Planning and Finance Department

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Planning and Finance Department is a separate entity that reports to the Vice-Rector for Economic and Financial Affairs, and if required by order of the Rector, to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. The department’s activity is coordinated by the Vice-Rector for Economic and Financial Affairs. The department conducts its activity on the authority of laws, acts and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Uzbek Republic, regulations of the Ministry concerning Economy and Finance Department of the University and other legal documents.

General responsibilities of Planning and Finance Department:

  • Economic planning of the university activity and providing the departments with financial and labor resources for the purposes of training qualified specialists for the enterprises and organizations of the republic;
  • Analysis and processing of the reports drawn up by the departments and their introduction to the project of the expenditure estimates for 2019 and keeping of accounts;
  • Estimation and preparation of the state budget funds for 2019 on the base of the approved staff schedule,  introduction of the new recruitment on the contract basis and calculation of profit and expenses considering educational excellence and their introduction into the cost estimates presented to the Ministry of Higher and Specialized Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • Dealing with legal documents of the higher authorities and lessees’ letters, providing implementation and monitoring of the clauses relevant to the department, preparation of the quarterly reports for accounting statements;
  • Material rewards  for the university employees and organization of celebratory events;
  • Credit account analysis and application of funds for 2019, administrative support of the executive, academic teaching and operational staff  according to the project to be financed, involvement with orders;
  • Calculation of total staffing of different positions based on the staff schedule and order  “On  increase of the base official salary”, salary increase for operating personnel, academic teaching staff and teachers paid by the hour on the basis of the order;
  • Development of the order  on maximal and minimal salary based on Academic Board decision;
  • Current activity of the department including : budgetary appropriations, training on a contractual basis, extra-budgetary resources, incoming documents, involvement with orders on personnel movement, part-time teaching staff movement and recording of applications;
  • Productive area computation (m2) occupied by a lessee in accordance with the buildings’ area under the ferule of the university.  The rate of rent is calculated with regard to the tariff pay per 1m2 and activity type of a lessee;
  • Concluding tripartite rental  contracts in partnership with the State Property Fund and concluding bipartite contracts with lessees on reimbursement of utility and exploitation expensesbased on  the State Property Fund’s conclusion report as well as executing minutes  of internal commissions;
  • Employee accounting according to the positions and categories;
  • Development of  the auxiliary educational staff   schedule for each faculty;
  •  Accounts development and analysis in accordance with the approved expenditure estimates. 

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