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Head of the Department:
Tulyaganova Nargiza SHermatovna
Reception time: Wednesday  1300 – 1500
Phone: +998 93 575-77-38 

History of the department:

Department of “Geology, mineralogy and petrography” was created by combining three departments: “Geology”, “Crystallography and Mineralogy” and “petrography, petrology and regional geology.”           The emergence of the department “Geology” is associated with the organization of Turkestan State University. In 1920, the University formed two departments. Department of Dynamic Geology headed by Professor VG Mukhin (1920-1932g.), Department of Paleontology and historical geology-cal professor of ZF Gorizdro-Kulchitskaya.           Chair of “Geology” led M.I.Brik (1932-1934 city) N.F.Bezo-Brasov (1934-1942 city) OKLange (1942-1945 city), OI Sergunkova (1945-1978 city) M.O.Ahmedzhanov (1978-1998 city) R.T.Zokirov (1998-2003 city) and T.Z.Shermu Hamed (2003-2005 city).          The department worked E.A.Repman (1950-1986 city) F.H.Holmatov (1957-1993 city) N.F.Ikonnikova (1966-1986 city) F.T.Odilov (1974 of -1983), NV Averburg (1975-2996 city) K.A.Alimov (1981-1996 city) Sh.S.Sultanmuratov (1975-1996 city) E.R.Bazarbaev (1978-1996 city), O. A.Vinogradov (1978-1996 city) K.K.Nabiev (1960-1996 city) S.R.Mahamatrahimov (1968-1997 city).        The emergence of the department “Crystallography and Mineralogy” connected with the organization of Turkestan State University (1920).. Department was headed A.S.Uklonsky (1920-1973 city) Z.M.Protodyakonova (1973-1975 city) T.Z.Zokirov (1975-1998 city). The department worked G.F.Shestakov, Yu.M.Golubkova, O.N.Kozlova, S.I.Ibodullaev, K.S.Zohidov et al.          1930 established the Department “Petrography, petrology and regional geology.” Department was headed V.A.Nikolaev (1930-1941g.) E.A.Radkevich (1941-1944), H.M.Abdullaev (1948-1960 city) and I.M.Mirhodzhaev (1961-2005g. ). The department worked K.N.Vendland, N.I.Lebedova, Ya.S.Visnevsky, P.I.Salov, F.Sh.Radzhabov, B.M.Urazaev, M.Sherafiev, T.M.Motsokina, L.A.Ahmedzhanova, M.I.Shamsutdinov, Zh.D.Yakubov, Қ.U.Urunbaev.       

The research work of the department since 1920. and at the present time, is aimed at studying paleontology, stratigraphy, litho-ogy, tectonics and paleogeography of Paleozoic and Mesozoic deposits of the Tien Shan in order to predict the associated minerals and provide geological and biostratigraphic framework for the compilation of geological maps and geological exploration . It was conducted in close cooperation with industrial organizations, the State Committee of Geology and Geological Committee of Uzbekistan, Central Asians Asian republics. As a result of the joint work of the department and the team of geologists Central Asia performed the following work: compiled support and stratotipichnye stratigraphic sections and detailed stratification scheme, graphic dismemberment of Devonian, Carboniferous and Jurassic deposits of the Tien Shan; composed paleogeographic maps of Central Asia Devonian and Lower Carboniferous scale 1: 2 500 000 (for zhedinskogo, koblentsskogo, Eifelian, Givetian, Frasnian, Famennian, Tournaisian, Visean and Namur tiers; docent A.S.Sadykovym compiled the first geologists cal dictionary Uzbek language (UzSSR edition, 1959), doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences AK Nabiyev study produced lithologic-ogy of carbonate rocks of the Devonian and Carboniferous western part of the Alai structural-facies zone to clarify the laws governing the distribution of minerals in carbonate rocks; professor OI Sergunkovoy The developed-tang and published stratigraphy of the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous deposits of Uzbekistan (UzSSR edition, 1966.), on the basis of which it became possible to produce a detailed geological mapping and exploration.                

Over the years, the department made monographic descriptions of fossil fauna and flora have guiding significance for the determination of the geological age of rocks. The first description of the Jurassic flora of Central Asia have been performed by Professor M.I.Brikom (published in Vol. Sagra and total), and on its basis the exploration of coal deposits in Central Asia (Shurab, Sulukta, Kzylkiya and Chakpak). Later there was a description of the Lower Carboniferous brachiopod fauna of Central Asia (Professor O.I.Sergunkova, ed. AH Uzbekistan), on which are marked marker horizons, provide the basis for development of a detailed stratigraphic subdivision of the Lower Carboniferous deposits of the Tien Shan; description Jurassic peletsipiod (docent E.A.Repman, ed. Ministry of Geology of Uzbekistan), will serve to link the stratigraphy of continental and marine Jurassic deposits of the foothills of Nuratau and Kurama Range (Senior Lecturer Shvanskaya AM, ed., Ministry of Geology of Uzbekistan), which used in the preparation of paleogeographic maps; stromatoporoidey description of Devonian foothills Nuratau and Kurama (Assoc. N.F.Ikonni Cova, ed. Ministeristva UzSSR Geology), on which are marked the various provinces paleozoogeograficheskie existed in the Devonian time in different territories Tian Shan, which is used in the preparation of paleogeographic maps.         Great economic importance geologopetrograficheskie study of basic rocks of South Fergana in connection with their ore content (Associate Professor A H Holmatov).       

