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Head of department:
Umarova Nigora Zaynitdinovna
Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in pedagogics, docent

History of Department:

The “Languages (uzbek and russian)” department of the Tashkent State Technical University named after Islam Karimov was created in September, 2003 as a result of merger of the Uzbek Language and Russian Language departments.Within these years as the head of the department worked:In 2003 – 2006 prof. Mirkasimov M. M.;In 2006 during the period from May to September Kadyrova N. A.;In 2006-2012 ass. prof.Yuldasheva H.I.Since February, 2012 manages department Ph.D. in pedagogics, docent Umarova N.Z.

Activity of Department:

By the teachers of the department is conducted occupations in groups of courses of all directions of a bachelor degree of university with Uzbek and Russian training languages in the subjects the “Uzbek language” and the “Russian language”. Also, from 2014-2015 till 2017-2018 academic years, the course “The culture of speech” for undergraduates of 2 courses of all directions of a master‘s degree was entered.The department has a powerful scientific and methodical potential. During the existence of the department a large number of educational and methodical grants, scientific and methodical articles, methodical development was prepared and published. Educational and methodical complexes on the Uzbek and Russian languages have been created.Annually, the team of the department participates in the international, republican scientific and practical and scientific-theoretical conferences, systematically, publishes articles in foreign and republican magazines.Under the leadership of the head of the department Umarova N.Z., the teachers of the department participate in competitions on development of innovative and applied projects within research work of the university.

Work with gifted students.

In the department work with gifted students is carried out. The circles “Young orators”, “Speech Etiquette and Communication” are organized. He members of the circles actively participate in all spiritual and educational events held in the department and at university, showing the talents in the fields of literature, oratory, acting skills, studying languages. The members of the circles also actively participate in various republican competitions (competitions of compositions, competitions of booklovers, etc.), win places of honor and are awarded with diplomas and prizes.Every year in April, the teachers of the department carry out an I-stage of the subject olympiads on the Uzbek and Russian languages among students of the course of a bachelor‘s degree of all faculties of  Tashkent State Technical University. The Winners olympiads have an opportunity for participation in republican round of the olympiads and win various nominations.Management of independent work of students. The plan and criteria of a rating assessment of independent work of students are developed. As types of independent work such tasks as work on the newspaper, expressive reading, reading the art text, reading and the translation of the text in the specialty, testing, preparation and presentation of papers, writing compositions and other written works are defined. For each type of work the corresponding points are exposed.The team of the department carries out a large number of spiritual and educational actions devoted to the Day of the state language, anniversaries upon the birth of A. Navoi, M. Babur, famous poets and literary figures.The team of the department actively participates in all public actions of the faculty and the university.The “Languages (uzbek and russian)” department cooperates with language departments of the National University of Uzbekistan named after M.Ulugbek, Tashkent Institute of Engineers of Railway Transport, Tashkent Chemical Institute of Technology, with the University of languages and literature of A. Navoi, Turin politechnical university branch of Tashkent, Yangiyul academic lyceum, Yukari Chirchik transport and economic College.

  1. Umarova N. Z.head of department
  2. Usmonova O. Yu.docent
  3. Kudratkhodjaeva N.A.docent
  4. Kholmatova Sh. T.senior teacher
  5. Abayeva N. Ch.senior teacher
  6. Babayeva L.Lsenior teacher
  7. Muminova B. A.senior teacher
  8. Usmonova Z.N.senior teacher
  9. Sirajitdinova N. U.senior teacher
  10. Zoitova O. Yu.senior teacher.
  11. RahimovaF.Sh.senior teacher.
  12. Gafarova Sh. H.assistant
  13. Giyasova N. N.assistant
  14. Isyanova I.A.Katta o‘qituvchi
  15. Sagarayeva O.B.o‘qituvchi
  16. Umarova N.E.o‘qituvchi
  17. Usmonova M.I.o‘qituvchi
  18. Yusupova N.M.o‘qituvchi
  19. Shamsiyeva M.B.o‘qituvchi

All directions of a bachelor‘s degree of the 1st course (full-time instruction, tuition)The subjects taught at the DepartmentUzbek language, Russian languageResearch work of department:In the current academic year 3 teachers of the department as the researcher continue research work on PhD dissertations:

  1.  Muminova Bashorat Abdukhalilovna:  “Ўзбек тили машғулотларида иш қоғозларини ўргатишнинг назарий ва амалий асослари (олий ўқув юртларининг рус гуруҳлари мисолида)”;
  2.  Usmonova Zulkhumor Nazarovna  “Рус ва ўзбек тилларидаги биологик ҳолат феълларининг қиёсий тадқиқи”;
  3. Gafarova Shakhnoza Hayrullayevna  “Русийзабон талабаларнинг ўзбекча ихтисослик нутқини шакллантиришнинг психолингвистик асослари”.

