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Head of the Department
Matyakubova P.M.
Doctor of science, professor
Phone: (8371)  246-62-11

History of the department:

Until our independence, in the Republic of Uzbekistan, in particular in Central Asia, there was no technical and technical staff training in “Metrology, Standardization and Certification”. Engineers and technicians in these areas were trained at universities in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Novosibirsk, the central cities of the former Soviet Union. In Uzbekistan there is only Eastern branch of the Institute of improvement of professional skill, and the qualification of engineer-technical staff of institute has been raised. This creates additional difficulties in the training of highly qualified national cadres on Metrology, Standardization and Certification.
After gaining independence in Uzbekistan, a great deal of attention was paid to the development of metrology, standardization and certification. In the past period, national systems for standardization, metrology and measurement unity and product certification have been created in the Republic of Uzbekistan. During the creation of these systems, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the Resolution “On Organization of Standardization in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, the Law “On Standardization”, “On Metrology”, “On Products and Services Certification”, adopted by the Supreme Soviet. In this process, great attention was paid to the training of engineers in these areas. Department of “Metrology, Standardization and Certification” was founded in 1992 under the order of the rector of the Tashkent State Technical University under the name “Metrology and measuring equipment” in the Center of power engineering and since September, 2005year  it is called “Metrology, standardization and certification”. The department was opened on the initiative of the inventor, doctor of technical sciences, professor Ismatullayev Pathulla Rakhmatovich. The candidate of technical sciences, Ph.D. assistant professor Azamov Abdurahim Azamovich, the doctor of technical sciences, professor Azimov Rakhmat Karimovich has acted.
Nowadays the department is a part of the faculty “Engineering Systems”, where works are being carried out along with academic, teaching and methodical works.The entry into force of the laws “On Metrology”, “On Standardization”, “On Products and Services Certification”, signed by the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on 28 December 1993, raised the responsibility of the department for the training of qualified specialists, which led to a new way of doing business with full responsibility.From 1992 to 2006, the chair was renamed the chair. A.Azamov, prof. P.R. Ismatullaev was the leader. From 1.02.2009 to 01.03.2010 the head of the chair was Associate Professor. AAAzamov has been acting as a doc. From 01.04.2010 till 01.09.2011. A.Turg’unboyev. From 01.09.2011 to 01.09.2012 the head of the department was Ph.D., professor Yegamberdiyev B.Ye. From 01.09.2012 till 18.02.2013, associate professor Nasriddinov S.S. and since 18.02.2013 to present time – Doctor of Economics, prof. Matyakubova  working.By 2011, the department prepared bachelors in 5521600 – “Metrology, standardization and certification (by branches)” and 5524300 – “Product quality management (product types)” and 5A521602 – “Metrology, standardization and quality management”.
The chair consists of 2 professors, 4 associate professors, 7 senior teachers, 7 assistants.
During the period from 1992 to 2016, more than 1000 specialists were trained and signed cooperative cooperation agreements with Uzbek); Republican Agency “Standardization, Metrology and Certification” (Uzstandart, its regional offices, SMSITI and 15 enterprises, and graduates of our contractual basis were trained in these enterprises, higher educational institutions, colleges and lyceums successfully.Prior to the introduction of the National Training Program, engineers on metrology, standardization and certification have been trained since 1997, and bachelors since 2000 and masters in 2000.At the beginning of the year, the engineers were trained in 1906. In 1996-1999, 44 engineers were trained. Starting from 1997, bachelors with 5521600 – “Metrology, standardization and certification” and “Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management” in the two stages are preparing masters with the code 5A521602 – “Metrology, standardization and quality management”. Starting from 2006, bachelors are trained in 5524300 – “Product Quality Management”.Starting from the 2011-2012 academic year, undergraduates have been trained on the basis of state standards in the direction of 5310900 – “Metrology, standardization and product quality management” and 5A310902 – “Metrology, standardization and quality management”. Thus, in 1996-1999, 44 engineers were trained, and more than 1,000 bachelors and more than 200 masters from 1999 to 2018.
From the moment of foundation of “Metrology, standardization and certification” Department has been defined as the base (basic) department by its directions. That is why the state educational standards for the preparation of bachelors and masters by the scientists of our department are also developed. In the current academic year, the department developed and improved the state educational standards developed by our department: 5310900 – “Metrology, standardization and product quality management” and 5A310902 – “Metrology, standardization and quality management” for master’s degree.In order to improve the quality of training, our branch has been established and equipped with modern equipment at the Uzstandart Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan.At the same time, in the preparation of bachelors and masters the department has established close relationships with departments and laboratories of the Uzstandart agency, regional offices and research units of the Scientific Research Institute of Standardization, Metrology and Certification under the Uzstandard Agency. At the same time, professors and lecturers of our department regularly participate in international conferences and exchange experiences with new achievements in science. At the TSTU scientific department, quarterly, “VESTNIK” and “Texnika yulduzlari” magazines and bachelors and masters students at the republican and international conferences regularly publish their scientific work. Professors and teachers of the department take a great interest in preparing the textbooks, manuals, manuals for the organization of the educational process at the highest level. In particular, the textbook “Metrology, Standardization and Certification”, “Quality Management System and its Certification”, “Technical Regulation and its Role in Quality Management”, “Metrology, Standardization and Certification”, ” “Fundamentals of Metrology”, “Radio electronics”, “Electromagnetic radiation”, “The basics of physical measurements, textbooks and about 20 educational and methodical manuals.Also, professors and teachers of our department are engaged in publishing programs, manuals, manuals for vocational colleges in their work. “Surface measurements and measuring instruments”, “Metrology, standardization and quality management”, “Industrial products certification”.