        Undoubtedly interesting experimental work on the development of a new method of determining the geological age of rocks containing no organic remains on “Stratigraphic position and age taushanskoy, Tym and pushnevatskoy suites” performers – prof. O.I.Sergun Cova, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, KA Nabiyev, KK Nabiyev, D. Abdurahmonov). The results obtained allowed the pre-set age powerful clastic formations imeyushih large areal extent in Hissar ridge and Kyzyl Kum.         Monograph H.M.Abdullaeva “Genetic link mineralization with granitoid intrusions” was awarded the State Prize of Lenin.        AN Nabibaev translated into the Uzbek language textbook “Principles of Geology” Professor OKLange (ed. AH Uzbekistan, 1965.), Which is embedded in the learning process. Docent A.H.Holmatov is spetsredaktorom reall-dennogo the Uzbek language textbook AG Betekhtin “Mineralogy”, which was released anniversary edition (1960)..        During the research activities of the chair has laid the foundation for the development of paleontological-stratigraphic units within the Ministry of Geology of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which represents currently the largest paleontological and stratigraphic organization. As part of a large team of specialists working paleontologists to ensure the production process in the geological organizations of the Ministry of Geology of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other Central Asian republics.         From 1977. headed by Associate Professor F.T.Adylova conducted contractual works on “Counting probable reserves of oil and gas areas of activity of associations” Uzbekneft “,” Kirgizneft “,” Tadzhikneft “as of January 1, 1979.”.        Employees of the department under the direction of M. Akhmedzhanova studied the tectonic structure of the Central Asia. They were engaged in zoning Turonian foundation slab covered Meso-Cenozoic sediments, the structure of the median massifs, structural floors. The collective monograph “Precambrian Middle and Southern Tien Shan” (1975) was awarded the State Prize of Abu Rayhan Biruni and the Prize of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.      

With the arrival of Professor MA Akhmedzhanova (with 1978. At 1998). Members of the department perform contractual works on “Tectonic regionalization in Central Asia”, “comprehensive geological evaluation of the possibility of endogenous mineralization in major faults of the Northern and Middle Tien Shan”, “Making the metamorphic map of western Uzbekistan.”        Currently at the Department Assoc. A.R.Asadovym, B.T.Toshmuhamedovym, N.Sh.Tulyaganovoy, H.S.Hodzhaevym, economic agreements executed B.F.Odilovym-nye work on “The use of the latest achievements of the digital satellite imagery in order to allocate space on the prospective gold mineralization on the rams GIS technology Sultan Uvayskogo mining district and adjacent areas “and” Synthesis and interpretation of geological, geophysical, geochemical and kosmogeologicheskih data in the search, evaluation and exploration of gold deposits in the territory Sultanuvays, in order to predict promising areas ”         Over the years the department has trained 10 doctors and 40 candidates of sciences who work in geological organizations and academic institutions.         Currently, the department has: Tulyaganova N.SH.- Head of Department, Professor. R.N.Abdullaev, Assoc. BT Toshmuhamedov, Assoc. TZ Shermukhamedov, dots.K.H. Adilkhanov, dots.H.S Khodzhaev, Assoc. A.R.Asadov, Assoc. R.T.Zokirov Art. Ven. B.F.Odilov, Abdunabieva MV Komlev ZV, ass. Mirzakhodzhayev TR, Ilyasova DM, B.I.Allayarov and Head. Lab. X, Yu. Vakhabova.

Professorial and Teaching

Composition of the department::

  1. Tulyaganova Nargiza SHermatovna – Head of department, dotsent
  2. Odilxonov Karim Xasanovich – g-m.f.n., professor
  3. SHermuxamedov Tulkin Zokirovich – g-m.f.n., dotsent
  4. Abduraxmonov  Abdug‘ani Abduvalievich – g.m.f.n., dotsent
  5. YUnusova Oqibat Muxtorovna – g-m.f.n., dotsent
  6. Zokirov Otabek Tolibjonovich – g-m.f.n., dotsent
  7. Toshmuxamedov Baxtiyar Tursunovich – dotsent
  8. Abdunabieva Munira Vahobovna – katta o‘qitituvchi
  9. Odilov Baxrom Farxodovich – katta o‘qitituvchi
  10. Mirzaxodjaev Tulyagan Raxmatovich – katta  o‘qituvchi
  11. Ilyasova Dilfuza Maxamatsobirovna katta  o‘qituvchi
  12. Allayarov Bekzod Ismoilovich katta  o‘qituvchi
  13. Jonibekov Bobir Omonovich assistent

Scientific work carried out at the department::

In recent years, members of the department are studying the conditions of occurrence of oil and gas deposits of the Fergana Valley, metamorphic and metasomatic rocks of western Uzbekistan, as well as the study of the four-particle-Fergana basin sediments, geology and structure-singularity enclosed and semi-enclosed areas on the basis of the Central Kyzyl Kum digital space images.

