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Head of the department:
Umurzakov Rakhimjan Abdurazakovich
doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor of department
Phone: +998 71 246 25 57

History of the department:

The “Geophysical Methods of Search and Investigation of Mineral Deposits” department was again recreated in September, 2018.

Study at department to theoretical bases and practical application of geophysical methods in the directions of a bakalavr 5311700 – Geology, search and investigation of mineral deposits (solid minerals), 5311800 – Hydrogeology and engineering geology. Since 2019 also the directions of a bakalavr by geophysical methods of search and investigations of oil and gas fields are provided.

Besides, inclusion in a magistracy and training in specialties 5A311707 – Miner geology and geophysics, 5A311706-Geophysical methods of search and investigation of oil and gas fields is carried out.

Main “consumers” of graduates of department are the State committee on geology and mineral resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan and its enterprise including. The central geologic-geophysical expedition, JSC Uzbekgeofizika and its territorial geophysical expeditions, Gidroingeo recreation Center, Instiut of geology and geophysics, SUE Uzbekgidrogeologiya, Institute of seismology AN of RUZ, Institutes and the enterprises gidromet services of the Republic, the construction and prospecting organizations “UZGASHK LITI” and others

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree:

  • 5311700 – Geology, search and investigation of mineral deposits (solid minerals);
  • 5311800 – Hydrogeology and engineering geology;

Since 2019 by geophysical methods of search and investigations of oil and gas fields.

Besides, inclusion in a magistracy and training in specialties 5A311707 – Miner geology and geophysics, 5A311706-Geophysical methods of search and investigation of oil and gas fields is carried out.

Teaching staff of the department:

Now on department work

  1. Umurzakov Rakhimzhan Abdurazakovich DSc, professor of department
  2. Yusupov Rustamzhon Yunusovich – PhD, associate professor.
  3. Haydarov Batir Hamidovich – PhD, associate professor
  4. Antonets Anatoly Grigoryevich is the senior teacher
  5. Combine teaching and scientific work
  6. Tursunmetov R.A. PhD, the associate professor
  7. Yuldashev G.Yu. PhD, the associate professor
  8. Yusupov V.R. PhD
  9. Zhurayev M.N. PhD
  10. Devyatov R.R. is the leading expert of JSC Uzbekgeofizika
  11. Abdullabekov Kakharbay Nasirbekovich. A scientific and  pedagogical consultant of department for many decades is the academician of AN of RUZ , DSc, professor

Scientific works of the department:

At department scientific research in the priority directions is carried out:

Development and improvement of a technique and technology of field geophysical works for search and investigation of MPI;

Improvement of methods of interpretation of geophysical data and interpretation of geological materials;

Researches on studying of the intense deformed condition of the geological environment of seismoactive regions;

Reconstruction of fields of tectonic tension according to a field tektonofizika, structural and tectonic data and mechanisms of the centers of earthquakes;

Tektonofizichesky reconstruction of mechanisms of formation of folded and explosive structures of a geodinamicheksa of active areas and ore fields and mestorlzhdeniye;

Use of a high-precision magnetic exploration by search of the redkometallny mineralization connected with aplitovy grants (under the contract with Goskomgeologiya of 2003 – 2005 with periodic renewal)

Publications of staff of department in the international magazines:

  • Umurzakov R.A. Reflection of elements of modern and latest fields of tension in structure and seismogene manifestations separate the epicentralnykh of areas of the Western Tien Shan//Physics of Earth, 2010, No. 5, page 15-23.
  • Umurzakov R.A. Structural and Seismic Indications of the Elements of Recent and Present-Day Sress Fields in Several Epicentral Regions of Western Tien Shan// ISSN 1069-3513, Izvestiya, Phizics of the Solid Earth, 2010, Vol.46, № 5, pp.379-386. ©Pleiades Publishing
  • Umurzakov R.A. Experience historical tectodynamic the analysis when studying evolution of geodynamic conditions of deformation of Crust of oil and gas potential areas of the Turan plate and Western part of Tien Shan / the 2nd Kudryavtsev readings – the All-Russian conference on deep genesis of oil. Moscow, TsGE, on October 21-23, 2013. Scientific online magazine “Glubinnaya Neft”
  • Umurzakov R.A. Late Cenozoic tectonic stresses and focal mechanism of some of the largest earthquakes of the Tien Shan Region // Comptes rendus – Geoscience, France. Parij.2012. №3-4. Volume 300.  Online publication complete: 25-APR-2012  DOI information: 10.1016/j.crte.2012.03.003. Article is now published online at:
  • Umurzakov, R., Muminov, M. (2017)  Studying of Kinematics and Elements of Tension of Blocks of the Massif According to Field Geological Observations. World Journal of Mechanics, 7. 243-254. doi: 10.4236/wjm.2017.79020.
  • Umurzakov, R. , Abidov, H. and Yuldashev, G. (2017) Geologic-Geophysical Indicators of the Deep Structure of Zones of Geothermal Anomalies for Allocation of Channels of the Deep Heat and Mass Transfer. Open Journal of Geology, 7, 1452-1463. doi: 10.4236/ojg.2017.79097.
  • Umurzkov R.A. Method and Results of Studing of the Mjdern Tectodynamic of the  Rock mass on the basis of Tectonophysical Observations // Modern problems of mechanics. ISSN 1694-6065, – Bishkek, 2018. No. 33 (3). 419-430.

Scientific and methodical work of the department:

At department professorial – are prepared by teachers for the edition and textbooks, manuals, collections of lectures, methodical instructions on laboratory occupations, manuals for implementation of term papers and projects, final qualification works are published.

In the course of study it is used short films, animation, new information and pedagogical technologies.

Improvement of material base of department, application of scientific achievements in educational activity is considered one of priority problems of the present.

Students of a bakavlavr and magistracy are involved in scientific research activity, participate in republican and international conferences with reports which results are published in scientific magazines and collections.

In recent years at department 1 monograph is prepared and published, textbooks and manuals, for holding practical and laboratory researches of methodical instructions and scientific articles are prepared.


For long-term history of department before its reconstruction in 2018 the set of books, monographs, scientific articles was published.

For the last year one monograph devoted to application of a complex of geophysical surveys for studying and identification of abnormal zones of a heat flux and anomalies of decontamination in connection with the forecast of places of congestion UV is published.

Nonconventional methods of search of deposits of hydrocarbons in the light of the mikstgenetic concept of origin of oil and gas. Monograph. (Group of authors) Tashkent: “Fan va texnologiya”, 2017. –112 pages.

Training aids:

The professorial and teacher’s structure of department published manuals, collections of lectures and methodical recommendations about geophysical methods.


  1. Kopleksirovaniye of geophysical methods and logging works (A.G. Antonets, 2014)
  2. Geochemical and nuclear and physical methods of search of minerals (Part 1. 2014
  3. Kopleksirovaniye of geophysical methods and logging works (A.G. Antonets, Part 3. 2018)
  4. Radiometric investigation and nuclear geophysics (2012)
  5. Radiometry and nuclear geophysics (the collection of lectures on узб language) (R.A. Umurzakov 2018)

6. Kopleksirovaniye of geophysical methods and logging works (Part 2, 2015

Educational laboratory audiences of the department

The department has three educational laboratories: electroinvestigations, gravimagnitorazvedka, radiometry and nuclear geophysics. They are equipped with devices and installations for performance of laboratory works.

Laboratory Electric investigation

Laboratory of gravitational and magnetic investigation

Laboratory of Radiometry and nuclear geophysics





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