Direction of the department:

Bachelor degree:

5310900 – Metrology, standardization and management of product quality (on branches)

Master Degree:

5A310902 – Metrology, Standardization and Quality Management (Industrial)

Professor-teachers of the department:

    • Matyakubova P.M. – doctor of technical sciences, professor
    • Ismatullayev P.R. – doctor of technical sciences, professor
    • Egamberdiyev B.E. – doctor of technical sciences, professor
    • Raxmonov A.T. – doctor of technical sciences
    • Qodirova Sh.A. – Ph.D. assistant professor
    • Turg’unboyev A.O. – Ph.D. assistant professor
    • Miralieva A.K. – senior lecturer
    • Rashidov A.A. – senior lecturer
    • Nazarboeva B.N. – senior lecturer
    • Magrupova M.T. – senior lecturer
    • Sultonuva Y.A. – senior lecturer
    • Kenjaeva Z.S. – senior lecturer
    • Jabborov H.Sh. – senior lecturer
    • Masharipov Sh.M. – senior lecturer
    • Sheina N.Y. – senior lecturer
    • Boboev G.G. – senior lecturer
    • Bekmurodov Ch.A. – senior lecturer
    • Usmonova H.A. – senior lecturer
    • Ergashev F.A. – senior lecturer
    • Fattoxov F.F. – assistant
    • Raxmatullaev S.A. – assistant
    • Yusupova U.D. – assistant
    • Maxmudjonov M.M. – assistant
    • Qosimova G.R. – assistant
    • Eshnazarova Z.X. – assistant
    • Inatova N.A. – assistant

Associate teachers of the department:

    • Xakimov O.Sh. – doctor of technical sciences, professor
    • Abduvaliyev A.A. – doctor of technical sciences, professor
    • Qodirov Sh. – Ph.D. assistant professor
    • To‘rayev Sh.A. – Ph.D. assistant professor
    • Abdullayev A.X. – Ph.D. assistant professor

Scientific-research works of the department:

Topics of the department:      

    • The cylindrical measuring device for grain and grain products moisture (head of the department – prof. Ismatullayev P.R, executive – Jabborov H. SH).      
    • Methods and means of primary modification of cotton moisture content (headed by Prof. Matyakubova P.M., executive – Masharipov Sh.M.);
    • Improvement of quality indicators and measuring devices of grain and grain products (headed by Ph.D. Matyakubova P.M., executor – Boboyev G.G.);     

Also, the department carries out the following state grant projects:

    • F-2-9 Creating the theoretical foundations of design and design of microprocessor primary metering transducers for controlling the quality of different products – Lecturer, Usmonova H.A.
    • Scientific-research works of the department. Innovative project on publication of the textbook “The role of standardization and technical regulation in place of quality management” and implementation of general technical regulation and publication of the textbook “The role of standardization and technical regulation systems in quality management” the technical regulations of “Safety of equipment” have been put into practice. The head of the project – Matyakubova P.M.
    • Development of a microprocessor-based device for monitoring temperature and humidity of various objects based on silicon sensors with project leader nanostructures – Egamberdiev B.E.


    • Rakhmanov А.Т.Probe parametric information: Monograph,Article. “Uzbekistan” .-       2010.-160 p.
    • Egamberdiev B.E., Rashidov A.A. Nanostructural semiconductor thermistor sensor. Monograph. -Tashkent. 2013 y. – 160 s.
    • IsmatullaevP.R., Usmanova X.A., Turgunbaev A.” Moisture measurementof cotton and cotton materials (monograph).” “Science and technology”, Tashkent-2017, str. 288s.

