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Department of History of Uzbekistan

Head of the department
Khalikova Raxbar Ergashevna
Doctor of historical sciences, prof.
Phone: (998 90) 808-32-18


History of the department

Department of History of Uzbekistan was created on the base of departments Political history and Scientific socialism (evening-correspondence section) in 1991. For the moment of creation the founder of the department A.R. Atadjanov, Doctor of historical sciences involved such teachers as M.Kh.Nazarov, Doctor of historical sciences; K.Kh.Khasanov, R.Umarov, Candidate of historical sciences, Associate professor; U.Salikhov, Z.Akramova, V.Abdullayeva, Kh.Abdunazarov, etc. In October 2004 on the base of unification of departments Constitution and Law and History of Uzbekistan was formed the department History of Uzbekistan and Law.  From 2011 department of History of Uzbekistan and basics of Law became the department History of Uzbekistan. Due to the introduction of changes in the structure of faculties and departments of university in April 2015 teachers of department of Philosophy teaching subjects such as Basics of spirituality, Religious studies and Culturology were transferred into the department of History of Uzbekistan on full-time base. From 2004 until present time department is headed by R.E.Khalikova, Doctor of historical sciences. Classes on subjects of History of Uzbekistan and Law, Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan are conducted for the first year students, and the subjects of Basics of spirituality, Religious studies and culturology are conducted for the second year students.Activity of department members like in all other higher educational institutions traditionally is carried out in three main directions: teaching-pedagogical, scientific-research and educational. Lectures and seminars are conducted by professional professors, associate professors, senior teachers and assistants fast gleaning the pedagogical experience. Scientific researches made in the department for the recent ten years gave the following results: in 2006 R.E.Khalikova defended doctoral dissertation on the theme History of the relations of Russia and Bukhara in the second half of the XIX and beginning of the XX centuries; in 2009 T.D.Khudoykulov defended candidate dissertation on the theme Socio-political, economic and cultural life of Kokand khanate in the XIX century; in 2011 L.S.Kholnazarova  defended candidate dissertation on the theme History of library science and bibliology in Bukhara emirate and N.U.Makhkamova on the theme Formation of legal culture of technical university students.

Professional and teaching staff of the department:

  1. Head of the department.R.E.Khalikova
  2. Associate professor.U.A.Khayitov
  3. Associate professor.M.N.Innatov
  4. Associate professor.S.A.Abrorov
  5. Associate professor.N.R.Nishonova
  6. Associate professor.K.K.Pardayev
  7. Associate professor.N.U.Makhkamova
  8. Senior teacher.M.S.Yakubova
  9. Senior teacher.R.E.Yuldasheva
  10. Senior teache.S.E.Gaibnazarova
  11. Senior teache.R.S.Toshmurodov
  12. Senior teacher.Kh.Tillakhodjaeva
  13. Senior teacher.Sh.Shaniyazov
  14. Senior teacher.A.Mamirov
  15. Assistant.N.А. Vaisova
  16. Assistant.S.I.Makhammadiyeva

Scientific works in the department:

Teachers of the department except the pedagogical activity are engaged in the scientific researches in the second half of the day. In this direction professors and teachers of the department work on doctoral dissertations, write monographs, publish articles in the republic and international scientific journals, and take part in the scientific-practical conferences. Scientific-research activity of department is carried out on the basis of themes that form scientific direction of department.

Scientific-research activity of department is carried out in the following directions:

  1. Socio-political, economic and cultural processes in antiquity, Middle Ages, colonial and soviet periods, as well as in the period of independence: history and modernity.
  2. Legal and socio-political issues of development of legal democratic state and civil society.

Address of the department:

Room 203, 1st floor, Mining and Geological Faculty, Tashkent State Technical University, 2 University Str., Almazar district, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 100095.


R.E.Kholiqova and others – History of Uzbekistan – T.: Yangi asr avlodi. 2015. 33.25


More than 100 workbooks are published by the professional and teaching staff of department:

R.E.Khalikova Reflect of the history: coverage issues of the History of Uzbekistan in the works of Islam Karimov – T.: 2014. 2.5, Subject, object, theoretical-methodological bases, sources and the role of the subject of History of Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is one of the ancient furnace of human civilization – T.: 2014. 3, Formation and development of the first states in the territories of our homeland; Contributions of the Uzbek nation to the victory over fascism in the years of the Second World War;

Uzbekistan is one of the centers of the world civilizations;

L.S.Khalnazarova – Basics of ecological law – T.: 2014. 2.5



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