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Head of Department

Doctor of Economic Sciences, assistantprofessor

Khashimova Naima Abitovna
Telepfon: (+998 90) 941-63-38


History of the department

The Department of Industrial Economics of the Tashkent State Technical University is one of the first departments of the Institute and its history dates back to 1941.In 1941, at the Central Asian Industrial Institute, the department of “Industrial Economics and its Organization” was created by the efforts of the former Soviet Union-Kiev Polytechnic Institute and Bauman Moscow Higher Technical University. The founder and the first director of the department was professor A.G.Spakh, the Honored worker of Science and Technology of the UzSSR, who previously headed the Economics and Organization of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Kharkov Institute of Engineering Economics Professor A.G.Spakh upheld the chair from 1941 to 1961.In September 1968, the department was reorganized and the following branches were established in the field of industry:“Economy of the machine-building industry and its organization”, “Energy economy and its organization”, “Mining industry economy and its organization”.The Department of Mining industry and its organization at the Mining and Metallurgical Faculty was founded by academician of the Academy of sciences, professor Kh.N.Baymukhamedov and professor B.R.Rakhimov. In 1971, the head of the department was elected candidate of economic sciences, docent N.Kh.Sagatov, later the department was headed by doctor of economic sciencesS.R.Alimxodjaev.The department of Economy of the machine-building industry and its organization was established at the faculty of Mechanics and it was led by candidate of economic sciences, docent A.I.Fokin from 1961 to 1966, head teacher B.S.Sluskaya from 1966 to 1969, doctor of economic sciences, professor S.M.Khodjaev from 1969 to 1971, candidate of economic sciences, docentA.T.Taxtarov from 1971 to 1973, candidate of economic sciences S.K.Kadirov from1973 to 1979,doctor of economic sciences, professor D.R.Said-Djalolov from1979 to 1994.In 1994, the department was renamed the Department of “Industrial Economics” and he was led bydoctor of economic sciences, professorS.Alimkhodjaev.In 2004, the department was renamed “Economics and Marketing” and from 2006 to 2011 was led bycandidate of economic sciencesA.K.Iskhakov.The department was led by doctor of economic sciences, professor M.A.Makhkamova from 2011 to 2016.At that time docentB.A.Isxakov, D.Yakubova, S.Ibragimova, S.Khashimova, head teacherKh.Z.Djuraev, M.Gaipova, Z.Umaropva, N.Tursanova,L.Ubaydullaeva, M.Qayumova, Z.Djurabekova, M.Toshxodjaeva, D.Urmanova, A.Samanov, G.Shagaipova, O.Murotovaand others were engaged in pedagogical activity.In 2001, a К 067.07.06.specialized council was established at the university and M.Tursunkhodjaev was elected chairman of the board. During its activity the Scientific Council successfully defended 35 PhD theses and 5 Doctoral dissertations.In 2017 the department of “Economy” was divided into departments “Corporate governanse” and “Industrial economics”.The department of “Industrial economics” is headed by the Doctor of Economomics N.Khashimova.There are 2 professors (M.L.Tursunkhodjaev, A.Qodirov), 6 docents (M.Saidkarimova, A.Tursunov, F.Zokirov, B.Iskhakov, M.Buranova,R.Usmanova), 8 head teatchers (G.Tarakhtieva, KH.Djuraev, N.Gulyamova, М.Mitrushova, L.Karieva, G.To’rabekova, M.Abdurashidova, G.Saidova) and2 assistents (K.Ibragimova, M.Yakubova) in the department of “Industrial economics”.During the work of the department great attention was paid to scientific research. Leading members  M.L.Tursunkhodjaev, N.A.Khashimova, M.Buranova,F.Zokirov, D.Umarova, G.Tarakhtieva, М.Mitrushova, M.Abdurashidova, G.Saidova of the department participated in state grants announced by the Center of Science and Technology. During the period 2012-2016, the department carried out scientific researches on F1-100 fundamental and A2-59 practical projects (Project manager N.A.Khashimova), devoted to key issues of the economyand leading professors and teachers of the department actively participated in these projects. Nowadays the professors and teachers of the department are actively engaged in scientific researches. In 2017 the A2-59 project was successfully completed. In 2018,the State Science and Technology Committee sponsored the state grant and received the owned grant PZ-20170926232“The formation and application of intellectual capital in the system of innovative cooperation of science, education and production” amounting to UZS 300 million.(Project managerprofessorM.L.Tursunkhodjaev).Professors M.Tursunkhodgaev andA.Qodirov’s scientific schools are functioning at the department effectively. Many of their students are successfully defending PhD and doctoral dissertations. Currently, 3 post graduate students and 5 independent researchers are working on the department “Industrial economics”.Department of “Industrial economics” is actively working on implementation of innovation projects with colleagues from leading industrial enterprises of Uzbekistan.The main goal of the department is training and retraining of qualified economists and engineers, meeting modern requirements for industrial enterprises, based on the priority tasks of the National Program of personnel Training in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Law “On Education” and improve their qualifications.

