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Head of chair
Yarmuxamedov Alisher Agbarovich Ph.D.  associate professor
Phone: +998 71 227-17-57

History of chair:

In 1983 on the basis of the Department of “Theoretical bases of electrical engineering” was created Department of “Radio engineering” and with this year began training engineers with a degree 0701- Radio engineering.Since 1987 Department of formed as a separate structural unit and was named “Radio engineering and radio. “The founder of the department was to. t. n., associate professor S.W. Sharipov, who was headed by the department in the period of 1987 1988. On your profile of the Department is a leading to our country. Starting from 1988 to this day, are produced high qualification radio-engineers on the national economy.Prior to 2011, the Department of produced bachelors in the direction of 5522000 “Radio engineering” and masters in the specialty 5А522001 “Integrated radio-electronic device.”On the 2011, the Department of issues bachelors in two directions 5311000 – Radio-electronic devices and systems and 5111000- Vocational (Radio-electronic devices and systems) as well as masters on the field of 5А311101 “Radio-electronic devices and systems” and 5А311103 “Radio engineering devices and means of communication” on the new state standard. At present at the Department of trained more than 300 students. In the educational laboratories of the department in accordance with the curriculum are conducted studies on the following special subjects: the basis of radio electronics, analog and digital radio- electronic devices, radio circuit and signals, the device generating and the formation of radio signals, the device reception and processing of radio signals, the basis TV, microwave devices and antenna device, radio system.After the end of the University of a degree radio-electronic devices and systems, students acquire theoretical knowledge and skills manual and setting up of modern radio and electronic devices, the use and the .provision of services modern means of radio repair of audio and video equipment, management радиотелеметрией, radar and radio-navigation devices. Graduates of the Department of work in the system Centre for radio broadcasting and television, the enterprise “Uzaeronavigatsiya”, the center of electromagnetic compatibility, “Zangori-ekran” and in the other special communication networks or professional colleges.The Department has a scientific and training and production due to the universities of our republic and abroad, scientific research institutes Academy of Sciences and with the production organizations. Established close cooperation with professional colleges across the Republic. Among the higher education institutions with which the Department has a scientific communication can be attributed: Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, electronics and automation (MIREA), Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, Donetsk State University, North Kazakhstan State University. Avezova, Dutch university “TVENTI” and others.In the scientific direction at the Department conducted research on the development of active and passive elements and devices diagnosis of optical fiber communication lines on the basis of the modified materials, as well as are carried out research to improve the noise immunity radio devices and improve the characteristics of their energy supply. In these areas Department has a close ties with the Institute of electronics Academy of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, scientific and production association “Akadempribor”, Tashkent University of information technology, Tashkent Institute of engineers rail collaboration with the above institutions of Education and Science employees of the Department of published scientific articles, monographs, patents on the invention, as well as textbooks and tutorials.From 2011 on 2013. Department participated in the international educational project “PROMENG” of the European Union to modernize curricula and programs Master. At present, the Department participates in the international project” Development of vocational training in Central Asia “GIZ”.

Contingent prof-teaching staff

Department of Teaching staff of the department consists of 13 highly qualified specialists.

Department of “Radio engineering devices and systems” in the direction of undergraduate study 204 students, in the master 7 masters.

Fields of education

  • 5350700 – Radio-electronic devices and systems;

Specialties Master:

  • 5A350703- Radio engineering devices and communication equipments

Scientific research work of the chair of:

1.   Yarmukhamedov Alisher Agbarovich

Ph.D.  associate professor, Head of the  Department

2.  Nazarov Abdulaziz Muminovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences

3.   Akhrorov Khotam Sadirovich

Ph.D.  associate professor

4. Tolipov Abdurakhmon Raufovich

senior lecturer of the department

5. Khashimovna Aripova Makhpuza

senior lecturer of the department

6. Ibragimova Barni Bakhramovna

senior lecturer of the department

7.  Khudoyberganov Shavkat Karimovich

senior lecturer of the department

8.  Khasanov Mirkomil Mirkhidoyat ugli

senior lecturer of the department

9.Korotkova Larisa Aleksandrovna

senior lecturer of the department

10.Boymatova Nargiza Tukhtaboevna

senior lecturer of the department

11.  Yusurov Yarashbek Tokhirbaevich

senior lecturer of the department

12.  Jabborov Alibek Botirkul ugli

senior lecturer of the department

13.  Ochilov Bobir Khalimboevich


Scientific work of the chair:

Department of “Radio engineering devices and systems” conducts research on the following topics on the basis of the problems of corporate connection with the enterprises: the use of the modified materials and elements and devices fiber optic transmission systems of information, the development of technology improvement of optical amplifiers, the development of high-amplifier audio frequency on the basis of integrated circuits, the development of diagnostic devices and devices for transmission systems radio and optical range, the study of features of the structure of icosahedral boride and study of their electrical properties with the prospect of use in.At the Department of “Radio engineering devices and systems” on the basis of the Institute of senior researchers of researchers working on the preparation of doctoral thesis two senior scientific employee. The entire faculty department participates in the fundamental, applied and innovative projects that are carried out on the basis of the state scientific and technical programs.Development Strategy research is a joint study and decision of scientific and техничеких problems of production organizations profile of the Department on the basis of corporate cooperation. Another important task in this direction is the preparation of highly qualified young professionals.

To perform research on the basis of innovative community, there are the following problem of scientific and technical threads started by enterprises:

  1. – Testing and certification of radio- electronic devices; “Unicon. uz” GAO.
  2. – Battery charger battery from the solar energy for cell phone; “Zangori ekran” LLC.
  3. – A problem coordination of standards DVB-T and DVB-2 for television host devices. Center radio broadcasting and television.

In the last 3 years employees of the department have been received 2 patent and published more than 30 articles on the international and republican scientific conferences.

1. Radjabov T.D., Nazarov A.M., Davronbekov D.A., Xalilova P.Yu., Simonov A.A., Xakimov Z., Pishko S.V. Ustroystvo dlya diagnostiki i optimizasii spektralnix xarakteristik optovolokonnix sistem peredachi informasii. Patent RUz. №04465.

2. Nazarov A.M. Usilitel dlya volokonno-opticheskix liniy svyazi, ispolzuyuщix dvux urovneviye amplitudno-modulirovanniye signali. Patent RUz. №04403.

Department of” Radio engineering devices and systems” participated since October 2011 to October 2013 in the project” Tempus Promeng” and in the international project” GIZ” the development of vocational education in Central Asia.According to the projects Department has received 10 international certificates. In accordance with the program of the European Union “PROMENG”, in the field of scientific and methodical works, curricula and working programs are planned introduction of modern automated software CAD CAM, CAI in the special items of Magistracy. in the field of the implementation of the project was equipped with a computer class and is set station transfer and приёма information on the part of the Berlin Technical University. In addition, the young teachers have been trained to teach students working with the above computer programming on the training courses in European universities. In- equipped computer class was established a special computer software “Altium” and “Creo.”

Scientific and methodical work of the

The faculty of the department in the last three years has issued 6 textbooks, a large number of educational and teaching aids for laboratory and practical studies, for coursework, for the performance of graduate work and master’s thesis.

Department address    

Tahskent c, Almazar d., University s., №2

Contact number




Radjabov T.D., Nazarov A.M., Kamardin A.I.  Optical sensors based on doped fibers. “Ziyonur”, Tashkent, 2014.


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Training manuals:

            1. A.Abduazizov, M.M.Mukhitdinov., A.P.Gataulina, A.A.Arifbayev, Ya.T.Yusupov “ Electromagnetic compatibility of radio electronic means ”. textbook. Tashkent-2012.

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10.S.S.Pak “Devices of reception and processing of radio signals” Methodical manual, 2014

11.M.M. Khasanov Textbook on “Modeling of radio circuits and signals in a multisim program environment.” 2014 y.

12.M.M. Khasanov Textbook for practical training on the subject “Radio circuits and signals”. Tashkent-2012

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Educational and scientific laboratory rooms of the department:

At the department “Radio engineering devices and systems” there are two scientific laboratory rooms

Microwave and radio-technical devices of the optical range

Diagnostics of radio electronic equipment In laboratories, the characteristics of electromagnetic compatibility of modern radio communications operating in the optical range are studied and digital transmitting and receiving devices are diagnosed.


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