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Production technology of electronic device

Head of the Department
Tashmukhamedova D.A.
Doctor of Science in Physics and mathematics, professor
Telefon: + 998 71 227-19-26


History of the department:

In 1995, in connection with the importance and necessity in the Republic of designing new computers, their proper operation and training in this regard, the department was redesigned and named “Design of electronic computing facilities and technologies”. In the new historical conditions, many enterprises in the republic were left without perspective scientific planning, new domestic equipment. It was replaced by the purchase of foreign technologies, devices and systems. The Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan has taken a course on innovative development, modernization of the economy, put forward a number of promising national projects. To turn these projects into reality, it is necessary to recreate the high-tech base of instrumentation. Almost all national projects can be implemented only if there are modern microelectronic and other similar facilities in the country. In this regard, the department gradually changed its priorities in the teaching and training of specialists and in 2004 received a new name “Instrument making”.In July 2016, the head of the department is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Tashmuhamedova Dilnoza Artikbaevna.The department on the basis of the drafted cooperation agreements has links with industrial enterprises, research institutes of the Academy of Sciences, colleges and academic lyceums of the Republic.

Educational directions of the department:


  • 5310800 – Electronics and Instrumentation
  • 5321900 – Production technology of electronic devices


  • 5A310802 – Instruments and methods of measuring systems and control
  • 5A310804 – Nanotechnology semiconductor materials
  • 5A321901 – Production technology of electronic devices
  • 5A321902 – Technological machines and equipment for the electronics industry

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Tursunov M.A.  Ph.D., professor
  2. Xaydarov A.X.  Ph.D.
  3. Gaibnazarov B.B.  Ph.D.
  4. Mirjalilova M.  Ph.D.
  5. Qodirov R.K.  Senior Lecturer
  6. Kimizbayeva O.E.  Senior Lecturer
  7. Xojiyev Sh.T.  Senior Lecturer
  8. Gulyamova S.T.  Senior Lecturer
  9. Yusupjonova M.B.  Senior Lecturer
  10. Qosimov I.  Assistant
  11. O’roqov A.N.  Assistant
  12. Xudayqulov F.Y.  Assistant
  13. Maxmudov M.M.  Assistant
  14. Shukurova A.A.  Assistant
  15. Isaxanov Z.A.  doctor of technical sciences, professor
  16. Xolmuminov A.  doctor of technical sciences, professor
  17. Raximov B.N.  doctor of technical sciences, professor
  18. Isxakova S.S.  Ph.D.
  19. Ergashov Y.S.  Ph.D.
  20. Mavlonov A.Sh.  Ph.D.
  21. Pak S.S.  Senior Lecture

The research work of the department:

At the Chair of “Instrumentation” there is an opportunity, on the one hand, to design and manufacture modern electronic equipment based on computer technology on the other hand conducting research and training gifted specialists in the creation of modern instruments of medical equipment and technology. Graduates of academic lyceums and colleges in the direction of exact subjects, physics, engineering and medicine can enter the bachelor’s degree in the instrument engineering department. Graduated students of the instrument engineering Chair can work for the outstanding enterprises and organizations of the republic. For example, Artel, the Scientific Center of the Republican emergency ambulance, the republican center of endocrinology, the military hospital, medical equipment, etc. Based on the results of scientific research, articles and theses have been prepared and printed. In scientific research, the participation of undergraduate and undergraduate students is ensured. Scientific research is reflected in master’s theses. In the activities of the Republic “Instrumentation” and “Biomedical  Engineering” new directions in these areas the Chair is considered advanced. In this field, specialists and personnel are not enough. Therefore, knowing that the training of human resources is entrusted to the department, it is more creative to train young specialists. To increase the qualitative level of ongoing scientific research in the direction of the national economy, to train personnel who meet the world demand and to ensure the continuation of the relay of the science generation at the Chair of Instrumentation, there is a scientific-practical laboratory “Material Science and Technology of New Materials.” Entrepreneurial affairs at the department are provided on the basis of directions of the department, because this direction is considered actual in the Republic. For this reason, the drafting of economic contracts with the Ministry of Health is difficult. However, despite this, it should be noted that the faculty of the department has prepared several works together with gifted students on the system of “teacher-student”. In 2013-2016, the Chair conducted the work under the grant TEMPUS QUEECA “Quality of engineering education in Uzbekistan” for the amount of 67,159.69 euros.

