Educational-methodical management




Head of Department: Boymirzayev Bahtiyor Jumanazarovich
Office hours: 9 am to 17.30
Telephone: (8371) 246 08 32
Inside: 223



The activities and of duties

-Organizes teaching process which is established by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary  
Education Republic of Uzbekistan and rules teaching system;

-develops of perfecting curriculum plans and regulations in according requirements of feature.

-establishes the goals of teaching which is reflected on the curriculum plans of the faculties;

-controls the knowledge anole skills of students supervises the styles of modern assessment, writing, speaking, tests which are based on rating system;

-submits exactness in to the thematic curriculum plans according to the results of testing, specifies how to work individually with students.

-controls the structure of professors and teachers’ curriculum plans and practices;

-projects practical’s for the sentinel and assistant teachers;

-summarizes and learns modern teaching practice of professor teachers;

-controls teaching process at the faculties and indicates defects of control wort to the deans in order to settle short age;

-organizes producing of new curriculum plans;

-processes the timetables and organizes producing of curriculum plans;

-organizes systematical arrangements;

- analyses teachers’ hours proposals and divides teachers to the faculties;

- distributes the fund of lecture rooms between faculties;

- controls current studies;

- takes part in arrangements of the foundation and branches of a chair;

- organizes the data bases of the professor – teachers’ composition;

- controls and manages students’ pedagogical and practical activities which are based on demands of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education;

-learns activities of departments and generalizes their experience;

-proposals about opening new departments and learns their activities.