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Head of  the department
Sevinov Jasur Usmanovich
Doctor of Technical Sciences, assistant professor
Phone number: 998 97 762-82-40


History of the department:

The department was founded in 1962 under the name of “Automation and Telemechanics” by prominent and Honored Scientist and Technician of the Republic of Uzbekistan, academician M.Zh.Hamudkhanov. The department from 2004 named as “Automation and Management”, from 2012 as “Information Technology in Management”, from 2016 as “Intellectual Engineering Systems”, and from 2017 began as “Information Processing and Management Systems”. Since the establishment of the department, the following scientists have been heading the department:  1962-1972 Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Hamudkhanov M.Zh., 1972-1975 Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Sayfullaev I., 1975-1993 Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Kadirov O.A., from 1993 to 1996 and 2001-2003, prof. Siddikov I.X., 1996-2001, Doctor of technical sciences, professor Zokhidov B.A, 2003-2012 Doctor of technical sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan Igamberdiev H.Z., 2012-2015, Doctor of technical sciences, professor Zaripov O.O. from 2015 the department is headed by Doctor of technical sciences, associate professor Sevinov J.U.  At present 19 professors and teachers are working at the department, including: academician – H.Z.Igamberdiev; 4 doctors of sciences – Yu.G.Shipulin, I.X.Siddiqov, O.O.Zaripov, J.U.Sevinov; 5 candidates of sciences and PhD – E.Oljaev, N.R.Rakhimov, S.B.Donaev, U.M.Ubaydullayev, U.F.Mamirov; 4 senior teachers – Sh.Sh.Sodiqova, S.T.Yunusova, R.N.Izmaylova, B.B.Dushanov, 5 assistants – A.M.Husanov, N.Yakubova, Sh.N.Narzullaev , B.M.Buronov, G.M.Abdullayeva. At the same time, there are currently 6 doctoral and 12 independent researchers.  At the moment, the department trains bachelors in 5330200 – “Informatics and information technologies (in industrial production)” and 5312700 – “Intelligent engineering systems” and masters in 5A312701 – “Intelligent engineering systems”.  Up to now, the department has educated more than 3000 electrical engineers and more than 1,000 system engineers on specialty “Automation and Telemechanics”, more than 700 bachelors in “Automation and Control”, more than 100 bachelors on specialty “Informatics and information technologies” And more than 100 Master’s degree in “Technical systems management”, “Technical diagnostics and reliability of control systems”, “Robototechnical systems and complexes management” and “Intelligent engineering systems”, they are working in different areas of production.

Contingent:  250

Total number of students:  250

Bachelor’s direction: 

  • 5330200 – “Informatics and Information Technologies”
  • 5312700 – “Intelligent Engineering Systems”

Direction of magistracy:

  • 5312700 – “Intelligent Engineering Systems”

The direction of the bachelor’s degree:

5330200 – “Informatics and Information Technologies”

5312700 – “Intelligent Engineering Systems”

Specialties of the Master’s Degree:

5312700 – “Intelligent Engineering Systems”

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Sevinov Jasur Usmonovich, doctor of technical sciences, associate professor
  2. Igamberdiev Khusan Zakirovich, academician of the Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, doctor of technical sciences, professor
  3. Shipulin Yuriy Gennadyevich, doctor of technical sciences, professor
  4. Siddikov Isomiddin Khakimovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor
  5. Zaripov Oripjon Olimovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor
  6. Uljayev Erkin, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor
  7. Rakhimov Nuritdin Rakhmanovich, candidate of economical sciences, associate professor
  8. Donaev Sardor Burhanovich, PhD in technical sciences, associate professor
  9. Ubaydullaev Utkirjon Murodillaevich, PhD in technical sciences, senior teacher
  10. Mamirov Uktam Farhodovich, PhD in technical sciences, senior teacher
  11. Sadikova Shahnoza Shukurlalaevna, senior teacher
  12. Yunusova Sayora Toshkenboevna, senior teacher
  13. Izmailova Renata Nikolaevna, senior teacher
  14. Dushanov Begmamat Berdimurodovich, senior teacher
  15. Husanov Azimzhon Mamadaliyevich, assistant
  16. Yakubova Noilakhon Sobirzhonovna, assistant
  17. Abdullaeva Gulchehra Makhmudzhonovna, assistant
  18. Narzullaev Shoorukh Nurali ogli, assistant
  19. Bronov Bunyod Mamurjon ogli, assistant

Scientific works conducted at the department:

The department professors and teachers researching in the following priority areas:

– identification;

Optimal and adaptive management;

– System analysis, management and information processing;

– automation and management of technological processes and industries;

– elements and devices of computer engineering and control systems;

– devices and methods of controlling the environment, substances, materials and products;

– Intelligence management processes;

– Information technologies in automated systems;

– software development technology.

All scientific activity of the department is effective for the development and implementation of modern information technology algorithms and methods of data transmission and processing methods, computer and network technologies for obtaining new quality information on information products, processes and objects that give a concept of information technology. results of the study. In addition, it is aimed at strengthening the organizational support of scientific research on development of information technologies and improvement of scientific process, upbringing of highly qualified youth, organization of scientific conferences and seminars, expansion and deepening of international relations, increasing the volume of research works on the basis of state and contractual agreements they are working. At the department 2 fundamental research works are carried out within the state scientific and technical programs. Fundamental Research for 2017-2020 Within the framework of the State Scientific-Technical Program, a research project on theoretical basis and regular methods of synthesis of adaptive systems of dynamic objects on the basis of OT-F4-78 “Identification approach is being implemented. Project Manager – Professor of the “Information Processing and Management Systems” department, doctor of technical sciences, academician Igamberdiev X.Zh. Fundamental research for 2017-2020 Within the State Scientific-Technical Program OT-F4-77 – “Theoretical Foundations of Intelligent Optoelectronic Monitoring System with Optical Fibrous and Porous Light Transformers in the Solar Modes of Photoelectric Modular Devices” The research project is being implemented. Project Manager – Doctor of Technical Sciences Shipulin Yu.G., Professor of “Information Processing and Management Systems” department.

Scientific and methodical works conducted at the department:

Preparation and publication of textbooks of lectures, educational guidelines, tests for the control in all subjects. New pedagogical technologies are being introduced into the educational process. The teaching staff of the department in the educational process are introduced such modern teaching tools as “brainstorming”, “cluster method”, “method of six hats” and others.  Updating the material and technical base of the department, the introduction of scientific achievements in lectures and seminars are urgent tasks solved by members of the department. The members of the department are the scientific leaders of the articles of gifted students. The results of research conducted with gifted students are published in scientific collections and materials of scientific conferences of the republican and inter-university scale.  In recent years, the faculty of the department published a number of monographs and teaching aids, guidelines for conducting seminars and more than 200 scientific articles. The site Ziyonet included electronic versions of articles, teaching aids prepared and published by members of the department.

Department address:

Tashkent city Almazar district, Universitetskaya st. 2.

Phone number:  (8371) 246-03-45

Email address:  e-mail:


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Texts of lectures:

There are electronic and paper versions of the lecture texts prepared for all courses of special subjects. Electronic versions made to the portal Ziyonet

A brief summary of the training and laboratory rooms:

There are scientific and educational laboratories, a computer class.


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