Scientific and methodical work of the department:

Department of “Geology, mineralogy and petrography” is a comprehensive and conducts lectures and workshops on the subjects of “General and Historical Geology”, “Structural geology and geological mapping,” “Crystallography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry”, “Regional Geology and Geotectonics”, “Petrography “,” Geomorphology and geology of Quaternary deposits “in the direction 5311700-prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (solid minerals) 5311800 – Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology, 5311700- prospecting and exploration of mineral resources (oil and gas)Prepared and published manuals, texts of lectures, educational indicators, questionnaires and test items for control stages woh, OH, YANG in subjects “General and Historical Geology”, “Structural geology and geological mapping”, “Petrography”, “Regional Geology and Geotectonics “and” Geology “. Introducing new teaching technologies in the educational process. Teaching staff of the department in the educational process are introduced such modern pedagogical tools such as “brainstorming”, “cluster approach” and others. Updating the material base of the department, the introduction of scientific achievements in the lectures and workshops are important tasks for the members of the department. Members of the department is the supervisor of scientific articles gifted students. Results of research conducted with gifted students is published in scientific collections and materials of scientific conferences and the national intercollegiate massshtaba.       In recent years professersko faculty of the department published a monograph, 5 textbooks, lots of teaching aids and more than 50 scientific articles. At the site of “Ziёnet” made electronic versions of many sources of teaching aids produced and published by the members of the department.

Monographs :

  • H.A.Akbarov, N.Sh.Tulyaganova. Forecasting methodology of mineral deposits. 2014


  • N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “Petrography.” Textbook. “Fan va technique” – 2014.
  •  T.Z.Shermuhamedov. “Petrography of sedimentary rocks” Tutorial. “Mrita” 2013.
  •  B.T.Toshmuhamedov. “General Geology” “Noshiro” -2011 year. In 2013, at the national contest “The most good textbooks and manuals” was awarded the diploma of 3 degrees.
  •  K.H.Odilhanov. “Mineralogy”. Tutorial 2010. At the national contest “The most good textbooks and manuals” pooscheritelnym awarded a prize.
  •  H.S.Hodzhaev. “Structural geology and geological mapping.” Textbook. “Cholpon” -2009 year. In 2011, at the national contest “The most good textbooks and manuals” was awarded the diploma of 3 degrees.

Texts of lectures:

  • N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “General and Historical Geology,” a manual for practical training (part 1). Voris – 2013. 2. T.Z.Shermuhamedov. “Petrography of sedimentary rocks” (part 1). TGTU 2011. 3. T.Z.Shermuhamedov. “Petrography of sedimentary rocks” (part 2). TGTU 2011


  • T.Z.Shermuhamedov., N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “Petrography” (metasomatic rocks) method. allowance for the lab exercises. TGTU-2012. 2. .T.Z.Shermuhamedov., B.F.Odilov. “Petrography” (rus) method. allowance for the lab exercises. TGTU-2013. 3. R.T.Zokirov, N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “Structural geology and geological mapping” metod.posobie to perform coursework. TDTU-2014.
  •  B.T.Toshmuhamedov, N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “General and Historical Geology” metod.posobie to perform coursework. TDTU-2014.
  •  B.F.Odilov, N.Sh.Tulyaganova “Historical Geology” method allowance. TGTU-2012.
  •  M.V.Abdunabieva, N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “Crystallography and Mineralogy” metod.posobie for the lab.rabot. TGTU-2011.
  •  A.R.Asadov. “Structural geology and geological mapping” metod.posobie to perform coursework. TDTU-2011.
  •  N.Sh.Tulyaganova, B.F.Odilov. “Engineering Graphics in Geology” TGTU 2011.
  • B.T.Toshmuhamedov, N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “General Geology” for the prak.rabot. TGTU 2010.
  •  T.Z.Shermuhamedov., N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “Petrography of sedimentary rocks” (magmatic and metasomatic rocks) method allowance for the lab. works. TGTU 2010.
  •  T.Z.Shermuhamedov., N.Sh.Tulyaganova. “Petrography of sedimentary rocks” metod.posobie. TGTU-2010.
  •  B.T.Toshmuhamedov, T.Z.Shermuhamedov et al. Toolkit for educational geological practice. TGTU-2010.

Lecture texts:

There are electronic and paper versions of prepared courses on “General and Historical Geology”, “Structural geology and geological mapping”, “Petrography”, “Regional Geology and Geotectonics” and “Geology”, prepared by the faculty of the department. The electronic version is also included in the portal “Ziyonet”

Adress Departmenty:

Tashkent, Universitet street, house 2, faculty “Geology and Mining” Department of “Geology, mineralogy and petrography”, 4-floor, 432-room



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