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Head of the department
Shokirov Pulat Karimovich
Telepfonу: (8371)246-43-22
E-mail: e-mail:

History of the department:

On July 19, 1929, in the system of higher education, as a result of the government’s decision to introduce the curriculum “Physical training”, the curriculum was introduced as a science subject. The process of teaching physics began in 1929, when the Central Asian Cotton Irrigation Polytechnic Institute was formed. From 1929 to the age of G.A. Kotsareva, M.I. Zmievsky, E.A. Putsillos taught. Later on, physical training was reinforced and a unique program of physical education training was created throughout the country. In this regard, in 1937, the Department of Physical Education was established. The first head of the department M.Ya. Konyukhov was appointed. 940-1948 P.F. Zakharov, from 1948 to 1960, V.X. Shnurov, from 1960 to 1966, Borisov, from 1967 to 1971, Koriyokubov, from 1971 to 1981, E.I. Sokolovskaya, from 1981 to 1989, R.N. Prozorenko, the former world boxing champion in recent years, Riskiev, Ch. Olimxojaeva, V.V. Shnurov, P.Y. Sharipovs leaded .1996-2006 years. Sidorov, 2006-2013 I.G. Toshmatov, 2013-2017 B.R. Djalilov. From 2017, P.K. Shokirov is the head of the department.In 1971, the department was divided into three independent departments to improve the quality of physical education and sports. Head of the first physical education department RN Prozorenko, the head of the second physical education chair, E.I. Sokolovskaya and the head of the third physical training department Yu.B. Koltunov’s activity. During these years, TashPI has been taking second place after the Physical Education Institute for several years on the results of sports competitions and competitions. During that time in all three departments there were 28 senior teachers and 49 teachers. Among them there are well-trained staff masters, candidates of medical sciences, docent E.E. Palagashvili, K.N. Shabaev, R.G. Pavlova, A.Yu. Maxmudov, I. Ismoilov, V. Kolesnichenko, V.I. Kudryakov, Leading Teachers VS. Kureykina, T.F. Shalaginova, NN Shabaeva, A.M. Akbarov V.Shhtirn. and others have been conducting educational activities. During the whole history of the department, physical education and mass sports began to grow year by year, and more and more students began to participate in sports. If there were 5-6 sports divisions between 1930 and 1940, now all sections of sport are functioning. As much as possible, most of the students are able to attend the classes. The emphasis on the development of sports has intensified after independence of our country. From the very first days of our independence, we have been paying a lot of attention to the development of our children’s sports, creating the necessary conditions for the development of children’s sports, the basis of all the achievements in this field, the creation of sports complexes and facilities that meet the most modern requirements. . Particularly, the construction of a magnificent sports facility, constructed at TashDTU in 2006, has completely changed the attitude of our swimming pool to water sports. “Umid nihollari”, “Barkamol avlod” and “Universiada” sports games organized in our country, which has three stages, play an important role in raising interest in youth in sports. The university’s sports competitions occupy proud places in many kinds of sports. Universities of Uzbekistan participated in the prestigious competitions in Uzbekistan and won prestigious prizes. Especially, achievements in rugby and basketball are significant. For example, the Rugby University team has repeatedly been a champion of Uzbekistan. Basketball team has won the title of champion of Uzbekistan. Today, he does not miss fame. The men’s and women’s teams in basketball were the second in the championship of Uzbekistan, in men in 2001, and in 2002, women’s basketball teams entered Uzbekistan Cup. In 2002, in the 14th Asian Championships in South Korea, basketball team of Tashkent State Technical University Kiselyova Y. and Kushueva took the third place. In the Universiade held in Bukhara in 2004, 78 people participated in 15 gold, 2 silver and 17 bronze medals. 1991-2004 For many years the department has prepared two international sports masters and 24 composers. In 2010, the charity foundation had a good result in the “Life for Life” tournament, whereas the same year the basketball team of Tashkent State Tennis Federation won the third place. The team of our team won the first place in basketball and volleyball at the Universiade in Bukhara in 2012The third place was taken by our team in the open competitions in the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2013. In addition to training physically, spiritually, physically, mentally and physically, the students are effectively working on the creation of scientific and methodological trainings.

International relations of the department:

    1. National University of Uzbekistan; 
    2. Belarusian National University; 
    3. Tashkent textile and light industry technology institute; 
    4. Tashkent Road Institute; 
    5. Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration; 
    6. Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute.
    7. Uzbek State Physical Culture University
    8. Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute
    9. The enterprises of the department have relations and cooperation agreements with the network institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, academic lyceums and colleges.

Bachelor’s Degree:

5141900 – Physical training and sport

Professors and teachers of the department:

  1. Shokirov Pulat Karimovich – Head of Physical Education Department
  2.  Tashtaev Sharof Jumaboyevich – senior teacher
  3.  Khairrislomova Gulsina Mardagalyamovna – senior teacher
  4.  Rakhmonov Nodirbek Rakhmon oglu – assistant
  5.  Mirsharipova Zilola Mirziyatovna – senior teacher
  6.  Kamilova Jamilaxon Erkinovna – senior teacher
  7.  Hudayberganov Zakirjon Karimovich-assistant
  8. Abdurazakov Saydullo fayzullaevich – assistant
  9.  Zavyazochnikova Margarita Gennadevna-assistant

Scientific-methodical work of the department:

Every year, scientific works are published, including “Plavanie v Vuze” 05/2014 by Djalilov B.R. and “Razvitie sily i silovyx sposobnostey organma” Aktyukova NM, and Shokirov PK, Republican Collection of scientific works for 2014 “The most important issues in the field of technical and physical-economic sciences. Teaching manuals, textbooks, textbooks, lecture texts, experimental and practical works on the subject “Physical education and sport” have been prepared and published by


Monographs: Textbooks:

“The ways of directing sports through physical education”,prepared by the head of the chair M.Tashmatov, Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Republican Student Sports Union of Abu Raykhan Beruniy Tashkent State Technical University has been publishing in 2012.

Methodological manuals:

Annually the scientific articles of the department are produced.A total of 67 articles were published in 2016-2017.     A total of over 60 articles have been published in 2017-2018.    In total, 20 articles have been published in 2018-2019   At the same time, in the subject of Valeology “Razvitie sily i silovyx     spasobnostey organism “was published. Also, a methodical manual on the subject “Osnovy zdorovogo obrazza jizni talabovov” was developed and a training session on physical education was organized in leisure of students. “Methodological recommendations on technical safety and primary health care during the physical trainings” and again in the “School basketball” of the Abu Rayhon Beruniy Tashkent State Technical University named after Abu Rayhon Beruni of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2010 and again in 2002, “Sportive Ravota-sposobnosti posle fizicheskix nagruzok”.Moreover, during the year many sports events were organized with the participation of our students, and they took the top places in the city and republican competitions.

Republic The winners and prize-winners are TTTU football team

    In May 2017, the Tashkent State Technical University football team won the third place in the Republican competition “Kamolot” in Termez, Surkhandarya region.


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