the following fields:

developing of the generalized mathematic models of the non-linear multiphase  electric ferromagnetic chains;application of pedagogical technologies and methods in educational process.The research on the applied project ITD-3-102 “Increase of energy efficiency of energy resources at the cotton refineryindustry” in the frame of governmental scientific and technical programs is conducted.

Scientifically-methodical works carried out at the chair:

Prepared and published manuals, texts of lectures, training-methodical instructions, grants for performance of settlement-graphic works and test tasks for carrying out of control stages at courses «Theoretical bases electrical engineers», «Electrodynamics and distribution of radio-waves»,

The chair Faculty such modern pedagogical means takes root into educational process, as «brain storm», «a method of cluster» and others.

Updating of material base of chair, introduction of scientific achievements at lectures and seminar employment are actual problems for members of chair. Conducted active works with the presented students whom quite often become winners on the Republican Olympic Games in subjects «Theoretical bases electrical engineers». Results of the scientific researches spent with presented students it is published in scientific collections and materials of scientific conferences republican and interuniversity scale.

For last years the chair faculty publishes a series of monographs and training-methodical grants, methodical instructions on carrying out of a practical training, more than 50 scientific articles. Electronic versions of scientific, training-methodical works of members of chair are made in a site “ZiyoNET”


methodical manuals



  • 1.Abidov K.G., Xashimov A.A. Energoeffektivnыe sposobы samozapuska elektroprivodov nasosnыx stansiy. –Tashkent.: «Fan va texnalogiya», 2012. -176 s.
  •  2. B. Abdullaev. «Obobщennыe modeli passivnыx nelineynыx elementov elektricheskix sepey i sistem». Toshkent-2015, TGTU.


  •  Alimxodjaev K.T., Abdullaev B.A., Abidov K.G.,Ibodullaev M.I. Elektr texnikaning nazariy asoslari.          1-qism. Darslik.  “Fan va texnologiyalar” nashiryoti, Toshkent. 2015, 320 bet


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  • Abidov K.G., Kadыrova D.R. , Tashmuxamedova D.A. Teoreticheskie osnovы elektrotexniki. Metodicheskoe posobie. CHast 1. Tashkent: TashGTU, 2016. -51 s.
  • Abidov K.G., Nimatov S.J., Ernst I.V., Komilov T.S. Elektrodinamika va radioto‘lqinlar tarqalishi fanidan laboratoriya ishlarini bajarish bo‘yicha uslubiy ko‘rsatma. Toshkent. ToshDTU,2016.-100 b.
  •  Abidov K.G., Nimatov S.J., Ernst I.V., Komilov T.S. Metodicheskie ukazaniya po vыpolneniyu laboratornыx rabot po predmetu «Elektrodinamika i rasprostronenie radiovln». Tashkent. TashGTU, 2016. -68 s.

Texts of lectures :

There are electronic and paper variants of lectures on courses «Theoretical bases electrical engineers», «Electrodynamics and distribution of radio-waves».

The electronic version are made in a portal “Ziyonet”

Brief information about educational and scientific laboratories:

On chair are available 7 training and 2 research laboratories equipped according to modern requirements.

Address of chair : Tashkent city, Almazar district, str. Universitetskaya, 2.




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