Department of Masters

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Head of Magistracy
Mavlonov Giyosiddin Khaydarovich
Reception hours:
Phone: +998 71 246-88-30

About the Department of Magistracy
The “Department of Magistracy” at the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov developed in accordance with Resolution No. 190 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated on September 10, 2007 “On measures to further improve the activities of the magistracy department in the system of higher education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on measures to improve its effectiveness “was organized in accordance with paragraph 5 of the decision.

The goal of the Department:
The goal of the department is to train highly qualified professional master-experts who fully grasp responsibility for society, the state and the family, have deeply mastered professional, pedagogical, scientific, legal and psychological knowledge in accordance with the objectives of the national model of training in higher educational institutions, organizations.

Tasks of the Department:
• development of state educational standards and other regulatory acts in the field of magistracy, their systematic improvement based on the requirements and proposals of customers;
•  organization of the educational process for the preparation of masters, quality control of education and training;
• management of magistracy activities, modernization of forms and mechanisms for organizing the educational process;
• organization of master specialties with the necessary textbooks and literature, with the involvement of renowned scientists, highly qualified experts in this field, the development of the academic sphere;
• monitoring of educational and research work of undergraduates;
• coordination and control over the preparation of masters in all departments of the TSU named after Islam Karimov;
• regular monitoring of training and employment of undergraduates, regular analysis of the preparation of research papers of undergraduates and the preparation of reports on their activities.
• creating targeted conditions for accomplishing the tasks assigned to the teaching staff of the magistracy, developing their social and professional and personal activities and facilitating their implementation;
• ensuring and development of information systems of magistracy;
• participation in the development and implementation of scientific and educational projects and programs together with national partners and partners abroad;
• systematically analyzing the current situation, identify problem situations and determine priority areas in the trends of the development of the magistracy;
• organization of study of demand and supply of masters, ensuring the competitiveness of educational services and the professional labor market, as well as marketing in the magistracy;
• creation of database for the employment of graduate students in budget allocation and the development of partnerships with employers:
• development of proposals and guidelines reflecting the interest of stakeholders in the process of preparing masters;
• cooperation with international, intergovernmental, national and regional organizations and institutions;
• design and implementation of programs, projects, initiatives aimed at the development of the master’s program.
Methodologist Abdullaeva Gulchehra

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