Department of Marketing, Monitoring and placement of graduates

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Head of department
Zagidullin Rafail Rakhimullayevich
Check in: from 9.00 to 17.00 (work days)
Phone: +998 71 246-88-70
Internal: 266

The purpose of Department of  Marketing, Monitoring and  placement of graduates:
-to set and use main strategy of the University’ activity in the market of educational service
-to get ready trained specialists in the direction of Bachelors and Masters
-to lead (manage) distribution process dealing with Employers
-to plan informational-advertisement and lead it
– to be ready for educational service during the distribution process
– to make contracts and keep supervision

Duties and responsibilities of the Department of  Marketing, Monitoring and  placement of graduates:
– to have non-stopping marketing experience in the market of educational service
-to determine the accordance of the demand of employers and the graduates ability
-to define new progress of direction and analyze market of service, and create competitive educational service between Bachelor and Masters specialists in the Economical and Social field  
-to establish the system placement of graduates  an advance by the analyzing mutual connection among different factors of Bachelor and Master direction in educational service 
-to assess non-governmental and governmental organizes  for the graduates’ future job, and to determine their geographic position, to learn their potential possibility and to create full-banking information.
-to create full-banking information on academic year graduates(all info about them: direction of specialty, name, address, the type of the studying)
-to set new educational departments by the demand of  Republic and its territory’s social life
-to make proposal for terminating such educational services which don’t suit for the market of educational demand
-to determine the list of specialists of Bachelor and Masters which   do not have future Employer
-to form up  “order case” on the Governmental grant or contract  type in order to determine admittance and at the same time keeping in touch with the Employers
-to create commission on job distribution of graduates of Tashkent State of Technical University and to make plan of real need for Employers
-to make ready graduates rating and recommendations and some information about Employers job condition and fee.
-to register and hand in graduators diploma and their recommendations for job
-the commission member should consider an application of young personnel stuff and the opportunity to re-apply for a job or free job looking possibility also can be given.
-to get full information on job findings of graduates by their specialty and to make last information banking.
-to involve professional stuffs from organizes in order to manage final practical research work of graduates.
-to get mutual contracts with Employers on scientific-study working centers and make proposal on  technical corporation contacts.
-to support graduates in their future working place, keep contacts with them, to ensure with practical-methodological assistance
– to create banking-information with the result of having been done plan for the new study year .
-a student who studied by grant is to work 3 years in distributed area by the negotiation of contract.
-to make recommendations on improving educational system, if any Employers are furious with the knowledge or intelligence of graduates
-to participate in assessing   of the analyzing on Bachelor or Master graduates improving job ability and to make suitable the activity of forming general marketing policy
-to hold Marketing search on international market of educational service and to prepare analyzing summary
-to participate in preparing video-audio, advertisements, publishing information, replacing the information in web-site of the High education and to involve Employers’ attitude towards media-information in order to spread about job vacancy position  and other information
-to search the accordance of demand the Employers and graduates practical quality and to learn its forming process
-to compare Bachelor and Master graduates advantage or disadvantage and the level their practical quality with the other High educational system
-to define the need for Master level graduates to the scientific pedagogical Universities
-to make proposal to create competitive stuff in Bachelor and Master degree in scientific field
– to use governmental other organizes’ opportunity (like Khokimiyat, social security agency and etc,)in distribution process  of Bachelor and Master graduates   
-to organize International Fair in order to show the advantage and opportunity of the graduates of Bachelor and Master’s degree
-in  order to make suitable the signed contracts and distribution of graduates and to provide them with a job in time, to keep the plans in accordance
-special departments of the University have to support  young specialists’ practical activity in their new job place which they have to  work 3 years by the rule of the contract
-to prepare per year summery of the Department of marketing, monitoring and placement of graduates and keep registration internal summery on new specialists’ working activity results and Bachelor and Master graduates on distribution and placement of job.

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