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Department of automatization of production processes

Manager of department
Yusupbekov Azizbek Nodirbekovich
Dr.Sci.Tech., Prof
Telefon: +998 71 227-17-16

History of department:

Department has been created in 1964 on basis faculty of chemical-technological of the Tashkent polytechnical institute of a named after Abu Raykhan Beruni (nowadays Tashkent state technical university of a named after Islam Karimov). In 1964-1965 the deserved originator of Uzbekistan, Cand.Tech.Sci., docent Tashpulatov Husniddin Pulatovich managed the deparment (1927-1965y). With 1966 after 2013 the academician of Academy Of Science Republic Of Uzbekistan, the Honored worker of a science of Uzbekistan, the Winner of the state bonus of a name of Beruni in technics and science sphere, a Dr.Sci.Tech., professor Nadyrbek Rustambekovich Yusupbekov managed the department. Now manager is Dr.Sci.Tech., Prof. Yusupbekov Azizbek. Department for many years prepares process engineers in automation of chemical and technological processes. Since 2008-2009 academic year starts preparing bachelors in 523800- “Automation of technological processes and manufactures” (by industry) and master’s degree 5A521802- “Automation of technological processes and manufactures” (by industry) and 5A523801- “Automation of Chemical Industry”. From 2011-2012 academic year so far in the the department prepares bachelors in 5311000- “Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures” (by industry) and masters in the specialty 5A311001- “Automation of technological processes and manufactures” (by industry)..

International relations of the Department:

  • Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (Republic of Azerbaijan);
  • “Heritage Zadeh” Azerbaijan Association (Republic of Azerbaijan);
  • Zigena Universitet (g.Zigen, Germany);
  • BISC-initiative group in Berkeley softkompyutinga (USA);
  • Company «Honeywell»;
  • with the assistance of ZIFIT (Zadeh Institute of Information Technology) (Berkeley, USA);
  • ACE Center, University of Texas (San Antonio, USA);
  • Georgia State University (Atlanta, USA).

Overall quantity of students:

In the 2014-2015 academic year 550 students.

Direction of bachelor degree:

5311000 – “Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures” (by industry)

Специальность магистратуры:

5A311001 – “Automation of technological processes and manufactures” (by industry)

Teaching staff of the department:

  1. Yusupbekov N. A. – manager of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences
  2. Yusupbekov N.R. – professor of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Acad. of AS RUz
  3. 3 Gulyamov Sh.M. – professor of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences
  4. Mukhiddinov D.P. – professor of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences
  5. Abdukadirov A.A. – professor of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences
  6. Radjabova M.A. – docent of the department, Candidate of Technical Sciences
  7. Ruziev U.A. – docent of the department, PhD
  8. Avazov Yu.Sh – docent of the department, PhD
  9. Matyakubov N.R. – senior Lecturer
  10. Iskandarov Z.E. –senior Lecturer
  11. Shodiev M.K. – senior Lecturer
  12. Shamsutdinova V.Kh. – senior Lecturer
  13. Rajabov A.T. – senior Lecturer
  14. Usmanova Z.M. – assistant
  15. Samadov E.E. – assistant
  16. Norova F.I. – assistant
  17. Sharapov R.K. – assistant

Pluralists (By-workers):

  • Adylov F.T. – professor of the department, Doctor of Technical Sciences
  • Yunusov I.I. – docent of the department, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Scientific and research activity of the Department:

Professors and teachers of the department regularly engaged in research work on such research areas as “Processes and Apparatuses of Chemical Technology”, “Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures”, “Devices. Methods of measurement and control”. In the department are performed scientific research work on two fundamental projects within SSTP:

1) F-4-56- “Development of theoretical foundations and methods of structural and parametric synthesis of intelligent control systems for complex technological objects based on fuzzy multiple representations” (emphasis added 36, 0000000. sums in 2014). Project Manager – Acad. Yusupbekov NR

2) F-7-47- “Theoretical Foundations of processes of separation of multicomponent mixtures” (emphasis added 32.0 million. Sums in 2014). Project Manager – prof. Gulyamov Sh.M.