Patents received by members of the Chair:

  1. Vasilyeva SA, Gaibnazarov BB, Khaydarova GS, Magrupova MT, Holmirzaev SB, Valetov “Program for the correction of speech disorders in children” patent number No. DGU 03094 of February 19, 2015 .
  2. Khaydarov AH, Masharipov Sh.M., Abdurahmonov AA, Gaibnazarov BB, Kodirov RK, Rashidov AA, Abdukhalikov SP, Khudoikulov F.Y., Aliev A. A. “Measuring instrument for determining the capacity of the capacitor and the coil inductance” patent number No. DGU 04298 dated 3 February 2017
  3. Khaydarov AH, Masharipov Sh.M., Gaibnazarov BB, Rashidov AA, Abdukhalikov SP, Faizullaev US, Razhabov AG “Temperature and humidity sensor with liquid crystal display” patent number No. DGU 04284 dated 3 February 2017
  4. Khaydarov A.Kh., Gaibnazarov BB, Abdukhalikov SP, A.N.O’roqov, Aliev AA, Razhabov A.G. “Measurement of the arterial pulse with the help of photoplethysmographic infrared conversion” patent number No. DGU 04295 from 3 February 2017


Ташмухамедова Д.А., Умирзаков Б.Е, Донаев С.Б. Наноразмерные структуры в ионно-имплантированных пленках SiиGaAs LAP-2016. Германия. 201 с, 2016 г

Textbooks and teaching aids:

Teachers of the Chair Xaydarov A.H., Gaibnazarov B. B. prepared a training manual “Organization of training in the maintenance of medical equipment” approved by MHSERU 82-order, from 13 March 2013 received Grief. Gaibnazarov B.B. Prepared a training manual “Maintenance, installation and repair of medical equipment with a microprocessor computer” approved by the 82nd order of MHSERU, on March 13, 2013, Grief was received.

Teaching aids:

