Financial and Economic Department

nina pavlovna



Head of  Department: Duykina Nina P.
Check-in: 9.00 -17.00
Telephone: (8371) 246-35-56




1.Financial and Economic Department is an independent unit and is subject to Vice President for Finance and Economic Affairs, or if necessary, by order of the Rector, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs.
2. Coordinates the work of Vice-Rector for Finance and Economic Affairs.
3.Planning and Finance Department is guided by the laws, decisions and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Model Regulations for the Planning and Finance Department of the university, approved by order MViSSO R.Uz and other regulations.
The main objectives
The main task of the department is to lead the work on economic planning at the university, providing financial and human resources of all departments of the University for the purpose of quality training for businesses and organizations of the Republic.
Planning and  Finance Department provides:

  • Planning and organizing the financing activities of the universiy;

  • The development and drafting of  the annual estimates of expenditure and revenue funding for budgetary  and extra – budgetary  funds;

  • Development of proposals on campaign finance activities;

  • Participation in the developoment of prospective and current planning rtaining;

  • The accuracu and the efficiency of staff number and the funds for the maintenance of the university;

develops  projects  calculations to determine the number of faculty, educational support and service personnel and their submission to the Ministry;
- Held in conjunction with the accounting department and other parts of the complex analysis of financial - economic activities of the university;
- Develops measuares to improve the planning and financing of the university;
- Develops tegulations of the University of material incentives for university staff.