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At the Department of Thermodynamics and Heat Engineering, Tashkent State Technical University, a subproject is being implemented: “An Advanced Curriculum for the Training of Highly Qualified Personnel in the specialty 5A310202 – “Energy Saving in the Power System” Meeting the Requirements of Enterprises and Industrial Facilities” within the framework of the AIF international project “Modernization of Higher Education” of the Republic of Uzbekistan under the leadership of the technical coordinator, associate professor Koroli M.A.
The aim of the project is to train highly qualified personnel who would meet the requirements of enterprises and industrial facilities. “Solar heat pump station” research laboratory was established to support implementation of the project.

Solar collectors and photovoltaic panels are installed on the territory of Tashkent State Technical University. The heat pump and other elements are placed in the room allocated for the laboratory. Carrying out experimental studies in the proposed laboratory will allow substantiating the proposals on the possibility of using the solar hot water system together with a heat pump and suggesting a modernized and improved basic scheme of heat supply. Scientifically based schemes and technical parameters of the training project will become the basis for the development of scientific and technical documentation on the implementation of the proposed technologies at the facilities of the State Unitary Enterprise “Toshissiqquvatti”.

In addition – the heat pump part of the installation can be used to conduct 14 laboratory works for Bachelor students of 3 and 4 grades and Master’s students of 1 and 2 grades in energy-saving technologies used in the heat supply of buildings and structures using a heat pump.
Feedback on the laboratory of I. Gorbachev – Development Director of Trimbirt LLC, Russia: “It was very pleasant for me to visit your department and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise at the level at which the study of alternative energy is implemented – now there are few such laboratories. In addition, it is obvious that the department has a good talent pool of young teachers and current teachers, clearly understanding the essence of the disciplines they teach and the importance of what they do. Summing up, the department left a very pleasant impression about itself ”.

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