            Teaching staff of the department:

1      Khoshimova Naima Abitovna, doctor of economic sciences, docent
2.      TursunkhodjaevMarat Lutfullaevich, doctor of economic sciences, professor
3.      Qodirov Abdusattorkhodja, doctor of economic sciences, professor
4.      Saidkarimova Matlyuba Ishanovna, candidate of economic sciences, docent
5.      TursunovAlisherMukhammadnazirovich, candidate of economic sciences, docent
6.      ZokirovFurqatShoyunuso’g’li, candidate of economic sciences, docent
7.      BuranovaManzuraAbdukadirovna, candidate of economic sciences, docent
8.      IskhakovBaxodirAbdusamatovich, candidate of economic sciences, docent
9.      UsmanovaRa’noMirjalilovna,candidate of economic sciences, docent
10.   To’rabekovaGulira’noIslamovna,head teacher
11.   Karieva Latofat Saidakromovna,head teacher
12.   G’ulomova Nigora Khabibullaevna,head teacher
13.   TarakhtievaGulmiraKulbaevna, head teacher
14.   Mitrushova Marina Leonidovna, headteacher
15.   Saidova Gulnora Amonovna, headteacher
16.   DjuraevKhamzakhonZunnunovich, headteacher
17.   Abdurashidova Marina Sagatovna, headteacher
18.   Ibragimova Kamola Saidborievna, assistant
19.   Yakubova Makhtumakhon Asatullaevna, assistant
Scientific works conducted at the department:

The department conducts scientific researches on the basis of the earlier plan. In the second half of the day, Professors and teachers work on the scientific themes of the departmentand published scientific articles in this direction.At the moment, the department is focused on the priorities of economic development and economic efficiency improvement, aimed at innovative development of leading sectors of the economy. In order to learn more about the current issues of scientific research, JSC “Aggregate”, LLC “Sanoattexnikqurilma”, JSC “Tashkent Agricultural Technical Plant”, LLC “Energogazservis”, UzlitiNeftegaz, JSC “Uzsanoattransport” as well as agreements signed with many enterprises. Including cooperation agreements with Moscow Financial Institute after Lomonosov on publication methodological literature, conferences, trainings.

The department conducts scientific research on the basis of a state-funded (UZS 300million) practical project -20170926232on the topic “Economic mechanisms for the formation and use of intellectual capital in the system of innovative cooperation in education”(Project managerprofessorM.L.Tursunkhodjaev). In 2018, 15 scientific articles have been published, of which 3 have been published in foreign journals. The research project on this grant project was held on December 20, 2018, and a scientific study booklet was published.

In 2018, 47 scientific articles were published by professors and teachers of the department. Including: in foreign scientific journals – 15, in local and scientific journals included in the list of higher attestation commissions – 13, in the local scientific conferences – 19 articles and abstracts.

Scientific and methodical works conducted at the department:

Information on the training manual and educational-methodical complexes published by professors and teachers of the department “Industrial Economics”:

Educational-methodical complexes:

1.      D.M.Umarova, M.A.Buranova “Logistcs” (2016)
2.      N.A.Khashimova “Enterprise crisis management” (2016)
3.      Z.T.Gaibnazarova “Economic theory” (2016)
4. D.M.Umarova,G.K.Tarakhtieva, D.A.Abdullaeva “Economics and industry management” (2018)
5. D.M.Umarova,G.K.Tarakhtieva, D.A.Abdullaeva“Methodological manual for the implementation of the economic part of final qualifying work” (2018)
6. D.M.Umarova,G.K.Tarakhtieva, N.Kh.Gulomova,K.S.Ibragimova, “Industrial economy and management” (2018).
Training Manual:

M.I.Saidkarimova, R.M.Usmanova “Economic theory” (2018).
Tashkent city, Almazar District, University Street, house 2
Phone number:
(8371) 246-63-84
Email address:
Information about the monographs published by professors and teachers of the department “Industrial Economics”:
1. D.M.Umarova, Kh.D.Azimova”Main directions of effective management of innovation in corporate structures” 2015
2. R.M.Usmanova, А.Qodirov, А.М.Tursunov “Improving economic relations in the educational services market”
3. N.A.Khashimova“Investment potential”
T.M.Magrupov, M.M.Karimov, N.M.Mambetov, U.S.Fayzullaev, G.T.Gaipnazarova,“To achieve professional excellence and quality of engineering education at Tashkent State Technical University” (2016)
There are electronic and paper versions of the texts of lectures prepared for all courses of special subjects.

A brief summary of the training rooms:

There are a research room, library and an exhibition of scientific and educational developments at the department.


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