TSTU library

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Head of the center
Otaxanova Lola Maxmudovna
Reception time: 8.00 – 18.00

Reception hours: +998 71 246-03-41

The fundamental library of the Tashkent State Technical University was organized in 1929. At present, it is one of the largest university libraries in the Republic of Uzbekistan. In January 2007, the library received a new status – the Information Resource Center (IRC) – with the preservation of traditional forms of customer service and active use of the latest information technologies. Information and library services of the University are provided by the main IRC and the sectorialIRCs at the faculties. The total fund of the IRC is more than one million copies of printed and other types of publications. Educational, scientific and fiction literature in the state, Russian and foreign languages is presented. The fund of periodicals of republican publications and CIS countries is significant. A considerable fund of author’s abstracts and theses defended in TashPI and TSTU, manuscripts of the scientists of the university and collections of their works. There are publications that present a large bibliographic rarity. The IRC Fund on electronic media consists of electronic books, lecture notes on the server of the Electronic Reading Room. Services of all IRC units are widely used by bachelors, masters, professors and teachers of the university, as well as students and specialists from other educational institutions and scientific organizations. The multidisciplinary nature of IRC resources allows satisfying the requests of consumers of information not only in Tashkent, but also in the Republic as a whole. Аrticular attention is paid to the introduction of new information technologies. The IRC has a local network with Internet access. All units of the university, included in the Corporate Network, can use the Electronic Catalog at their workplaces. IRC works under the program “IRBIS” and the national program “ARMAT”, ARM-Cataloguer, Acquisition, Reader and Network administrator are involved. All branch IRCfaculties are equipped with computers that allow you to search literature in the Electronic Catalog and access the Internet. The most popular information resource is the Electronic Catalog (EC).

Employees of the IRC, along with the EC, create thematic databases (DB):
 Decrees of the Government and Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
 DB “Dissertations and author’s abstracts”;
 DB “Higher education in Uzbekistan and abroad”;
 DB “Master’s thesis”;
 DB “Economy of Uzbekistan”;
 DB “Works of teachers of TSTU”;
 DB “Periodicals received by TSTU”.

Performed thematic, factual references using the Internet.
IRC uses various forms of information: monthly “Days of viewing of the new literature” are conducted, exhibitions of new receipts and thematic expositions constantly operate. In the reading room of periodicals, thematic files and folders were created to help readers. Readers actively use the resources of the Electronic Library.

Structure of theIRC
 DEPARTMENT OF SETTLEMENT AND ACCOUNTING OF THE FUND is engaged in the formation of an IRC fund, the study of the demand of information consumers, the identification in the book market of an array of necessary literature and its supply to the IRC. The IRC Foundation is constantly replenished with both printed publications and information resources on non-traditional media. The recruitment department uses the ARM-Software package “IRBIS”. The database of periodicals (newspapers and magazines, which entered the library) is regularly updated.
 DEPARTMENT OF SCIENTIFIC PROCESSING OF INFORMATION RESOURCES provides centralized scientific and technical processing of information resources received by the RPI, organizes a catalog system. The department carries out work in the automated system “IRBIS” and “ARMAT”.
 INFORMATION-BIBLIOGRAPHIC DEPARTMENT studies information needs of bachelors, masters, faculty of the university with the purpose of rational organization of the fund and information retrieval system, and also carries out information and bibliographic orientation of bachelors, masters and teachers of the university.

The department provides a wide range of services:
 implementation of references (factual, thematic, address) using the Internet;
 preparation of thematic collections;
 assistance in the preparation of abstracts, course papers, theses, master’s theses;
 conducting consultations on retrieval of information in the Electronic Catalog, electronic databases, on the Internet;
 providing users with lists of addresses of world library servers.

Genres and forms of bibliographic products are various: recommendatory lists (to help the educational process), bibliographic indexes, written information, reviews. Using traditional and modern technologies, the department expands the range and improves the quality of information products and services.
 DEPARTMENT OF SPIRITUALITY AND EDUCATION is engaged in the organization, design and holding of thematic exhibitions, the preparation of expositions that contribute to the education of an educated, harmoniously developed generation faithful to their homeland.
 A diversified fund is presented on the SUBJECT OF SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE, which includes textbooks, teaching aids, dictionaries, reference books and scientific literature.
 The SUBSCRIPTION OF ARTISTIC LITERATURE has a good collection of domestic and foreign fiction, publications in the field of culture and art.
 The textbook, teaching aids, laboratory works, lecture notes recommended in the educational process were included in the fund of the STUDENT LITERATURE. The subscription serves students 1-3 courses of all faculties.

The IRC has created all the necessary conditions to ensure the educational and creative activities of our consumers of information. There are reading rooms for students, faculty and third-party readers.
 The Foundation for the Reading Room of Periodical Papers consists of newspapers and magazines, both republican and CIS publications. The reading room of the periodicals organizes thematic folders based on newspapers and magazines on the most relevant topics of our time.
 READING LIBRARY OF ELECTRONIC LIBRARY gives users the opportunity of open free access to the Internet, use of various electronic media. On the server of the reading room there are full texts of educational and methodical manuals created by the teachers of TSTU.
 STUDENT READING HALL, located at the Faculty of Engineering Systems, gives students the opportunity to prepare for classes in comfortable conditions. To the services of users is provided in the public domain information, educational, fiction.
At all faculties there are branch IRC that provide services to readers in accordance with the directions of education. The users have spacious reading rooms. In the hostel number 72 there is a reading room for students living in dormitories.

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