Scientific-methodical work of the department:

As part of a large scientific school of the department as a result of efficient operation of the department for many years formed the following research areas:

  • Modernization and optimization of technological processes and apparatuses of chemical industry and related industries;
  • Development of methods and instruments for monitoring, parameters, and industrial processes;
  • Development of methods and algorithms of systems of control of technological processes and production under conditions of uncertainty;

Based on the results obtained from the research activities of the department, has published more than 50 monographs, over 500 scientific articles in leading national and international journals, has received more than 200 patents, copyright and other protective sveditelstv documents for inventions and software products. On the part of the scientific staff of the department is protected by more than 20 doctoral and 100 candidate dissertations.


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Учебники и учебные пособия:

  • Automation and automation of manufacturing processes. Tutorial Tashkent Ukituvchi, 1982. (N.R.Yusupbekov, B.I.Muhammedov, Sh.M.Gulyamov)
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  • Mathematical modeling of technological processes. Textbook-Tashkent, 1989.
  • Theory of automatic control (Part 1). Educational supplies. Tashkent, 1993. (N.R.Yusupbekov, A.V.Malikov).
  • One hundred tasks for independent work of students in the course “Automation of technological processes.” educational supplies. Tashkent: Tashkent State Technical University, 1993. (N.R.Yusupbekov, H.Z.Igamberdiev, B.A.Nazirkulov).
  • Theory of automatic control (Part 2). Educational supplies. Tashkent, 1993. (N.R.Yusupbekov, A.V.Malikov).
  • Тexнологик жараёнларни бошкариш систeмалари. educational supplies: “Укитувчи” 1997. (R.Yusupbekov, B.I.Mukhamedov, Sh.M.Gulyamov).
  • Кимё ва озиқ-овқат саноатларининг жараёнлари ва қурилмалари фанидан хисоблар ва мисоллар. Educational supplies.-TChTI, 1999 (N.R.Yusupbekov, Kh.S.Nurmukhamedov, P.R.Ismatullaev).
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  • Intelligent control systems and making decisions. -Tashkent: State Scientific Publishing House “Uzbek National Encyclopedia”, 2014. (N.R.Yusupbekov, RAAliyev, R.R.Aliev, A.N.Yusupbekov)

methodical aids:

  1. Adilov F.T., Matёkubov N.R., Aliboev B. Grounding of ASCTP: manual for students of specialty “Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures” / Tashkent – Tashkent State Technical University, 2014 – 46p.
  2. Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures: a teaching manual for laboratory works on the course “Computer-aided design of monitoring and control.” Ed .: D.P.Muhitdinov, F.T.Adylov. -T .: Tashkent State Technical University, 2013.


There are electronic lectures and materials on 17 special subjects of undergraduate and 6 electronic lectures on specialty of Magistracy In the department.

Brief information about the auditory and laboratory cabinets:

There are train personnel for Republic in the direction “Automation of technological processes and production” in the department at the Tashkent state Technical univercity.

Due to the taken actions  for the development of industries in the Republic is given special attention on training of highly qualified personnel in the automation of technological processes and manufacturing. At the department “Automation of manufacturing processes” in November 2010, together with the corporation «Honeywell» (USA) have been established training center «Honeywell» and training laboratory. Training centre «Honeywell» equipped with the latest technology corporation «Honeywell» and software suite UNISIM DESIGN, provided by JSC “Honeywell” (Russia).

With the help of a software package UNISIM DESIGN conducted to study the dynamic and static characteristics of the devices on the simulation model, design of technological devices and production of various industries.Currently automation equipment of corporation «Honeywell» are widely used in chemical, petroleum, food industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The department provides training for laboratory automation hardware and instruments for training bachelors and masters, as well as for training and re-training of operators and the passage of predegree practice students of undergraduate and graduate programs.The training center «Honeywell» created all conditions for the implementation of laboratory works by students undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as for research senior scientists, researchers applicants.

Since 2005, the department operates at technical center SIEMENS (Germany). The technical center is equipped with controllers, programmers and other technical facilities of the company SIEMENS, as well as all the necessary conditions for students and senior researchers-applicants. In the center of the professors and undergraduates of the Department established laboratory stands for the control of process parameters on the basis of technical equipment of the company SIEMENS.

Address of the department: 100095, 2, street Universitet, district Olmazor, Tashkent city.


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