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Head of Department (BrE):
Yuldashev Isroil Abrievich
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.
Phone number: +998 90 943-44-91
Time and days of reception:
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday


History of pulpit:

The decree on opening the department ” Alternative source of energy ” was adopted on May 3, 2016, on the initiative of the first president of the Republic of Uzbekistan I.A. Karimov. International relations of the department: Almaty University of Energy and Communications; Kyrgyz State Technical University; Institute of Energy of Tajikistan; Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation; Namangan Engineering and Economic Institute; Karshi Engineering and Economic Institute. There are links and agreements with industrial enterprises, institutes of the Academy of Sciences, academic lyceums and colleges: Physico-Technical Institute “Physics-Sun” Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute of Materials Science, “Toshkent Geslar cascade” GUP, LLC International Institute for Solar Energy.

Direction of the bachelors by pulpit:

5312400– “Alternative energy sources”

Specalinosti magistracies by pulpit:

5А312401– “Alternative energy sources”

Members of the department :

  1. Yuldashev Isroil Abrievich – Doctor  of Engineering Sciences , Associate Professor,  Head of the Department
  2. Oun Seok Kim-Candidate of Engineering Sciences, (PhD)
  3. Karimov Abdumalik Abdullaevich-Associate Professor
  4. Pulatova Dilnoza Mannonovna- Senior Lectur
  5. Umirova Nilufar Ravilievna- Senior Lectur
  6. Shoguchkarov Sanjar Kadir -Assistant of the department
  7. Zhamolov Tulkin Rustamovich- Assistant of the department

Professors-teachers which conduct the activity on a basis part-time:

  1. Tursunov Muhammad Nishonovich – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department.
  2. Sobirov Khabibulla Alimzhonovich – Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor of the Department.
  3. Sobirov Yuldash Begzhanovich – Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor of the Department.
  4. Zhuraev Himmatali Nomozovich- Ph.
  5. Toshmurodov Yorin – Doctor philosophers (PhD)
  6. Yuldashev Isroil Abrievich – Doctor of Science, Associate Professor, Head of the Department.
  7. Karimov Abdumalik Abdullaevich-Associate Profess.
  8. Saitov Elyor Bahriddinovich- Senior Lectur.

Scientific works of the department:

  1. “Research and creation of various power plants based on alternative energy sources”. Leader: Dr.Sc. Assoc. I.A. Yuldoshev, Performers: prof. Chairs Oun Seok Kim, art. Prep.Saitov E.B., senior.prep. Pulatova DM, Umirova NR, Ass. S. Shokuchurov, Ass. Zhuraeva ZI, students of the master’s program Iskandar Sulton, Shomurodov Sh, Abdukhalilov M, and others.
  2. E.B. Saitov “Development of technology and production of highly efficient photocells based on silicon with impurity nickel atoms” Scientific adviser: prof. N.F. Zikrillaev.
  3. S.Sh. Maumudov “Investigation of Optical-Energy Parameters of Solar Power Units” Scientific adviser: Ph.D. Yu.B. Sabirov. -Conducting the analysis of monitoring and research of operational parameters of the FES integrated with the local electrical network. Leader: Dr.Sc. IA Yuldoshev Performers: Ass. NR Umirova, Ass. S.Sh. Makhmudov, Ass. S.Sh. Shokhchorov, undergraduates SR Iskandar., Sh.B. Shomurodov. – “Development of combined photovoltaic thermal power plant with automated water supply. Leader: Dr.Sc. Assoc. I.A. Yuldoshev, Performers: Ass. S.Қ. Shoichorov, undergraduate SR Iskandar.

Scientific and methodical work conducted in the department:

New information and pedagogical technologies for the educational process were introduced. Trained classes using ACT and ped. technologies: Cluster, Skeleton of Fish, Methodika-T, Attack of Thought, BBB, Seti, etc. Modern pedagogical technologies were introduced into teaching processes by professors of the department.


  1. I.A. Yuldoshev, E.B. Saitov « Installation, adjustment and operation of solar panels » Study Guide.2017.
  2. D.M. Pulatova, S.Sh. Maxmudov ”
    Servicing and installation of wind unit”  Study Guide.2017г.




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