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About the Institute

The Institute is one of the leading centers in the field of physical electronics, ion-plasma technologies, laser physics and technologies, optics, including nonlinear, spectroscopy, molecular physics, known to the world community for its scientific school in the field of studying the interaction of corpuscular flows, plasma and laser radiation with the surface of a solid body and nonlinear optical phenomena, as well as the use of charged particles and high-power laser radiation for directed change and control of material properties.

The activities of the Institute are aimed at solving the scientific and technical aspects of the development of ion-plasma, laser and other technologies in the republic, training highly qualified scientific personnel.

The Institute works in the following scientific areas:

• adsorption and emission phenomena, electronic and ion processes on the surface;

• interaction of laser radiation with matter and nonlinear optical processes;

• physics of low-temperature plasma;

• molecular physics, physics of inhomogeneous media, nanostructures and biomolecules.

Based on the results of fundamental research, applied research is carried out in the following areas:

• development of ion-beam plasma, laser and other technologies for processing and obtaining new materials, including nanomaterials;

• development of new methods for obtaining polycrystalline, single-crystal, amorphous and porous materials and modifying their properties;

• development of new ion, plasma and laser methods and devices;

• development of new materials, technologies and devices for industry, agriculture, medicine, ecology.

Based on the developments of the Institute, independently or jointly with the Special Design and Technology Bureau (SKTB IIPiLT AN RUz), innovative work is carried out in the field of:

• development and implementation of ion-beam, plasma and laser technologies for processing and creating new materials, as well as nanomaterials;

• development and implementation of technology for obtaining polycrystalline, single-crystal, amorphous and porous materials for solar energy;

• development and small-scale production of scientific, analytical and instrumentation equipment and instruments;

• development of a new generation of highly efficient therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices and equipment.

• introduction of new technologies and devices for various applications (industry, communications, medicine, ecology, agriculture).

The main tasks of the Institute are:

implementation of fundamental and applied research and innovative developments in priority areas of science and technology of the republic in accordance with the profile of scientific activity, including:

• interaction of atomic particles (molecules, atoms, ions, electrons) and plasma with a solid body;

• efficient generation of high-intensity laser radiation;

• interaction of laser radiation with matter, including nanostructured media;

• nonlinear optical processes and spectroscopy;

• adsorption of atoms and molecules, chemical transformation of molecules on the surface, kinetics of heterogeneous reactions, desorption of particles, including surface ionization;

• scattering and implantation of particles;

• solid state sputtering, including cluster, ion-ion, ion-electron and ion-photon emission;

• phase transformations, critical phenomena, processes of self-organization and stability of supramolecular structures and development of methods for recording such processes;

• relaxation processes of ionic conductivity in superionic conductors and nanostructured materials and their phase features;

• interaction of laser radiation and acoustic field with biological objects.

• new semiconductor materials for converting solar and thermal energy and creating broadband light emitting diodes.

• development of technology, installations and devices for processing, cleaning metal products, coating and obtaining new materials by vacuum-arc methods;

• development of new methods for doping high-temperature semiconductors;

• development of laser technologies for modification, hardening and improvement of wear and corrosion resistance of machine parts and tools;

• development of laser technologies for processing and creating materials, including nanomaterials;

• development of energy- and resource-saving technologies for producing semiconductor silicon for solar energy and electronics;

• development of surface ionization methods and instruments for detecting and analyzing trace amounts of substances in various media;

• development of methods for controlling the processes of energy conversion and the impact of external stresses during photosynthesis.

• participation in setting priorities in the field of fundamental and applied research, identifying fundamentally new opportunities for scientific and technological progress;

• training of highly qualified scientific personnel and improvement of the forms of organization of scientific research;

• conducting scientific research and creating modern technologies together with foreign scientific institutions;

• conducting and participating in the examination of scientific, technical, industrial and socio-economic projects;

• providing information, consulting, marketing and publishing services, conducting patent research on customer topics.

Address 100125 Tashkent, Uzbekistan

st. Durmon yoli, 33

Phone: (998-71) 262-31-69

Fax: (998-71) 262-32-54


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