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Head of the department:
Mirvasid Agzamovich Mirusmanov
Doctor of philosophy on Geological and Minerological Sciences,
Associate Professor

Phone number: +998 94 614-13-49


History of the department:

The Department “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits. The beginning of training in Central Asia for geologists and prospectors dates back to the 20-s of the last century, when a mining department was established at the Technical Department of Turkestan State University which was headed by Prof. M.M.Protodyakonov. For the first time the course “Methods of exploration” at this department read in 1928-1929. N.V. Shabarov, and in 1930 – B.N.Nasledov.

In 1930 special faculties of the university were separated into independent institutes. The Central Asian Geological Prospecting Institute (SAGRI) was established on the basis of  mining and geological departments. The department “Exploration” was headed by N.V. Shabarov, B.N.Nasledov, and since 1931 – associate A.K.Kargin. From 1936 until the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the department was headed by Associate Professor P.A.Shekhtman, and during the war years, Professor V.M.Kreiter. Later this department was headed by professors A.V. Korolev,A.M.Gabliyans, P/A/Shekhtman.

Since 1961, the department “Methods of prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits” became the head of Professor N. A. Nikiforov. Graduates of the department work fruitfully in many areas of Uzbekistan and other countries: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.Many students of the department have achieved outstanding success in production and research activities and are the leaders of industrial organizations, institutes and laboratories. Graduates of the department were awarded the title of Hero of the Socialist Labor of the USSR: Y.A. Radkevich, A.K.Sobakin and others.Pupils of the department K.M. Abdullaev, V.G. Gorkovets, A.A.Petrenko, V.E.Poyarkov, I.S.Sokol, V.A.Talalov, K.B.Shuliatnikov, V.M.Shurygin awarded the honorary title of Lenin Prize.G.A.Abdurakhmanov, B.M.Biryukov, V.N.Golubkin, A.A.Danilyants. V.T.Maltsev, N.V.Nechelyustov, A.V.Purkin, V.E.Poyarkova, E.K.Tepikin, G.S.Chikryzov – State Prize Winners of the USSR,H.N.Baymukhamedov, I.M.Mirkhodzhaev, A.A.Abdumazhitov – Honored Science and Technology Workers of the Uzbek SSR;G.A.Abdurakhmanov, K.A.Bragin, M.P.Vakulenko, A.O.Butorin, A.B.Gabelko, V.G.Garovets, I.M.Golovanov, G.I.Malmatin, A.I.Popov, M.E.Poyarkova, I.M.Safonov, I.S.Sokol, E.K.Tepikin, H.Turakulov, N.A.Nikiforov, N.D.Ushakov, A.Sh.Shamansurov, T.Sh.Shayakubov and others – Honored Geologists of Uzbesitan. In the history of the department there were repeated short-term mergers and divisions with the department “Minerals”, in recent years – the department “Technique of Intelligence”. Since September 2008, the former department “Minerals” for many years led by renowned scientists A.V.Korolev, Kh.M. Abdullayev and H.N.Baymuhamedov merged into the department of “Geology of minerals and exploration.”

Department in different years headed: Assoc. A.Kh.Baymukhamedov (1988 – 1990), prof. B.A.Isahodjaev (1991-1995 and 2007-2009), Assoc. M.A.Mirusmanov (1996-1997), Assoc. K.Kh.Hudaykulov (1997-2000), academician Kh.A. Akbarov (2001-2007), Assoc. S.T.Sadykov (2009-2012), Assoc. A.A.Abdurakhmanov (2012-2015), Assoc. Kh.S.Khojaev (2015-2016), Assoc. O.T.Razykov (2016-2018).

From the first years of Independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the department, as well as throughout the Republic’s Higher Education System, undergoes a radical reorganization of the educational process, changes in the structure and content of curricula and standards, changes in emphasis in organization the educational process and science; the main efforts are aimed at solving the tasks of the “Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education” of personal training, taking into account the needs of the relevant sectors of the national economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Currently, the faculty of the department “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits” continuing the long tradition, is actively involved in the scientific and educational life of the republic. The main research directions of the department: the study of the geological conditions of formation and patterns of placement of noble, rare and non-ferrous metals in some fields of the Southern Tien Shan; study of the reliability of geological materials exploration; use of GIS technologies in the processing of geological materials and geological and economic assessment of deposits. In recent years, a set of students in the direction of education “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (solid minerals)” is up to 100 people annually.

