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Head of the department:
Abdullaev Makhmudjon Mukhamedovich
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Profe
Phone number: +998 90 187-01-73


History of the department:

In 1986, the Department of «Robotic and Information Systems» was organized for the first time in Central Asia at the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.Honored Worker of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Khasanov Pulat Fattakhovich is the founder of training highly qualified personnel in robotics in Uzbekistan, the first head of the department, recognized not only in our republic, but also internationally as a prominent scientist in the field of robotics.Since 1991, graduates of the specialty «Robotic systems and complexes» have been operating as leading specialists in robotics in the field of science, technology and production at advanced enterprises of the republic and abroad.In addition to Professor Khasanov P.F. the department was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professors Rakhmanova G.Kh. (1995-1997) and Nazarov Kh.N. (2001-2005).

In the period from 1991 to 2012, hundreds of engineers and bachelors in the «Robotic Systems and Complexes» line of study, as well as masters in «Control of Robotic Systems and Complexes» completed the training at the department. Most of them work in leading universities and enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.According to the Decree of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov – UP-2524 of May 2, 2016 «Оn the further improvement of the activities of Tashkent State Technical University», the department «Mechatronics and Robotics» was newly established with in the Tashkent State Technical University.From 2016 to the present, the department «Mechatronics and Robotics» of Tashkent State Technical University is headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Abdullaev Mahmudjon Mukhamedovich. And at its base in the 2016/2017 academic year, admission to the bachelor's and master's programs in the specialty «Mechatronics and Robotics» is again carried out. Currently, 69 students of the Mechatronics and Robotics course of study and 9 graduate students in the relevant specialty are studying at the department. The department takes an active part in the reforms carried out in the system of Higher Education of the Republic. The faculty of the department is 9 people, including 1 doctor of technical sciences, professor, 5 candidates of science, associate professors, 2 senior teachers and 1 assistant. Teachers of the department have developed Qualification Requirements and Curricula for undergraduate programs in the direction of 5312600 – Mechatronics and Robotics and for the masters in the specialty 5A312601 – Mechatronics and Robotics. Also, teachers have developed standard and working curricula for all special disciplines. The department «Mechatronics and Robotics» makes a significant contribution to the preparation of highly qualified, competent scientific and management personnel for our Republic. Between the department and JSC «Uzeltehsanoat», enterprises producing products under the sign of Artel, JSC «Uzelektroapparat electrical panel», «GM Powertrain Uzbekistan», as well as other manufacturing enterprises signed a cooperation agreement with the goal of carrying out joint work on solving industrial problems in automation and robotization of production, creating a branch of the department, attracting leading production specialists to the educational process, conducting qualification practices for undergraduate and graduate students. From 2019/2020 of the academic year, by the JSC «Uzeltehsanoat», individual scholarships were established as an experiment for two of the most talented students from the 3rd and 4th years of the undergraduate degree «Mechatronics and Robotics». On the basis of the «Research and Development» experimental-design center at Artel, a branch of the department has been opened, where from the 2019/20120 academic year, leading production specialists will conduct classes in relevant disciplines.Relationships were established with large scientific centers located in Moscow (MSTU named after N. Bauman and MSTU STANKIN), Scientific and Innovation Center at TUIT, Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent. The department «Mechatronics and Robotics» are working on the following scientific areas:

The faculty and senior researchers of the department are actively involved in international and national scientific conferences with reports, innovation fairs held annually with scientific developments.

Contingent: 78

Total number of students: 78

Bachelor's direction:

  • 5312600 – Mechatronics and Robotics

Direction of magistracy:

  • 5А312601-Mechatronics and Robotics

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Abdullaev Makhmudjon Mukhamedovich – Head of Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  2. Nazarov Khayriddin Nuritdinovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  3. Alimova Nodira Batirjanovna – PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  4. Rakhmanova Guzal Khikmatovna – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  5. Zainiddinov Boburzhon Gofirovich – Senior teacher
  6. Bekmurod Yusupov – Assistant


  1. Kabulov Anvar Vasilovich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
  2. Tadzhiev Khabibulla Khikmatovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
  3. Tadzhiev Khabibulla Khikmatovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Scientific works conducted at the department:

The following areas are carried out research work in the department:

  • Creation and study of models of control systems and executive modules of mechatronic and robotic systems, methods for optimizing their structural and parametric synthesis, development of control algorithms, software and hardware.
  • Development and design of microcontroller control systems for mechatronic and robotic systems with elements of artificial intelligence.
  • Creation of executive modules and their control systems for mechatronic and robotic systems based on the use of energy and resource-saving technologies.
  • Analysis and synthesis of intelligent synergistic control systems for manipulation robots and mechatronic modules.

The department holds promising innovative work on the topic: «Development and research of executive modules and intelligent control systems for mechatronic and robotic systems based on the use of energy and resource-saving technologies»

Scientific and methodical works conducted at the department:

Preparation and publication of textbooks of lectures, educational guidelines, tests for the control in all subjects.New pedagogical technologies are being introduced into the educational process. The teaching staff of the department in the educational process are introduced such modern teaching tools as «Вrain storming», «Сluster method», «Venns diagrams» and others.Updating the material and technical base of the department, the introduction of scientific achievements in lectures and practices are urgent tasks solved by the staff of the department. The members of the department are the scientific leaders of the articles of gifted students. The results of research conducted with gifted students are published in scientific collections and materials of scientific conferences of the republican and inter-university scale.In recent years, the faculty of the department published a number of monographs and teaching aids, guidelines for conducting practical and laboratory classes and published more than 30 scientific articles. Electronic versions of articles, teaching aids prepared and published by members of the department, are included in the site Ziyonet.


Alimova N.B. Modeling functional units of radio devices. – Vienna (Austria): «Lambert Academic publishing» (2018)  «Electronics and circuitry» textbook. Tashkent. T .: Аloqachi (2017)

Department address: Tashkent city, Almazar District, Universitetskaya Street, house 2


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