Textbooks and manuals:

    • Ismatullaev P.R. and others “Metrology, Standardization and Certification”. Textbook, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 2001
    • Ismatullaev P.R. and Kadirova Sh.A. Basics of Metrology Tashkent 2013
    • Textbooks and teaching aids: 1. Ismatullaev P.R. and others “Metrology, Standardization and Certification”. Textbook, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 2001
    • Ismatullaev P.R. and Kadirova Sh.A. Basics of Metrology Tashkent 2013
    • Ismatullayev P.R., Matyakubova PP, Akhmedov BM, Hamrakulov GX, Turaev Sh.A. Quality management system and its certification. Textbook. “Sano-Standart”, Tashkent. 2014. – 330 b. This booklet is ranked the second place in the “Best Textbook of 2015” competition.
    • Ismatullayev P.R., Matyakubova P.M., Turaev Sh.A. Metrology, standardization and certification. Textbook. Lesson-Press, Tashkent. 2015. -423 b.
    • Munching tea aid: 1. Kdirova Sh.A. “Electro radio measure review” of the lecture text, TSTU., 1999 y.

Teaching aids:

    • Peregudov L.V. Saidov M.X. Fayziev R.R., Ismatullaev F.R., Abidov O.S.”The. .quality management and competitive products”Tashkent, 2001.
    • Akhmedov, B. M. “The Development of documentation of quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2000.Training course . –T: “UzStandart” agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan of the center for testing and certification, 2004. – 74B
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    • Akhmedov B.M. Ismatullaev P.R., Turaev Sh.A.’” The Certification and quality management fundamentals: 5521600 – “The Metrology, standardization and certification” and 5524300 – “The product quality management (by product type)” directions for undergraduate students handbook. The republic of Uzbekistan (UZBEKISTAN); TSTU. – Tashkent, 2007. B -233.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Qodirova Sh.A. G’oziev Country.A. “The Electrical measurement instruments repair and adjust”. 1-part. “The Electrical measurements and measuring instruments”. Teaching guide for vocational colleges. East publishing house, Tashkent, 2007. 6,2 b.t.
    • Ismatullaev P.R, Kadirov Sh.A. Gaziev G.A “The Electro radio measurements i,. Teaching aidsTG, 2007. 13,75 p.l.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Abdullaev A.X. and other.The views of physical-chemical measurements review. Training guide. Tashkent, 2007. -180 b.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Azamov A.A. and other.The constitutes a technical measure at the heat. Manuals, Tashkent, 2007. -90 b.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Akhmedov B.M. I dr.” The basics of quality in the management of system”:Teaching aids. Tashkent, 2009. – 208 s.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Kodirov Sh.A. The basics of metrology. Training guide. Tashkent .The publishing house”Tafakkur” is publishing 2012. -304 page.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., P.M.Matyakubova., Egamberdiev B.E. X.Makhmudov, G.G.Boboev. “ The m easurement of means of verification calibration”: Textbook of methodics for the practical Tashkent 2012,TSTU.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., P.M.Matyakubova., Egamberdiev B.E. X.Makhmudov, G.G.Boboev. “The m easurement of means of verification calibration”: Tektbook of methodics for the practical Tashkent 2012,TSTU.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., P.M.Matyakubova.Boboev. “The Comparison and calibration of measurements means” methodical instructions on the subject of the course is to complete the work. Tashkent 2012, TSTU
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Kadirova Sh.A. “Fundamentals of metrology”, study guide, (cyrillic)The publishing houses “TAFAKKUR”, (latin) and “Extremum-Press” 2012].
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    • “The Product quality control and testing” of the device subject of the course complete the work on methodical instructions.-Tashkent, TSTU, 2014 . 20.b


    • Turayev Sh.A. Boboev Bekmurotov Ch.A. “Product quality control and testing of the device,” guidelines for the conduct of practical training on the subject. –Tashkent:TSTU Toshdtu, 2014. 122 b.
    • Kadirova Sh.A. Umarov N.S. M Akhmedov.Ya. Electrical measuring methods and instruments on the subject of guidelines for the conduct of laboratory work and practical sessions. Tashkent. TSTU. 2014. B -96.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Turaev Sh.A. Jabborov X.Sh. Certification of industrial products. Study guide for college students. “Ziyo science”, Tashkent. 2015.
    • Ismatullaev P.R., Turaev Sh.A. Jabborov X.Sh. Metrology, standardization and certification. Study guide for college students. “Ziyo science”, Tashkent. 2015.

Information about the training and laboratory facilities:

Total space – 10 area – 310 m2, including educational laboratory facilities – 3, with an area of 170 m2.


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