Scientific and methodical work of department:

The team of the department made changes and additions to educational and methodical complexes for the Uzbek and Russian languages which electronic options were handed over in the Information and Resource Center of the University. The scientific and methodical, educational and methodical development devoted to various theoretical and practical questions of training in the Uzbek and Russian languages is prepared and published. On the basis of the developed long-term plan of research works of the chair for 2017-2021 the following is carried out: “Rusiyzabon talabalarga “O‘zbek tili” ni yangilangan pedagogik tafakkur talabalari va yangi pedogogik texnologiyalarga tayanib o’qitishning nazariy hamda amaliy asoslari”. Project head: associate professor Usmonova O. Authors: associate professor Kudtarkhodjaeva N., senior teachers Muminova B., Usmonova Z., Zoitova O., assistant Gafarova Sh. “O‘zbek tilini o’qitish mavzusini takomillashtirishda yangi pedagogik texnologiyalarga tayanib o’qitishning metodik talablarini ishlab chiqish.  O‘qitishning yangi shakl va mexanizmlarni yaratish”. Project head: associate professor Kudtarkhodjaeva N. Authors: associate professor Usmonova O., senior teachers Muminova B., Usmonova Z., Zoitova O., assistant Gafarova Sh. The Creation of an educational and methodical complex in the Uzbek language. Authors: associate professor Usmonova O., associate professor Kudtarkhodjaeva N., senior teachers Muminova B., Usmonova Z., assistant Gafarova Sh. “The Development of scientific and methodical bases of training in syntax of the Russian scientific and technical speech of students bachelors of the 1st courses with the Uzbek language of training of faculties of TAShGTU in the conditions of new information technologies”. Project head: ass. prof. Umarova N. Authors: senior teachers Abayeva N., Babayeva L., Kholmatova Sh., Sirojitdinova N., Zoitova O., Rahimova F. The Preparation of an educational and methodical complex. Authors: ass. prof. Umarova N., senior teachers  Abayeva N., Babayeva L., Kholmatova Sh., Sirojitdinova N., Zoitova O., Rahimova F.On the basis of the received results on these subjects on department doctoral dissertations, methodical grants, methodical development, recommendations prepare, scientific and methodical articles are published.

Textbooks: Umarova N. Z., Rafiyev A., Niyozmetova R. O‘zbektili. Akademik litsey va kasb-hunar kollejlarining rus guruhlari uchun o‘quv qo‘llanma. Tashkent: “ILM ZIYO”, 2010.

Methodical  manuals:

  1.  Umarova N. Z. Ixtisoslik matnlari orqali talabalarning kasbiy nutqini o‘stirish. Methodical grant. – Tashkent, 2011.
  2.  Umarova N. Z., Abduganiyev I., Hojimuratova Z.Z., Valiyeva V. V. Zamonaviy axborot texnologiyalarni asosida ma’naviy-ma’rifiy ishlarning samadorligini oshirish.Educational and methodical grant. – TIU, 2012.
  3. Usmonova O. Yu., Mirkosimova M. M. Badiiy asarlar tahlili vositasida o‘quvchilar ma’naviyatini yuksaltirish usullari. Methodical grant. – TGPU, 2012.
  4. Muminova B. A. O‘zbek tili mashg‘ulotlarida ish qog‘ozlarini o‘rganish. Methodical grant. – Tashkent, 2011.
  5. Isyanova I.A. Spiritual heritage: holidays, traditions, customs. An educational and methodical grant on reading and development of the speech in Russian. – Tashkent, 2012.
  6. Gafarova Sh. X. O‘zbek tilida sintaktik sinonimika. Educational and methodical grant. – NUUZ, 2013.
  7.  Isyanova I.A., Giyasova N. N. My Homeland – Uzbekistan. Methodical development. – “Extremum-Press”, 2014.

8. Zaitova O.Yu. O‘zbеk tili darslarida talabalarning ixtisoslik nutqini shakllantirish amaliyoti (rus guruhlari uchun uslubiy qo‘llanma), TSTU, 2017.

Texts of lectures:

There are electronic and paper versions of texts of lectures on the subjects “Nutq madaniyati” and “Культура речи” prepared by associate professors of Umarova N. Z., Usmonova O. Yu., Kudtarkhodjaeva N. A.




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