Branches of the department and communication with enterprises:

    • SE “Institute of Mineral Resources”
    • Institute of Geology and Geophysics named after H.M.Abdullaev
    • SUE “Kyzylkumgeologia”
    • SUE “Gissargeology”
    • SE “Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine”
    • JSC “Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine”


The head of the department, 2 professors, 5 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers, 1 assistant, 3 teaching support staff, the scientific potential of the department is 67%, the average age of teachers is 57 years.


For the 2018-2019 academic year, the contingent of students in four undergraduate courses and two graduate courses in the department is: in direction 5311700- “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (solid minerals)” – 300 students; in the field of magistracy 5A311701- “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (solid minerals)” and 5A311707- “Mining geology and geophysics” – 24 undergraduates.

Bachelor’s Directions:

  • 5311700- “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (solid minerals)”

Specialty Masters:

  • 5А311701- “Geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits (solid minerals)”
  • 5А311707- “Mining geology and geophysics”

Teaching staff of the department:

    • Akbarov Habibulla Asatovich – Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.
    • Isahodzhaev Bahtiyar Abdukarimovich – Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor.
    • Mirkhodzhaev Bahadir Ismailovich – Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor.
    • Khodjaev Khabibkhon Sadirovich – Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences. Associate Professor of the Department.
    • Sadykov Sadirhon Tashtemirovich – Associate Professor of the Department.
    • Burkhanov Fazliddin Samariddinovich – Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department.
    • Kholmatov Ubaidulla Abdullaevich – Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department.
    • Usmanaliev Esonali Abduganiyevich – senior teacher.
    • Tangirov Abdimutal Isamitdinovich – Senior Lecturer.
    • Juraev Mekhrozh Nurillaevich – senior teacher.
    • Ishbobaev Timur Bobakulovich – assistant.

Scientific work carried out at the department:

The following areas are carried out research work in the department:

Fundamental  projects  for state grants:

No.YOT-Ftekh-2018-159 “Creating a 3D-model of gold deposits of Bukantau Mountains of Central Kyzylkum in a modern Micromine software package with developing criteria for evaluating hidden mineralization (using the example of Karatag, Bakhtli, Sardor and South Okzhetpes areas)” scientific advisor Prof. Isakhojaev B.A.

Applied  projects for  state grants:

“Studying the features of the development of the oxidation zone in the noble and rare-metal objects of Central Kyzyl Kum in order to develop criteria for evaluating the prospects for the forecasted areas, and issuing recommendations” scientific advisor Prof. Isakhojaev B.A.

“Geodynamic conditions, lithologic-structural localization conditions and the material composition of apometarically-regenerated and apogranitoidal tungsten mineralization of the Karatyube-Chakylkalian mining and ore region,” supervisor of Assoc. Razykov O.T.

Contractual research:

1) 55/16 “Study of the nature of the distribution of gold mineralization in the zones of oxidized, mixed and sulfide ores of the Kokpatas ore field with the development of the main provisions of the methodology for assessing the prospects of sites” (2016-2019). 278 millionsoums.

2) “Study of the material composition of ores and host rocks of gold ore zones No. 2, 3, 5 Okzhetpes ore field and geological and structural (integrated) study of Kokpatas-Okzhetpes deep fault (trend)” (2018-2022) 600 million soums.

Scientific and methodical work of the department:

On the subjects of the department the faculty of the department published: textbooks, manuals, courses of lectures, teaching aids on laboratorial and practical exercises, a guide for the implementation of the course project and graduate qualification work, questionnaires and test tasks for the current control, intermediate control and final control. New informational and pedagogical technologies are being introduced into educational processes, i.e. ICT are used, brainstorming, insert, cluster, reflection, group work, etc. Improving and completing the material and technical base and the introduction of scientific advances in practical training and lectures are actual problems of the department. Gifted students of the department take part in research works, they make presentations in scientific conferences. The obtained scientific results are published in republican journals.


Agreement with the Russian State Geological Survey University named after S.Ordzhanikidze. A cooperation agreement was signed on sharing experience of teachers, implementation of joint projects, continuing studies in a magistracy, etc.


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There are electronic and paper versions of the texts of lectures prepared for all courses of special subjects. Electronic versions made to the portal Ziyonet

Departmentaddress: Tashkent city,Almazar district, Universitetskaya st. 2.


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