  1. Gaibnazarov BV Reliability of electronic devices and sensors. Manuals. Tashkent State Technical University, 2012.
  2. Gibnazarov B. B. Medical diagnostic equipment and software. Manuals. Tashkent State Technical University, 2012.
  3. Gaitnazarov B. B. The curriculum guide. Manuals. Tashkent State Technical University, 2012.
  4. Gaibnazarov methods of testing VV and tools. Manuals. Tashkent State Technical University, 2012.
  5. Gibnazarov B. and B. The device tizimlarniloyixalash. Training aids. Tashkent State Technical University, 2013.
  6. Gaibnazarov jak style. Training aids. Tashkent State Technical University, 2014.
  7. Khaidarov A.N. analog and digital electronics. Manuals. Tashkent State Technical University, 2012.
  8. Khaidarov A. Kh., The basis of measuring equipment. Training aids. Tashkent State Technical University, 2013.
  9. Khaidarov A.N. Construction and design of systems. Manuals. Tashkent State Technical University, 2013.
  10. Khaidarov A. N. Electronic device for control and diagnostics. Training aids. Tashkent State Technical University, 2014.
  11. Tursunov M.A. Biotechnical medical devices and systems. Tutorial. Tashkent State Technical University, 2013.
  12. Tursunov M.A. Medical diagnostic devices and programs. Tutorial. Tashkent State Technical University, 2013
  13. Vasilyeva S.A. Processing of medical and biological information. Teaching and methodological manual for undergraduates in specialty 5A523901 “Medical and biological apparatuses, systems and complexes”, printing house TashGTU, 2013.
  14. Methodical instructions to the performance of laboratory works “Medical diagnostic programs and systems” for students of the direction “Instrument-Making” printing house TashGTU, 2013.
  15. Kompyuter tizimlari va vositalari : darslik / T. M. Magrupov, S. S. Rasulova, M. X. Aripova ; O’zR OO’MTV; TDTU. – Toshkent : TDTU, 2012. – 192 b.  Экземпляры: всего:2 – Дар(2).
  16. Компьютерные средства и системы : учеб. пособ. [для магистр. по спец. М522003, В5521900, В5521900, аспир. и науч. работ.] / С. С. Расулова, Т. М. Магрупов, М. Х. Арипова; Мин-во высш. и сред. спец. образов. РУз; ТГТУ. – Тошкент, 2004. – 167 с. 50 экз.
  17. Elektromeditsina texnikalarini o’rnatish, texnik xizmat ko’rsatish va tuzatish : Tibbiyot koll. uchun o’quv qo’ll. / I.I. Muqimdjanov, A.R. Xudayberganov, T. Usmonov ; O’zR OO’MTV; O’rta maxsus kasb-hunar ta’limi markazi. – Toshkent : Abu Ali ibn Sino nom. tibbiyot nashr., 2004. – 184 b.
  18. Расулова С.С., Рашидов А.А. Микропроцессорлар ва микропроцессор тизимлар. Ўқув қўлланма. Тошкент: ТошДТУ, 2001, -120 б.
  19. Современные микропроцессоры и их применение в медицинских компьютерных системах : учеб. пособ. / Т. М. Магрупов, С. С. Расулова, А. А. Каххаров ; Мин-во Высш. и сред. спец. образования РУз ; ТГТУ. – Тошкент, 2006. – 114 с.  Экземпляры: всего:25 – ХР(6), ФРЭА(19).
  20. Медицинские диагностические приборы и системы : учеб. пособ. для бакал. по направ. 5521500-“Приборостроение” и 5523900 “Биомедицинская инженерия” / Т. М. Магрупов, М. А. Турсунов, С. А. Убайдуллаев;Мин-во высш. и сред. спец. образования РУз; ТГТУ. – Ташкент : ТГТУ, 2010. – 232 с.
     Экземпляры: всего:1 – Дар(1).
  21. Расулова С.С., Рашидов А.А. Методы тестирования цифровых устройств. Методические указания к лабораторным работам. Ташкент: ТГТУ, 2003, -30 с.
  22. Yo’nalishga kirish : о’quv qoll. : (“Biotibbiyot muhandisligi” yo’nal.)  / T. M. Magrupov, M. A. Тursunov, G. B. Sadikova ; O’zR OO’MTV; TDTU. – Toshkent : TDTU, 2010. – 99 b.  Экземпляры: всего:1 – Дар(1)
  23. Yo’nalishga kirish: (Asbobsozlik) : o’quv qo’ll. / T. M. Magrupov ; O’zR OO’MTV; TDTU ; O’zR OO’MTV, TDTU. – Toshkent : TDTU, 2006. – 72 b.  Экземпляры: всего:24 – ХР(5), ФРЭА(19).
  24. Tibbiyot diagnostika qilish dasturi va tizimlari : о`quv qo`ll. : [“Asbobsozlik”  yo`nal. bo`yicha bakal. va magistr. uchun] / T. M. Magrupov, S. A. Vasileva, B. B. G`oibnazarov  ; O`zR OO`MTV ; TDTU. – Toshkent : TDTU, 2008. – 88 b. : rasm, jadval. – Bibliogr.:     b. 88  Экземпляры: всего:1 – Дар(1).

Information about the training and laboratory facilities:

At the Chair there are 4 laboratory and 1 research room. Laboratory equipment in working order. Ordered new laboratory equipment. The laboratory has the following equipment: 3 pcs. Pentium-4 – Creating software for biomedical research 4 things. Oscilloscopes С1-73 – carrying out of microelectronic researches and creation of models of devices 1 PC. Installation ELUS-2M – use in the design of installation 


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