Department of the magistracy



Chief of the department: Samadov Alisher Usmonovich
Office hours: 9.00 - 17.30
Telephone number: (8 371) 246 - 88 - 30
Internal phone number : 218


General work activity Department of the magistracy 

The Timetable occupation, formed by deanery of the faculty adjusts with a Department and Department checks the educational process;
- corresponding to chairs take the qualification of masters, checking is entrusted on Department of the magistracy;
- checking the attendance and progress;
- checking the individual plans;
- a list internal and external reviewer  of  masters  2-nd courses are formed by chairs, becomes firmly established by pro-rector on science, is checked by Department;
- developing the state educational standards and other normative documents for specialty of the magistracy, regularly improve them on base of the requirements and offers customers frames;
-organizing the educational process on preparation of masters, checks the quality of the studying and education;
- controlling work function of the magistracy. Organizations of the educational processes are modernized the forms and mechanisms;
- providing the necessary textbook and special literary professions of the magistracy, attracting to their leading scientists, the highest skilled specialists, develop the scientific branches;
- checking the realization of scholastic and scientifically researching works students of the magistracy;
- coordinating and checking activity all Departments regularly university monitoring on education and placing in a job, analyzing the work on preparation master and on base their prepares the reports;
- Creating the condition by pedagogical frame for realization loading tasks and raising their social - professional and the individual activity, developing the system of their stimulation;
- forming and developing the systems of the providing the magistracy with information; participating in development and realization scientifically and educational projects and programs with local and foreign partners;
Analyzing systematically the position, defining the problem-solving sides, defining of the magistracy trends; 
Organizing the study of the supply on preparation of masters, providing the rival ability for the branches field of educational services and professional labour exchange;
- forming marketing branches on the preparation of masters;
- in  labour exchange  for the reason job placement student magistracies, training on budgetary base, developing  the partner's relations with organization which gives job;
- developing the offers and recommendations of the instruction, presenting interests of participant partners of the process of the preparation masters;
- leading the partner's relations with international, interstate, republican and regional structures and organizations;
- forming and realizing the programs, projects, initiatives on development of the magistracy, coming from tasks.
Department is coming from given tasks, has following laws:
- contributing the offers manuals of the university and Scientist Advice on improvement of the magistracy;
- getting   order information on need of specialist of the magistracy from state organs, public associations, enterprise, institutions and organizations;
-  coordinating   and checking activity of all branches of the university on preparation of masters.

         The Duties of the Department:

- organizing the scholastic process on all forms of the education (the lecture, laboratory, practical, seminar and the other types scholastic occupation);
- Organizing the process spiritual - moral education of masters, shaping beside them scientific world outlook;
- leading  scientifically - an exploratory works on confirmed, work on innovation  projects, grand  and others; discussing  completed  scientifically - exploratory works are  published to provide for the efficient integration of the education, sciences and production;
- Directing the master on scientifically - exploratory activity and coordination their execution;
- checking to organize professional skills of projects, masters dissertations and independent works;
- checking execution scholastic, scientific, methodical and educated of the works on magistracy, scheduled in the individual plan of the scientific leaders of the masters;
-  studying, generalization and introducing the leading experience,  collecting  in republic and abroad, activity of  leading scientific and educational centers, leading works of  scientists  and teachers;
- organizing the development of modern pedagogical and information technology and introduce them in scholastic process;
- developing the traditions "Mentor - a pupil" and organizing the help to young teachers in mastering by pedagogical experience;   
-  making  the base of  information, using  the technical means and the individual education, making the independent scholastic facilities, improving  the systems of the distance  education;
-  developing international partnership, exchanging by information of the participation in conference, illuminating of the experience of the functioning the magistracy of the foreign educational institutions;
- considering master’s dissertations and ensuring the direction of them on decision of the problems in production and sciences;
- Directing the graduateв of the magistracy in scientifically - pedagogical activity, recommending to the Doctor of the Science and conducting to pedagogical activity on chairs, using possibility of the fund "Iste'dod"
- increasing relations with production and agricultural enterprises, farming and other facilities;
- organizing the systematic relations with issue of the magistracy and leading monitoring to their activity;
- Providing   to increase qualifications of professors- teachers, young scientists on specialty of the magistracy;
- developing the international relations with foreign partners, scientific and educational institutions, attracting republic and foreign investments in process of the education.
- organize checking the knowledge of the masters on rating   system, analyze the results, and take measures upon their improvement;
-  directing the masters on inside of auditory works, basically on scientific activity, on participating in societies and sections;
- developing and confirming in accordance with the established order curriculums and program of the timetable occupation on directions of the magistracy according to state educational standards;
- organizing to create textbooks, scholastic methodical and visual aids;
-  working with gifted masters, perpetrating them to participate in Olympiad and competitions, including in competition of Presidential and state scholarships;