Department of international relations



Head of Department: candidate Technical Sciences (Ph.D) Associate Professor Dmitry Viktorivich Bystrov
Office hours: 9 am to 17.30
Telephone: (+99871) 246 47 25
Inside: 240


            To the main functions of department of international relation Tashkent state Technical University after  named Abu Raykhan Beruniy in with position about department concerning following.
The Development of  international relations:
the establishment of relations & equal partnership with foreign universities and organizations:
Coordination of foreign  scientists’ and reporters arrival accompanying foreign guests, providing with interpreters:

  • Coordination of departure of university instructors & students abroad;

  • Providing with information concerning tendency of develop of international education;

  • To intend application to take pant international project and programs;

  • Analyze foreign advanced educational technologies;

  • Work with foreign students.

In accordance with order of Ministry of  Higher & Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan №250  as at 16 august, 2008 delivered in following form the analyze of advanced technologies of foreign educational system:

  • Information about foreign partners;

  • Information about international o-operation (collaboration) foreign educational establishment and its investition possibilities;

  • Concretely object recommendation and innovation decisions, prepare to instillation info innovation practice  (analyzing teaching technologies) the organization of teaching process, the organization of process of high qualified, & re-prepare period).

Analyze confine contracts (agreement) with countries which shows following (its) distributions; countries of (SNG) FIC is relared 82 %   contracts, among countries of Asia – 6 %  countries of Europian-11 %  and in the USA about 1 % .
The Instructors and students of Tashkent state Technical University in quantity of 83 people qualified in 2013, and take  pant at conference, seminars and of her  meetings in such King of  countries as: German, Great Britain, Italy, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Latvia, South Korea, China, Russia, Kazakhstan.
In 2013 form TSTU was given 19 applications in order to faking part on projects of program TEMPUS. At present time in TSTU is carried out 3 projects on program TEMPUS:
TERSID – “Technical education of Resou’s  Savings for Industrial Development” (Italy).
QUEECA – “Quality of Engineering Education in Central Asia” (Italy).
UzWater – “Program of Master’s degree on science of Environment and stable development with persistence of water resources for System of High Education in Uzbekistan” (Latvia).
This project is carried out by program Volkswagen Shtiftung (German); 
“Optimal use of  Solar Energy for reform low effective steam engine heat electrical stations in solar hubrid electrical electrical stations with low wastes Uzbekistan’s exampl”.
Going on project of German international Center “Professional Education in Central Asial”.
Main functions of departments concerning with foreign students which indude ioith fallowing’s.
Basic function department work with foreign students:

  • Reception documents

  • Coordination instructional process of foreign students

  • Extradition diplomas international exemplar

  • Contribution recipience entry-exit visa

  • Contribution registration place of residence

In 2013 Tasf state Technical University was accept 2 foreign students, also 2. Expectants. Contract amount for foreign student a year for technical specialty compose 2100 $ USA, for economists 3000 $ USA and for science collaborators texnical direction 2500 $ USA.    
At Present in TSTU studies 11 foreign students;
1 student form China (faculty Oil & Gas).