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Department of digital electronics and microelectronics

Head of  the department:
Professor Iliev Khalmurat Mijitovich
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
Telefon: +998 93 532-46-45

History of the department:

The Department of Digital Electronics and Microelectronics of Tashkent State Technical University was organized in 1963 by Academician Ubay Orifovich Orifov under the title of “Physical Electronics”. Ubay Orifovich Orifov was in charge of the Department of Physical Electronics from 1963 to 1977. From 1977 to 1984, the department was headed by Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Professor Nazar Yuldashevich Turaev.From 1985 to 2012 the department was headed by the Laureate of the State A.R. Beruni Prize of the Republic of Uzbekistan for Science and Technology, doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician Mukhammed Kabir Saidkhanovich Bakhadirkhanov. From 2013 to the present time, Iliev Khalmurat Mijitovich is the head of the department of “Digital Electronics and Microelectronics” of the Tashkent State Technical University. The Department of “Electronics and Microelectronics” takes an active part in the reforms implemented in the system of Higher Education of the Republic. The Department of “Digital Electronics and Microelectronics” prepared candidates of science and 6 doctors of science. In addition, students who received their education at the department work as leading specialists, scientists, managers of enterprises in various sectors of the republic. Teaching staff of the department consists of  17 people, including 4 doctors of science, professors, 5 candidates of science, assistant professors, 3 senior lecturers and 5 assistants. The department trains bachelors in electronics and instrument engineering (electronics industry) and masters in electronics and electronic engineering (physical and industrial electronics).

Teachers of the department developed the state educational standard for bachelor degree in the direction 5310800 – Electronics and Instrument Engineering (Electronics Industry) and for the Master’s Degree in specialty 5A310801 – Electronics and Electronic Engineering (physical and industrial electronics). Also, the teachers developed model programs for all special disciplines.

The Department of Digital Electronics and Microelectronics made a significant contribution to the training of highly qualified, competent scientific and leading personnel for our Republic. In order to create a close relationship between the educational process and production, a constantly operating technological line was organized at the department. This line, equipped with modern devices, produces semiconductor devices and ecologically clean energy sources, necessary for the national economy of the republic – solar batteries in volumes that take into account the needs of customers.

In the scientific school of the department of “Digital Electronics and Microelectronics”, created by Academician M.K. Bakhadirkhanov, scientific works are developing on a large scale, connections have been established with large scientific centers located in the cities of near and far abroad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Almaty , Novosibirsk, Baku, Vilnius, Seoul, Tel Aviv, New York, Urumqi, etc.). At the same time, seminars are organized for the exchange of experience, discussion of the results of the work performed. Scientific and educational-methodical relations are established with the Production Association “Physics-Sun” of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Institute of Electronics, the Institute of Materials Science, the Open joint-stock company “FOTON”, with the National University of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent University of Computer Technologies and Telecommunications , Samarkand State University, Nukus State University, Andijan State University, Karshi Engineering and Economics Institute and many other institutions of higher education. There are close and productive scientific connections with China, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan. The department cooperates with the production association “FOTON” and the academic institutes of the PTI, IE, INP AS RUz, as well as the scientists of Russia from the FTI RAN (St. Petersburg), IRE RAN (Moscow), CRDIT (Moscow), Institute of Physics – Chemistry and Technology (China), Austrian institutes of high technology. The department of “Digital Electronics and Microelectronics” has created a unique technological site equipped with modern technological and measuring equipment that allows carrying out all technological operations of the electronic industry, from alloying to manufacturing of microelectronic devices and their testing on the basis of modern technology. There are laboratories equipped with modern equipment for studying the electrophysical, galvanomagnetic, photoelectric and optical properties of materials, as well as dynamic and static parameters of the finished instruments. There are existing mechanisms for cutting, grinding and polishing crystals, chemical processing line Lada-250, diffusion furnaces SDO-125/3, SUN, vacuum units VUP-5, UVR, UVN-75 and Oratorio-9. Furthermore, there is an ellipsometer, an infrared microscope and SIMS devices for determining the elemental composition of the material. The scientific potential of the department is quite high; 5 doctors of sciences, 7 candidates of sciences, 1 doctoral candidate, 3 post-graduate students, 2 candidates, and also talented student youth – masters and bachelors work at the department.

The Department of Digital Electronics and Microelectronics is working on the following scientific areas:

  1. Development and study of alternative energy sources.
  2. Development of more efficient solar cells based on silicon with nanostructures and the creation of solar cells of various capacities on their basis.
  3. Development of multifunction sensors of physical quantities.
  4. Development and manufacture of training instruments and stands.
  5. Development and creation of animation and multimedia teaching aids.

At the Department of Digital Electronics and Microelectronics, perspective fundamental research is carried out:

  1. Development of technology for the production of silicon with clusters of impurity atoms, the study of their electrical, photoelectric, magnetic properties and the creation of various electronic instruments based on it.
  2. Investigation of the mechanism of self-organization of impurity atoms in semiconductors and control of their parameters
  3. Investigation of the physical basis of the formation of the ferromagnetic state of silicon with magnetic clusters

Teaching staff and senior scientific researchers of the department actively participate in international and republican scientific conferences with reports, innovative fairs held annually with scientific developments.

The department has published a number of monographs, textbooks, more than 15 tutorials and more than 30 methodical instructions.


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