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Head of the Department
Yulchieva Zulfizarkhan Nadzhibullaevna
Phone: +99893
Email address:

History of the department:
Department of “Pedagogy and engineering psychology” was founded in 1992, she directed the Ph.D. Profession U. V. Nishonaliev this time the department was the center for the implementation of scientific research in the field of pedagogy. Were imposed ways of cooperation in research work with the University of Southern Kazakhstan, Andijan, Ferghana, Bukhara State Pedagogical University in 1997, the Department conducted under the name of “Sociology and engineering psychology” Sociology separately attach to the chair of “pedagogy”. In 1998 he  formed the department of “Pedagogy and psychology”. 1998-2000 years head of the department was appointed and guided his career Ph.D.Associate Professor H.Ahmedova.From 2000 to 2008  headed the Department Ph.D.Associate Professor H.ahmedova. From 2000 to 2008 headed the Department Ph.D. Professor Ulfat Ilhomovich Mahkamov. In  the 5 years BY lecturer of  the department was published more than 50 articles. Was published in the Central Asian Association manual “Pedagogical skills” under the guidance of podgotvlennoe. Prof.U.I.Mahkamova by supporting educational activities.From 2008 to 2012 the department was headed by Ph.D. Associate Professor Muhabbat Rahmonalievna Isaeva. At this time in the department were career I professor, I associate professor, 2 and 8 starshih. Prepodavately assistant. Professors and composition prepodovatelskogo held classes in subjects “Pedagogy”, “Professional .pedagogika “. “Pedagogical skills “, “Engineering Psychology”, and new pedagogical technologies.With 2012po 2013 February 17 the department was headed by Ph.D., Associate professor Mannopov Xamid Mutalovich. Under the leadership H.M.Mannopova together with teachers’ Pedagogy and Psychology “in 2012 November was held republican scientific conference under the theme” Using innovatsionnyh-pedagogical technologies in technical education.”Since 2013, February 17. On a competitive basis, was elected Ph .D., associate professor Maloxat Ergashevna Akhmedov teacher Tashkent Pedagogical University named after Nizami. At the department were published scholars programs, work programs and teaching materials. At the department are currently engaged in labor activity and I professor. Academician, 5 associate professors, senior lecturers 4,5 2 assistants who make up 12.5 staff units. On today by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education recommended for publication by the author M.E.Ahmedovoy for higher education “History and theory of pedagogy”, “History of Education” training manuals, textbook “General Pedagogy” and pedagogical republican pedagogical aids for vocational colleges, educational tools “Pedagogy”. Yu published more than 40 articles. Members of the department participate and publish articles in international and national scientific conferences. At the department since the beginning of the academic year 2013-2014 on date have conducted scientific seminar. On the basis of the plan are conducted study groups, organizing the work system “teacher-mentor.” Mentors pass on their skills and experience to young professionals. Are active at the Department Ph.D., professor, academician U.I.Mahkamov, Ph.D., associate professor M.E.Ahmedova, Ph.D., associate professor M.R.Isaeva to .p.n., Associate Professor N.Nishonovoy in preparing and protecting the acceleration of scientific and pedagogical thesis.

Yulchieva Zulfizarkhan Nadzhibullaevna began her career at  the Department of Sociology and Engineering Psychology of Tashkent State Technical University in  1997.Yulchieva Zulfizarkhan Nadzhibullaevna since August 28, 2019 began to work as the head of the department of “Pedagogy and Psychology”.From the 2019-2020 academic  year,  8 staff units are allocated at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.Nowadays 1 professor,3 associate professors and 4 senior teachers have been working at the department.Yulchieva Zulfizarkhan Nadzhibullaevna published over 60 scientific publications during  her scientific activity.In 2019, Yulchieva Zulfizarkhan Nadzhibullaevna published a textbook on “History and Theory of General Pedagogy”, a teaching  tool “Psychological mechanisms for organizing marol-enlightening events”

Communication of the department with other universities:

Tashkent State Pedagogical University named after Nizami Djizzak State Pedagogical Institute;
There is agreement on the joint work of academic lyceums and colleges.Total number of students

Trained “ Pedagogika. Psihologiya” 3 year undergraduate students in 2706 students

13 00 01 – Pedagogy 19 00 01 – Psychology

Master: Trained “pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills” Master 1 course, 291 students
The direction of the department undergraduate.The chair of the department is considered a reference, but no trains specialists.

Teaching staff of the department:

  • Yulchiyeva Zulfizarkhan Nadzhibullayevna Head of the Department
  • Isayeva Muhabbat Rahmonaliyevna     Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Usmanova Shoira Djumabekovna    Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Mirashirova Nargiza Anvarovna   assistant professor
  • Mustafoyeva Inobat Nurillayevna   senior teacher
  • Quvondiqova Gulnora Gulyamovma   senior teacher
  • Xamraqulova Dilnavoz   senior teacher
  • Mahkamova Madina Ulfatovna   assistant

Scientific work

Members of the department involved and publishes articles and abstracts in various international and national scientific conferences. Members of the department published articles in scientific journals Russia, USA, China.Scientific- methodical work:During the year, the teachers of the department published more than 30 articles and abstracts in scientific conferencesAddress of the Department:Tashkent Almazar district. 2 University Street house. 6-04,6-11 roomPhone (251)   (451)Monographs:From the side Ph.D., associate professor M.R. Isaevoy was published a monograph “Increase spiritual and educational activities. Problems and Solutions.”Tutorials:From the Ph.D., Associate Professor ME Akhmedova was published textbook “Theory and practice of general pedagogy”Methodological Guide:Were published educational-methodical development of M.P. Isaevoj teachers, senior teachers Ishunina VA., Z.N Yulchieva ., I.N Mustafoevoy.The topic of the lecture:There are electronics and printed versions of the subjects “Pedagogy . Psychology. “” pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills. “ And they introduced an electronic network “Ziyonet”.
1. “The introduction of innovative technologies in the system of technical education.”
2. “Ways to Improvement of moral education: Problems and Solutions.”
3. “An innovative approach to education: problems and solutions.”
4. “The revelation of the pedagogical thinking of teachers in the process of improvement.”
5. “Psychology of intelligence”
6. “Features of the development of professional maturity of future psychologists”
From the Ph.D., Associate Professor ME Akhmedova was published textbook “Theory and practice of general pedagogy”
Methodological Guide:
Were published educational-methodical development of M.P. Isaeva teachers, senior teachers Ishunina VA., Z.N Yulchieva ., I.N Mustafoyeva.
The topic of the lecture:
There are electronics and printed versions of the subjects “Pedagogy.
Psychology, pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills.
“And they introduced an electronic network “Ziyonet”


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